Samsung announces prices for 2024 QD-OLED TVs and QLED TVs

Samsung has announced the prices of its 2024 televisions in Germany, including the QD-OLED models and QLED models.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched its latest televisions for 2024. The South Korean manufacturer has two series of QD-OLED televisions and a host of QLED models. Last week, the company presented the line-up for Europe in Germany and immediately announced the recommended retail prices.

Below is an overview of the recommended prices for the top models. Please note that these are the recommended prices for Germany, so they may differ for the markets in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is striking that almost all models are 100 euros more expensive than their predecessors from last year. That will certainly have to do with inflation. For the cheapest QD-OLED television you now pay 2,299 euros, the most expensive model costs you 5,199 euros. However, it can be even more costly because the 85-inch versions in the QLED QN800D and QN900D series cost 7,999 euros and 10,999 euros, respectively.

We will update this article as soon as Samsung announces the prices for the Dutch and Belgian markets. Hopefully, we will get more information about the S85D OLED TV series announced in January, which was not discussed much in Germany. In addition, in January, there was talk of the S90D series in sizes 42, 48, and 83 inches, but these were also not included. Samsung does not make these formats in a QD-OLED variant, so they would have a WOLED panel from LG Display. 

55″ 65″ 75″ 77″ 85″
S90D 2299 euro 3099 euro N.v.t. 4399 euro N.v.t.
S95D 2799 euro 3699 euro N.v.t. 5199 euro N.v.t.
QN800D N.v.t. 4199 euro 5699 euro N.v.t. 7999 euro
QN900D N.v.t. 5799 euro 7799 euro N.v.t. 10.999 euro