Rogers loudspeakers & music evenings at KlangLoft Munich

A trip to Aschheim in Upper Bavaria and the local sales and specialist dealer KlangLoft could be an enriching experience

A trip to Aschheim in Upper Bavaria and the local sales and specialist dealer KlangLoft could be an enriching experience, not least for listeners who have a particular weakness for solutions outside the mainstream.

Start of the weekend: music evening at KlangLoft

It is also interesting that Michael Kromschröder, boss and soul of KlangLoft and mediabit Audio, regularly Music evenings organized in a relaxed atmosphere with one or more glasses of wine or beer. You can bring your own favorite plates as well as favorite wines. The exact Dates can be found below Listed, the time frame is set on Friday evenings, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. – a nice start to the weekend.

Rogers loudspeaker

Rogers LS3 / 5A Classic SE loudspeaker

Since September 1st, 2021, mediabit Audio has also been responsible for the distribution of Rogers in Germany. Founded in 1947 by Jim Rogers, Rogers is one of the well-known English traditional brands that achieved fame with classic “BBC monitors”: In addition to loudspeakers, Rogers was initially particularly known for its amplifiers, which was established in the 1970s and the LS3 / 5a monitors von Rogers changed – 25,000 pairs are said to have gone to enthusiastic listeners at the time. For almost 30 years, Rogers has been in Asian, stable and British tradition-preserving hands and has Andy Whittle as technical director at the helm, an English expert who was not only active in exposure and audio note, but also in the 1990s for Rogers.

Michael Kromschröder is in any case pretty self-confident: “In addition to the ingenious Rogers LS3 / 5a – also available in a very special SE version – there is currently the best version of the larger one Rogers LS5 / 9, ever built. Rogers designs and builds its loudspeakers by hand in England with better parts, much more attention to detail and care than those of the competition. And you can hear that. ”

The Rogers E20a / ii tube amplifier

The Rogers E20a / ii tube amplifier

In addition, the first Rogers E20a / ii tube integrated amplifier delivered, an improved version of the legendary E20a in cooperation with Audio Note UK – the E20a / ii is available as a pure high-level version or optionally with a high-quality phono stage.