Samsung announces Home Cinema LED displays for the home theater

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Samsung has announced the Home Cinema LED displays in Milan this week. These are screens with an extremely large size, consisting of various LED modules and aimed at the ultimate home theater.

Anyone who starts a home theater will probably consider a large TV or projector, but now an extra option is added. You can now also go for a Samsung Home Cinema LED display, provided you have an almost unlimited budget. These modular screens consist of LED modules and can be made in sizes from 110-inch to 260-inch, in full HD or ultra hd resolution.

The Korean manufacturer sees these screens as the ultimate and premium home cinema solutions. The screens offer a ‘pixel pitch’ – the distance between the 1.2-mm LED pixels and although it is very small, it does not seem sensible to sit too close to the screen. In addition, the displays come with ‘Dynamic Peaking, with which a high and maximum brightness of 1,600 cd / m2 has to be achieved.

The prices are about 75,000 euros for the 130-inch variants and 300,000 euros for the 260-inch variants. No matter how attractive the screens sound, a lifetime at the cinema is still cheaper.

Samsung also works a bit more favorable priced microLED televisions, which you can read more about in our article about microLED.