Samsung and LG committed to smart refrigerators with artificial intelligence

Smart refrigerators with artificial intelligence- During CES 2020 both LG and Samsung aimed to develop more smart refrigerators.
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Smart refrigerators with artificial intelligence: In 2020, Samsung and LG will focus on smart refrigerators that use artificial intelligence so that they can think along with you. The first news from CES 2020 in Las Vegas is slowly starting to trickle in and the first thing that strikes you is that the smart refrigerator will be a bit smarter in the coming year. Both Samsung and LG are committed to smart refrigerators that use artificial intelligence.

Smart refrigerators with artificial intelligence

The latest version of Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator and LG’s second generation InstaView ThinQ refrigerator are equipped with cameras with artificial intelligence that can recognize food. The idea is that the cameras scan what you have in the fridge, after which you receive a message about products that are empty or a recipe based on the products you have at home.

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung’s latest version of the smart fridge mainly features upgrades in the field of software and food recognition. Of course, voice assistant Bixby, integration of the SmartThings platform and the AKG speakers are also still available. However, the cameras are no longer just for watching in your fridge. They let the fridge think along with you so that you receive messages about groceries that still have to be done before you know it yourself. In addition, the koekast can give you suggestions for recipes, based on what is on the shelf. Finally, the built-in touchscreen can now also be used to display videos and mirror a Samsung TV or smartphone.

LG InstaView ThinQ

LG is releasing two new versions of its InstaView refrigerators, both featuring a 22-inch screen that can also be made transparent so that you can see what’s in the fridge without opening it. The InstaView ThinQ is the variant with artificial intelligence (and cameras that serve the same purpose as Samsung’s model), while the InstaView with Craft Ice is specially developed for the perfect ice cubes. The fridge screen can be used to display recipes, videos and other content.

smart refrigerators with artificial intelligence

The new fridges from both manufacturers will be on the market later this year. Whether and when we can expect them in the Benelux is not yet clear.