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Rolling robot Samsung Ballie can help in your smart home

Samsung Ballie
Samsung Ballie: Samsung introduced a new rolling robot that can take care of your complete home Smartly in safety, fitness and communication
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Samsung will announce Samsung Ballie at CES 2020 in Las Vegas: a rolling robot that can help you in your smart home. The Ballie can serve as a robot that helps with safety, fitness and communication. Also, the smart ball can entertain your children or pets.

This is Samsung Ballie

In a demo that Samsung gave, it was shown how Samsung Ballie can always follow a person remotely, so that you do not accidentally step on it. When you walk forward, the ball rolls with you. However, if you walk back a bit, the ball will also go backwards. De Ballie probably uses the built-in camera for this. If you still want it to come closer, you can always call it. The yellow ball will therefore roll slowly.

At the moment the Samsung Ballie only seems to be able to roll, see things and process simple commands. But in the video above, you can see what Samsung’s vision is for the small, smart robot. The intention is for Ballie to become a home assistant, one who can help with multiple factors in life. In the video, Ballie opens the curtains, turns on the TV and gives the robot vacuum cleaner the command to clean up the mess.

Samsung is not the only one who has had this idea in recent months. For example, Sony recently released a new version of the Aibo robot dog, one that can also help at home. In the video below you can see exactly what ideas Sony has with this. Some scenarios correspond to what Samsung ultimately wants to achieve with de Ballie.

Samsung has not disclosed when Ballie will be available and what the price of the rolling robot will be.

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