Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram

Introducing Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram- R810 is a fully integrated entertainment system and provides all the connectivity you are ever likely to need

A musical instrument for music lovers

Not all instruments are created equal and the best ones are made by artisans who understand the importance of materials and techniques to create beautiful instruments to play and listen to. Enjoying music is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and, like the best instruments, the R810 has been designed and manufactured to deliver stunning sound that will connect you closer to the music you love.

An object to desire

Like the iconic radiograms of yesteryear, the R810 is a product designed to be seen. Enhancing the aesthetics of the R810 is the special material we selected for the handcrafted grille and veneered enclosures. Made from sustainable wood spliced and reconstituted, the resulting grain patterns closely resemble slow-growing hardwoods but without the ecological impact. Combined with the precision-formed trim and polished chrome stand, the R810 exudes sophistication and, like the finest furniture, is an object you will appreciate and be proud to have on display in your home.


A nice display

Many systems today rely entirely on smartphones and the like to provide configuration and source information. Still, with the R810, the high-resolution screen provides all the information you need right in front of you and brings the look of the system to life. R810. With its portrait orientation, the screen intentionally emulates how we view music apps on our phones and, together with our new RotoDial controller, makes using the R810 second nature. The screen intensity in standby and active mode is also fully adjustable to suit your needs.

What’s underneath

We’re passionate about aesthetic design but know what’s underneath is critical to creating great sound. An example is the R810 enclosure, the interior of which has been carefully divided into compartments, each of which has been optimized for its intended task. Twin bass reflex compartments house our NS+ bass and midrange units and silk dome tweeters, and the long-throw subwoofer sits below in an infinite baffle enclosure for superbly controlled and extended bass.

A powerful five-channel Class A-B discrete component amplifier drives the system. Five separate channels means we can precisely control the response of each drive. With the latest sound processing technologies, music is produced easily and effortlessly with a stunning soundstage that will immerse you and fill your home with sound. exquisite


Connection Happiness

R810 is a fully integrated entertainment system that provides all the necessary connectivity. Streaming is its forte, but if you want to play records and CDs, you can enjoy these media by connecting a turntable to the phono inputs or a CD-ROM drive to the USB-C socket. Plus, with its HDMI ARC/eARC input, you can connect the R810 to most modern TVs, taking your movie-watching enjoyment to the next level with its spacious, dynamic sound.

With its ability to play the highest quality audio streams, R810 opens up a whole world of music and entertainment. Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect are built in. With the addition of Apple AirPlay and Chromecast built-in, you can stream and control directly from apps like Apple Music, BBC Sounds, Amazon Music, Qobuz, and many more. Plus, you can also create a flexible multi-room system, pairing the R810 with other AirPlay and Chromecast-compatible devices, including our R410


Touch controls

Nowadays, touch screens seemingly control everything; in our opinion, there is still nothing better than the positive click of a button or the satisfying turn of a dial, particularly when it comes packaged as something unique and beautiful like our RotoDial control system, which for The 100 Series has been improved and enhanced.

A matching rechargeable remote control is included with the R810. Bluetooth connectivity means there’s no need to aim during operation, and it looks so good it’s an item you’ll want to leave on display for everyone to touch and see.