Revival Audio’s Atalante 4 Floorstanding Speaker – A Remarkable Addition to the Lineup

Review: The Atalante 4 from Revival Audio embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and elegant design, promising exceptional audio performance and versatility.

Introduction: Unstoppable Growth

Revival Audio, a distinguished name originating from France, has rapidly increased the audio industry ranks since its inception in 2021. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, the company has become synonymous with cutting-edge audio technology and exquisite craftsmanship. Building upon its success, Revival Audio launched the Atalante series, marking a new era in premium sound reproduction.

The latest addition to the Atalante lineup, the Atalante 4, embodies the pinnacle of Revival Audio’s dedication to sonic excellence. Positioned between the acclaimed Atalante 5 and Atalante 3 models, the Atalante 4 sets a new standard for floor-standing speakers, offering a harmonious blend of performance, design, and affordability. With its distinctive features and meticulous engineering, the Atalante 4 promises to captivate audiophiles worldwide, delivering an unparalleled listening experience.

Technical Specifications

Type3-way loudspeaker
Drivers1 1/8” (28mm) soft-dome tweeter equipped with Revival Audio ARID (Anti Reflection Inner Dome) patented technology with a large back chamber and low resonance frequency of 650Hz5 1/4” (13.5cm) BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) midrange driver2 of 7” (18cm) BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) woofers
Frequency Response (+/-3db)38Hz – 22kHz (-3dB)
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)89dB/2.83V/ 1 metre
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Minimum Impedance3.2 ohms at 120Hz
Crossover Frequency550Hz and 3.0kHz
Recommended Amplifier PowerPower handling: 200 watts. Starting from 30-50 watts.
Recommended Room Size30 to 60m2
Dimensions (H*W*D)1200 mm x 345 mm x 395 mm
Net Weight38 kg. (83.75 lbs.)

Atalante 4: Elevating the Experience

In premium audio, where every nuance matters and every detail is scrutinized, the Atalante 4 emerges as a beacon of excellence. Crafted with precision and passion, this floor-standing speaker embodies the culmination of Revival Audio’s relentless pursuit of sonic perfection.

At the heart of the Atalante 4 lies a meticulously engineered 3-way 4-unit design, meticulously balanced to deliver an immersive and captivating listening experience. Unlike its predecessors, the Atalante 4 strikes a harmonious equilibrium between power and refinement, effortlessly traversing the entire frequency spectrum with unrivaled clarity and accuracy.

One of the Atalante 4’s striking features is its innovative use of materials and technology. From the proprietary Basalt Sandwich Construction (BSC) drivers to the advanced RASC soft dome tweeter with ARID technology, every component is carefully selected and meticulously refined to ensure optimal performance. This fusion of artistry and engineering results in a speaker that sounds exceptional and exudes elegance and sophistication.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s design extends beyond mere functionality, embodying a seamless fusion of form and function. From the hand-selected walnut wood cabinet to the precision-engraved ribbon lines and logo, every aspect of the speaker’s aesthetic speaks to a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In terms of performance, the Atalante 4 transcends expectations, effortlessly reproducing the most subtle nuances and dynamic peaks with breathtaking clarity and precision. Whether it’s a violin’s delicate timbre or a symphony orchestra’s thunderous roar, the Atalante 4 imbues every note with a palpable sense of realism and presence, transporting listeners to the heart of the performance.

In essence, the Atalante 4 is more than just a speaker—it’s a testament to the artistry and passion of its creators. With its unparalleled performance, exquisite design, and uncompromising attention to detail, the Atalante 4 elevates the audio experience to new heights, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the magic of music like never before.

Design Excellence: A Fusion of Styles

In audio equipment, where functionality often takes precedence, Revival Audio’s Atalante 4 emerges as a masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. At its core, the design of the Atalante 4 is a harmonious fusion of French elegance and Japanese minimalism, resulting in a speaker that not only delivers exceptional sound but also exudes timeless sophistication.

Collaborating with the esteemed French design firm A+A Cooren Design Studio, Revival Audio has elevated the Atalante 4 to new heights of aesthetic excellence. The hand-selected walnut wood cabinet, meticulously crafted with precision and care, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Each grain tells a story, adding warmth and character to the speaker’s visual appeal.

