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Ring adds geofencing to all its products: available now

Ring adds geofencing to all its products immediately which is very useful and effective tool in the context of security and video monitoring.

Ring has through its own website announced that all of its products now feature geofencing. That means that when you have your location on on your smartphone, the different devices will help you remember to activate your systems when you leave home.

Ring adds geofencing in new update

With geofencing you can also prevent a lot of unnecessary notifications. Because when you are at home, you do not always have to know who is moving in front of the door or when movement is spotted in the house. Moreover, you can make much better use of the home and away mode, by combining both functions.

Geofencing for these products works in a similar way to that of many other devices work. You place a digital barrier around your house and when you leave the barrier, the system knows it must be switched on. When you leave your house, you will receive a notification asking if you want to change modes, indicating that you are away and not at home.

Geofencing works with a variety of Ring devices, such as doorbells, smart cameras and the security system. Parent company Amazon also reports that no GPS data is stored, so you will not be tracked when you move outside your bubble. Instead, the app only checks whether you are back in the specified circle or not.

If you have given multiple users access to your Ring devices, they will not see a summary of a location or geofence history. They also do not have to deal with the same settings as you at that time. Of course you can also disable geofencing if you don’t like that.

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