Samsung 2016 TVs do not receive an update for HDR10 +

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Samsung has confirmed this week that televisions from 2016 will not receive an update that adds support for HDR10 +. The Korean manufacturer says that it is not possible to implement HDR10 + on these older models due to tighter specifications.

Last year, Samsung also expected that also models from 2016 could use the new HDR10 + HDR format with a firmware update. That is what the company is now coming back to, as we see in a quote on the German community website:

Those for the HDR10 + Standard erforderlichen Spezifikationen wurden verschärft. Obwohl Samsung is confused, that Anforderungen für die K-Series Model aus dem Jahr 2016 with Hilfe eines Updates zu erfüllen, wird es vermutlich nicht möglich sein, that Geräte an den HDR10 + Standard anzupassen.

Of course this statement has resulted in several disappointed users. There are even owners of a 2016 Samsung TV who now want to take action against the Korean manufacturer. In addition, a petition has already started to allow the update to continue.

Hopefully, Samsung will shortly come up with an official statement in which the company also announces which specifications have been fine-tuned and why the 2016 televisions do not provide HDR10 + support could be. This may be due to the processor or the HDMI interface.