Yet, it’s not just the materials that set the Atalante 4 apart—it’s the attention to detail that truly sets it apart. From the precision-engraved ribbon lines to the meticulously crafted speaker grille, every aspect of the Atalante 4’s design speaks to unparalleled artistry and refinement in the industry. Even the placement of the reflection holes is carefully considered, ensuring optimal sound dispersion and acoustics.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s design extends beyond mere aesthetics, incorporating innovative features that enhance form and function. The two-section speaker grille, for example, not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides practical benefits, allowing for easy removal and storage. Similarly, the base and pyramid design, crafted from premium stainless steel, adds visual interest and serves a functional purpose, providing stability and adjustable height to the correct speaker level.

In essence, the design of the Atalante 4 is a testament to Revival Audio’s unwavering commitment to excellence. By seamlessly blending French sophistication with Japanese minimalism, the Atalante 4 redefines what it means to be a premium audio speaker, setting a new standard for design excellence in the industry.

Innovative Features: Setting a New Standard

At the forefront of audio innovation, Revival Audio’s Atalante 4 is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Boasting many cutting-edge features, this floor-standing speaker redefines the benchmarks of audio engineering, setting a new standard for performance and quality.

Central to the Atalante 4’s groundbreaking design is its revolutionary use of materials and technology. The incorporation of Basalt Sandwich Construction (BSC) drivers represents a paradigm shift in driver design, leveraging the unique properties of basalt to deliver unparalleled clarity, precision, and efficiency. This innovative construction enhances the speaker’s overall performance and ensures exceptional durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the Atalante 4’s proprietary RASC soft dome tweeter, equipped with Anti Reflection Inner Dome (ARID) technology, sets a new benchmark for high-frequency reproduction. This advanced tweeter eliminates distortion and coloration by absorbing over 95% of box resonance, allowing for pristine, lifelike treble that remains true to the original recording.

The attention to detail extends beyond the drivers, with Revival Audio’s engineers meticulously hand-tuning the speaker’s crossover to perfection. Utilizing carefully selected audiophile-grade components, including Van den Hul Skyline Hybrid wiring, the crossover ensures seamless integration between the tweeter, midrange, and bass drivers, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious sonic presentation.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s innovative design features extend to its aesthetic and functional elements. The precision-engraved ribbon lines and logo, crafted with high-precision laser technology, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the speaker’s exterior. Meanwhile, practical features such as the two-section speaker grille, premium stainless steel base, and pyramid design enhance the speaker’s visual appeal and offer practical benefits in terms of convenience and stability.

The Atalante 4 represents a culmination of years of research, development, and innovation. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in audio engineering, Revival Audio has created a speaker that delivers exceptional sound quality and sets a new standard for excellence in the industry. With its groundbreaking features and unparalleled performance, the Atalante 4 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology.

Performance Evaluation: A Sonic Revelation

In high-fidelity audio, the Atalante 4 from Revival Audio emerges as a beacon of sonic excellence, captivating listeners with its breathtaking performance and immersive soundstage. Meticulously engineered and painstakingly crafted, this floor-standing speaker delivers a sonic experience that transcends expectations, inviting listeners to rediscover their favorite music with newfound clarity and emotion.

At the heart of the Atalante 4’s performance lies its exceptional driver configuration, meticulously tuned to perfection. With its 3-way, 4-unit design, including Basalt Sandwich Construction (BSC) drivers for the midrange and bass, the speaker effortlessly reproduces the entire frequency spectrum with remarkable accuracy and precision. Whether it’s a piano sonata’s delicate intricacies or a symphony orchestra’s thunderous rumble, the Atalante 4 captures every nuance and subtlety with unparalleled fidelity and clarity.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s proprietary RASC soft dome tweeter, augmented by Anti Reflection Inner Dome (ARID) technology, delivers pristine, high-frequency, detailed, and natural reproduction. From the shimmering highs of a cymbal crash to the ethereal vocals of a soprano, the tweeter imbues every note with a palpable sense of presence and realism, transporting listeners to the heart of the performance.

Regarding spatial imaging and soundstage presentation, the Atalante 4 excels with its vast and immersive soundstage, allowing instruments and vocals to breathe and occupy their space within the mix. The speaker’s precise imaging and separation create a three-dimensional sonic landscape that is both captivating and immersive, drawing listeners into the heart of the music with unparalleled realism and depth.

