Samsung comes with Q-Symphony: what is it and how does it work?

Samsung Q-Symphony: Samsung recently announced a unique feature in Soundbars, Q-Symphony. This article will explain this feature in detail.
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Samsung Q-Symphony : Samsung will bring a large number of new sound bars to the market in 2020. The top models are the HW-Q950T, HW-Q900T and HW-Q800T. These soundbars come with a unique feature called  Q-Symphony. But, what exactly does this mean and what can you do with it?

Samsung Q-Symphony for sound bars and TVs

soundbar in itself is of course a significant improvement compared to the sound quality of a television itself. However, the sound that televisions themselves produce is getting better and better. So why not combine the sound of a TV with the sound of a soundbar for an even more impressive audio experience? That’s the idea behind Samsung Q-Symphony.

Samsung’s revolutionary Q-Symphony feature harnesses the power of 2020 QLED 8K TVs and the HW-Q800T soundbar – combining the former’s built-in speakers with the latter’s impressive audio capabilities – to deliver a truly immersive and powerful sound experience.

The 2020 soundbars from Samsung have Q-Symphony, which simply means that the soundbar can work together with the television for optimal audio reproduction. The speakers of the soundbar and the speakers of the television are used to distribute the sound in the room. According to Samsung, this should ensure a wider and fuller sound field, without delay or an audible difference in audio quality.

Unfortunately, Q-Symphony does not work with all sound bars and televisions. You need a Samsung television and a Samsung soundbar that supports it. For the time being, it only applies to the top model televisions and the top model sound bars for 2020 (HW-Q950T, HW-Q900T and HW-800T). The soundbar and television are connected via an HDMI cable, after which Q-Symphony does the rest.

As it stands, the feature will not work on older Samsung TVs and sound bars. So you have to completely renew your system to make television and soundbar work together.