Samsung brings Q8S QLED TV the first 8K Ultra HD TV on the market

Samsung Q8S QLED TV
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Samsung is launching its first 8K Ultra HD TV this year that is Samsung Q8S QLED TV. The Q9S series, with a size from 65-inch, can upscale images to the high 8K resolution with ‘8K artificial intelligence technology’ in all resolutions. Despite the fact that there is no native 8K content yet, Samsung promises sharper and more vivid images thanks to this technology.

Samsung 8K Ultra HD Q8S QLED TV with ai

The Samsung Q9S QLED TV comes with its own algorithm that adjusts the screen resolution according to the image quality of each scene. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are looking at a database with millions of images to convert low-resolution content into high-resolution content. If a source contains low resolution material, the image processing is amplified 64 times to represent high resolution images without loss of quality. The TV is therefore continuously working to achieve the best possible image quality and can display an 8K image from any source.

The native resolution of the screen is 7,680 at 4,320 pixels. Samsung has not yet confirmed it, but probably the TV has a  full back- light (LED) with a total of 10,000 different zones that can be dimmed independently. The panel would offer a maximum brightness of 4000cd/m².

Artificial intelligence does not stop there, however. Also the audio is thought. The algorithm analyzes the audio per scene and the audio output of the TV is continuously adjusted accordingly. For example, cheers during a football match are strengthened to increase the atmosphere.

Samsung brings the Q9S series of TVs with 8K resolution from the second half of this year on the market. The screen size is at least 65-inch. Nothing has yet been published about the prices and we have not seen the TV yet.