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RoboDeck mopping machine cleans your wooden terrace

RoboDeck mopping machine cleans your wooden terrace with expensive stain cartridges

The makers of RoboDeck must have had a brainstorming session beforehand. We already have robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic lawnmowers, floor mopping robots and window mopping robots. What else can we think of for something new? Meet RoboDeck: a kind of mopping machine that can completely clean your wooden terrace or decking.

It is not entirely clear to us why you should buy a special terrace robot for a job that you only have to do once or twice a year, but it will soon be possible. RoboDeck mopping machine will launch soon on Kickstarter and you can support the project from then on too. It uses AI navigation and smart mapping and should make the wooden decking look like new again and remove all stains. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit must also be supported.

Expensive Stain Cartridges for RoboDeck mopping machine

However, apart from the usefulness of this robot, there is another problem. You need special stain cartridges that you have to buy as an option. These cost $35 each, but you can also get a subscription of $20 per month. And please note, one cartridge is sufficient for ‘only’ 46 m2. Again it is a mystery to us why you want to clean the wooden terrace every month, especially with expensive cartridges, but it will be possible later. Incidentally, the wood is also treated directly.

We doubt the success of the launch of RoboDeck on Kickstarter, but you can click the manufacturer’s website Sign up for the newsletter in advance to be kept informed.