Samsung does not supply a USB adapter and earplugs with the next Galaxy

Samsung smartphones without accessories : It is announced that with the next Galaxy there will be no USB adapter or earplugs provided.

Right after the Apple event in October, Samsung made fun of the iPhone maker for having the new one iPhone 12 comes without USB adapter and earplugs. But now it seems that Samsung is probably adopting the same strategy as Samsung smartphones without accessories when it comes to the upcoming Galaxy S21 line, which may be unveiled in January at an Unpacked event.

Samsung smartphones without accessories

At least that’s what the Brazilian website writes Technoblog. The Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra have been approved there by the communications watchdog under the code names SM-G991B / DS, SM-G996B / DS and SM-G998B / DS. Little information can be extracted from the documentation, but it does contain something remarkable. Anantel, the watchdog, mentions the fact that the phones come without a USB adapter and without earplugs – exactly what Apple is doing with the recently launched iPhone 12 line.

While this doesn’t come as a surprise to many insiders (rumors about this idea already existed), it’s pretty ironic to see what’s happening here. The company that makes fun of another company for certain practices is therefore not averse to it. A few years ago, Samsung also made fun of Apple when the iPhone was announced without a headphone jack. But it didn’t take long for the South Korean to do the same with the Galaxy Note 10. We can’t wait for the standard environmental story to come.

An interesting addition is that the Brazilian consumer association recently decided that Apple is indeed obliged to supply a charger. If Samsung does intend to do this, Brazilians may be lucky, as the company could be obliged to have such matters in order. Other countries may follow in Brazil’s footsteps, but we will have to wait and see.

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