S Pen from Samsung is coming to more Galaxy smartphones

S Pen from Samsung been a hot product so Samsung has decided to introduce S pen with more new smartphones after Galaxy S21 series.
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Now Samsung makes it clear that the S Pen can also be used on other smartphones of the company. The popular stylus, which has become a Bluetooth accessory over time, completely disconnects itself from the Note. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first non-Note smartphone to support the stylus. The implementation is slightly different and the question is what exactly Samsung is up to here.

S Pen to other Samsung smartphones

The S Pen is made available as a separate accessory for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The stylus is therefore not included as standard and there is also no separate storage space, as is the case with the Note series. If you want to use the stylus and take it with you, you will have to buy a case that offers storage space for your smartphone and stylus.

Unfortunately, it is also the case that it is not the same S Pen as the Note. So don’t expect to be able to do exactly the same things you can on a Note phone. For example, this version of the stylus is lacking Air Actions and bluetooth support. If you have an older stylus from an older Note or older Samsung tablet, you can use it. In addition, the Ultra is compatible with all Wiacom pens.

In the future, the Samsung stylus will also come to other Galaxy smartphones, a Samsung representative announced (via Sammobile):

We are committed to innovating new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously to make our consumers’ lives easier and better. We’ve made the bold decision to expand the S Pen experience to Galaxy S21 Ultra, and plan to expand the S Pen experience across additional device categories in the future. We remain committed to providing the best mobile experience to our consumers and will continue to actively listen and consider consumer feedback in our product innovations.

Earlier rumors surfaced under stylus support for the Fold line. That is a smartphone line in which you will encounter, among other things, foldable smartphones (smartphones that can be expanded into small tablets). Such products can benefit from a stylus.