Furthermore, the Atalante 4’s dynamic capabilities are nothing short of breathtaking. It effortlessly navigates the peaks and valleys of a musical passage with grace and precision. From the thunderous crescendos of a symphony to the delicate whispers of a chamber ensemble, the speaker maintains composure and control, delivering every note with unwavering authority and impact.

In conclusion, the Atalante 4 from Revival Audio represents the pinnacle of sonic excellence, delivering a performance that is as breathtaking as it is immersive. With its exceptional driver configuration, advanced tweeter technology, and precise imaging capabilities, this floor-standing speaker invites listeners to embark on a sonic journey, revealing their favorite music’s true beauty and emotion in stunning detail and clarity.

Immersive Experience: Captivating Dynamics

Beyond mere performance metrics lies an intangible quality that sets the Atalante 4 apart: its ability to envelop listeners in a truly immersive sonic experience. This floor-standing speaker from Revival Audio isn’t just about delivering sound; it’s about transporting listeners to another realm, where music becomes a visceral and transformative journey.

Central to the Atalante 4’s immersive experience is its captivating dynamics, which breathe life into every note and phrase. From the gentlest whisper to the most thunderous crescendo, the speaker effortlessly navigates the ebb and flow of a musical passage with grace and precision, imbuing each moment with a sense of urgency and emotion that resonates deep within the soul.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s dynamic capabilities extend beyond mere volume; they encompass the subtle nuances and micro-dynamics that bring music to life. Whether it’s the delicate pluck of a guitar string or the subtle inflections of a singer’s voice, the speaker captures every detail with stunning clarity and finesse, allowing listeners to experience the full range of human expression in all its glory.

However, perhaps most remarkable is the speaker’s ability to create a sense of space and dimensionality that transcends the confines of the listening room. With its expansive soundstage and precise imaging, the Atalante 4 transports listeners to the heart of the performance, where instruments and vocals are rendered with lifelike realism and presence. It’s not just about hearing the music; it’s about feeling like you were in the room with the musicians.

The Atalante 4 offers more than just a listening experience; it provides an odyssey through the boundless realms of sound and emotion. With its captivating dynamics and immersive soundstage, this floor-standing speaker invites listeners to embark on a sonic adventure, where every note and phrase becomes a revelation, unfolding with all the drama and intensity of a live performance.

Connectivity and Surround Setup: Versatility Unleashed

The Atalante 4 from Revival Audio isn’t just a standalone speaker; it’s a versatile centerpiece that seamlessly integrates into various audio setups and environments. With its comprehensive connectivity options and adaptable design, the Atalante 4 offers many possibilities for creating immersive surround sound experiences that elevate your audio enjoyment to new heights.

One of the critical features of the Atalante 4 is its versatile connectivity options, which allow you to easily connect the speaker to a wide range of audio sources. Whether you prefer a traditional stereo setup, a multi-channel surround sound system, or a wireless streaming setup, the Atalante 4 has you covered. With inputs including RCA, XLR, and Bluetooth, you can easily connect your favorite audio sources, from turntables and CD players to smartphones and tablets, ensuring you’re always ready to enjoy your music in stunning clarity and detail.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s adaptable design makes it ideal for surround sound setups. Whether creating a simple stereo setup for casual listening or a full-blown home theater system for immersive movie nights, the Atalante 4’s flexible placement options and precise imaging capabilities ensure you’ll always enjoy a captivating audio experience. Plus, with its sleek and elegant design, the Atalante 4 adds a touch of sophistication to any room, making it the perfect complement to your home decor.

So, where is the Atalante 4 best used? The answer is simple: anywhere you want to enjoy premium audio quality and immersive surround sound. Whether in your living room for movie nights with the family, your home office for immersive music listening sessions, or even your outdoor patio for alfresco entertainment, the Atalante 4 is perfect for bringing your audio experience to life. With its versatility, adaptability, and uncompromising performance, the Atalante 4 ensures that you’ll always enjoy the best possible audio experience wherever you are.

