Ruark’s R1S Smart Radio

Ruark's R1S Smart Radio: The radio you need today and with all the streaming services

Ruark takes radio to a new level with the R1S

The R1S is a complete music system, adapting to any room in the house to provide entertainment throughout the day. Through its SmartRadio tuner, you can access stations from all over the world and it also has an exclusive channel for podcasts. In addition, it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and all streaming services.

Although we might think that radio is out of date, it continues to evolve and recent surveys show that it remains the main form of entertainment for a wide audience. That’s why Ruark, who has always been ahead of the trends in the field of amplified radios, presents the R1S.

“Radio continues to be one of the best forms of entertainment available and R1S, with the streaming technologies included, makes radio better than ever,” says Alan O’Rourke, Ruark Audio CEO.

SmartRadio to connect with stations from all over the world and channel for podcasts

Radio has evolved and with on-demand radio services and podcasts the content is growing every day, so the R1S makes things easy: through the RotoDial or the remote control you can access the search and preselection function of channels intuitively. Also with the Oktiv app you can control most functions and quickly browse stations and podcasts.

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all streaming services integrated

R1S is compatible with Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and Deezer and, thanks to its Bluetooth 5 receiver, with practically any other service available. The Bluetooth function remembers up to six devices and provides excellent sound quality and efficiency.

The full color TFT screen shows time, alarm and program information, as well as Wi-Fi sources, album and station logos, and has a sensor to adapt it to light levels, in case it is on the nightstand.

It also has a USB-C port for charging devices and playing MP3s, headphone output, switchable line input and is compatible with the Ruark BackPack 3 battery, so you can take it everywhere.

Class-leading, natural sound

But in addition to all the radio and streaming technologies, the R1S also has great sound, the English brand Ruark has always been a benchmark in Hi-Fi, and it shows. The R1S is powered by a dynamic linear amplifier that, with adaptive equalization, provides a very nice and audible sound at all volume levels. Its new NS+ speaker driver in an optimized housing provides a smooth, wide frequency response, with surprising bass performance in such a compact package.

For Ruark design always counts

Contemporary in design, with subtle curves, an elegant subdued gray finish and a handcrafted mixed wood grille, the R1S fits into any setting. The grille material has been created from sustainable woods, assembled, painted and mounted to mimic the hue of slow-growing hardwoods, but without the ecological impact. The casing and grille blend seamlessly with the RotoDial controller and new color screen, giving the impression that all the technical features of the R1S are wrapped up.

Without a doubt, R1S will make you listen and discover how good the new generation radio can be.