ROSE RSA720 HiFi Fiber Optic USB Distribution Center

Introducing ROSE RSA720 HiFi Fiber Optic USB Distribution Center - The prestigious South Korean firm HiFi ROSE has just expanded its powerful ecosystem by introducing RSA720.

ROSE RSA720 HiFi Fiber Optic USB Distribution Center

The prestigious South Korean firm HiFi ROSE has just expanded its powerful ecosystem in high-performance portable and stationary audio by adding an extraordinary component: the RSA720 optical USB signal distribution center (“hub”). A refined product created to block potential mechanical vibrations and electrical noise from external mass storage devices and thus providing an optimal solution for their reliable use. Many qualities make this sophisticated accessory a product that makes a difference, the first being a compact format to maximize usability and functionality and the commitment to durable materials in its construction to maximize long-term reliability.

But the key to the RSA720 lies without a doubt in complex engineering based on cutting-edge connectivity strategies, materialized in the use of SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) optical transceivers, commonly used in data communications and telecommunications and that support, among other standards, Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet. Due to this, the RSA270 is very useful when working with high-speed and highly robust USB connections (those familiar in the “Hi-Res” sound field) when data transmission over long distances is required. In the practical field, the new HiFi ROSE is equipped with a USB 3.0 Type-B input and a 10G SFP, to which are added two USB 3.0 output ports and another two USB 2.0, allowing the user to plug and use external devices without the need to install a separate driver.

In this sense, it must be emphasized that the main advantage of the architecture used is that it takes advantage of the power of the optical fiber in parameters such as distance (which, depending on the chosen module, can be extended without loss of stability up to several hundred meters), maintaining the speed of the USB standard. A sliding switch located on one of the side panels of the RSA720 allows you to select between two operating modes: on the one hand, the “SFP Mode” with the two SFP modules and the SFP optical cable supplied as standard (this would be the case of “transport”). HiFi streaming ROSE RS130), and, on the other hand, the “Type-B Mode” if the connected device is incompatible with the SFP optical transceiver.

Technical characteristics

  • Distribution center (“hub”) of USB signals via fiber optics.
  • Signal transmission is based on the use of SFP optical transceivers.
  • It brings together the qualities of fiber optics and the USB standard.
  • Compact format that allows easy installation in any space
  • Built with durable materials to maximize reliability.
  • USB 3.0 Type-B and 10G SFP inputs.
  • USB 3.0 (2) and USB 2.0 (2) outputs.
  • Selection switch between SFP and Type-B modes.
  • Supplied as standard with 2 SFP Modules and 1 SFP Cable.
  • External power supply.
  • Dimensions: 152×33.5×153.5 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.