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Samsung Bespoke line – Samsung is now also going beyond the kitchen

Samsung Bespoke line - Samsung is now also going beyond the kitchen i.e. the colorful design series for the kitchen

Samsung has announced that the Samsung Bespoke line, the colorful design series for the kitchen, is now being expanded with an AI washing machine and a dryer. The Korean company has also introduced new colors for its Bespoke line, in addition to a new Bespoke oven that works with artificial intelligence.

Samsung Bespoke line

The purpose of Samsung is, in its own words, to personalize your home down to the last detail with kitchen appliances and white goods that are very pleasant to use. In addition, the Bespoke line would make it easier to live more sustainably. However, Bespoke is best known to the public as the range of colorful, specially designed kitchen appliances.

Bespoke’s expansion into the kitchen comes in the form of a new oven with artificial intelligence. You control it with the SmartThings app. The AI ​​can recognize ingredients and help you set the oven for perfect cooking. With the Dual Cook Steam function, you can put healthy, steamed dishes on the table. Sense-to-Open allows the device to open with a touch. That saves a bulge in your kitchen, because a handle is a thing of the past.

Washing machine with artificial intelligence

Next Bespoke kitchen appliances there is innovation in another area. The Bespoke washing machine with AI optimizes a wash. Sensors determine the weight and degree of soiling of the laundry so that the optimum amount of water and detergent can be added. That is more sustainable than when a standard number of liters and cap of detergent go into the device. It also has a large capacity of 11KG, so you can store a lot of laundry in it.

There is also a matching dryer with AI, which reads via a sensor how much water is left in the clean laundry to ensure a perfect cycle. It protects your clothes by running a program that is as short and yet as dry as possible. Together with the washing machine, the dryer is able to clean and dry dirty laundry within two hours, thanks to the Super Speed ​​program. In addition, both devices also have various environmentally friendly options that we know from Samsung, such as Ecobubble, AI Wash and SpaceMax.

SmartThings Home Life

In June, Samsung will launch a connectivity hub: Samsung SmartThings Home Life worldwide. Several things come together here: kitchen, energy, clothing, pets, airflow and home. SmartThings will also be expanded with ABB. From SmartThings you control household appliances and HVAC installation from the ABB free@home range.