Rotel RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII: Preamp Upgrades

Rotel launched two new upgraded preamp which are Rotel RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII available in silver and black colors rom July 2021

As the manufacturer Rotel reports, the Rotel RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII preamplifiers have been significantly revised and modernized – they will be available soon, probably from July 2021, available as MKII version.

Innovations in the Rotel preamplifier

Both new editions benefit from new coupling capacitors in the signal path, which should result in an even more uniform frequency response. Even in the area of ​​power supply for the DAC and symmetrical signal processing, the use of audiophile resistors and capacitors has resulted in an even better sound result, including with regard to the signal-to-noise ratio.

In addition to the cinch connections, both preamps also offer symmetrical XLR inputs and outputs, a phono input (MM) and Bluetooth streaming with aptX and AAC. Both devices also support MQA and MQA Studio via the USB input and are Roon-Tested. The newly installed 32-bit DAC from Texas Instruments should bring better detail resolution and a larger soundstage.

Rotel RC-1590MKII

The back of the large Rotel RC-1590MKII

The flagship model comes up with impressive connectivity that allows numerous digital and analog sources to be connected – including a phono input and balanced inputs and outputs in the analog section. The heart of the revised RC-1590 is a generously positioned power supply unit with two toroidal transformers, which are spatially and electrically isolated from each other.

Rotel RC-1572MKII

Rotel RC-1572 back side

The Rotel RC-1572MKII is also very well equipped

This “little brother” comes with a low-noise power supply including a toroidal transformer made by Rotel. It is equipped with fewer inputs than the RC-1590MKII, but it also has a Phono MM input and a Bluetooth receiver.

Both devices are available in silver and black.


  • Rotel RC-1572MKII: 1,299 euros
  • Rotel RC-1590MKII: 1,949 euros