Usability and Functionality: Seamlessness Redefined

In audio equipment, usability and functionality are paramount, and the Atalante 4 from Revival Audio sets a new standard for seamlessness and ease of use. Designed with a modern audiophile, this floor-standing speaker offers many intuitive features and innovative functionalities that enhance the overall listening experience, making it a joy to use in any setting.

One of the standout features of the Atalante 4 is its user-friendly interface, which ensures that even novice users can easily navigate and control the speaker’s settings and features. With intuitive controls and clearly labeled inputs, connecting and configuring the Atalante 4 is a breeze, allowing you to spend less time fiddling with settings and more time enjoying your favorite music and movies.

Moreover, the Atalante 4’s advanced connectivity options make it versatile and adaptable to various audio setups and environments. Whether you prefer to connect via Bluetooth for wireless streaming or use traditional wired connections such as RCA or XLR, the Atalante 4 offers many options to suit your needs. Plus, with its seamless integration into multi-channel surround sound systems, the Atalante 4 ensures you’ll always enjoy a captivating audio experience, whether watching movies, playing video games, or listening to music.

In terms of functionality, the Atalante 4 is packed with innovative features that enhance its overall performance and usability. From its precision-tuned crossover and advanced driver technology to its adaptive base and pyramid design, every aspect of the Atalante 4 is engineered to deliver unparalleled sound quality and immersive listening experiences. Plus, with its durable construction and premium materials, the Atalante 4 is built to last, ensuring years of reliable performance and enjoyment.

In essence, the Atalante 4 isn’t just a speaker—it’s a testament to the marriage of form and function, where usability and functionality converge to create a seamless and immersive audio experience. With its intuitive controls, advanced connectivity options, and innovative features, the Atalante 4 ensures you’ll always enjoy the best possible audio experience, whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or a casual music lover.

Conclusion: Unparalleled Value

In conclusion, the Atalante 4 from Revival Audio represents a pinnacle of audio engineering, design, and usability. With its captivating performance, versatile connectivity options, and intuitive functionality, this floor-standing speaker redefines what it means to experience music and sound. Whether you’re a discerning audiophile seeking the highest sonic fidelity or simply a music lover looking to elevate your listening experience, the Atalante 4 delivers a truly immersive and unforgettable journey through sound.

From its innovative driver technology to its elegant design and seamless integration into any audio setup, the Atalante 4 embodies the perfect balance of form and function. It’s more than just a speaker; it’s a gateway to a world of sonic bliss, where every note and nuance is brought to life with unparalleled clarity and precision. With the Atalante 4, Revival Audio has created a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional audio equipment, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Whether to invest in the Atalante 4 from Revival Audio ultimately boils down to your individual preferences, priorities, and budget. Here are some factors to consider:

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Exceptional Audio Performance: The Atalante 4 delivers stunning sound quality with its innovative driver technology, precise tuning, and immersive soundstage, providing an unparalleled listening experience.
  2. Versatile Connectivity: With its wide range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, RCA, and XLR inputs, the Atalante 4 seamlessly integrates into various audio setups, catering to different preferences and devices.
  3. Elegant Design: Crafted with hand-selected walnut wood and precision-engraved details, the Atalante 4 exudes sophistication and style, making it a visually appealing addition to any room.
  4. Usability and Functionality: Intuitive controls, advanced features, and durable construction ensure that the Atalante 4 is easy to use, reliable, and built to last.
  5. Value for Money: Despite its premium features and performance, the Atalante 4 offers more value than other high-end speakers.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  1. Budget Constraints: While the Atalante 4 offers exceptional performance and features, it may be out of reach for those with tighter budgets, as it is priced at a premium compared to other speakers.
  2. Space Limitations: Due to its floor-standing design, the Atalante 4 may not be suitable for smaller living spaces or environments where floor space is limited.
  3. Personal Preferences: Some individuals may prefer speakers with different sound signatures or design aesthetics, making the Atalante 4 less appealing to their tastes.
  4. Alternative Options: Depending on your requirements and preferences, alternative speakers may offer similar performance or features at a different price point.

Ultimately, whether you should buy the Atalante 4 depends on your unique needs, preferences, and budget. If you prioritize exceptional audio quality, versatile connectivity, and elegant design, and the price aligns with your budget, the Atalante 4 could enhance your listening experience. However, if budget constraints, space limitations, or personal preferences are significant factors for you, it may be worth exploring alternative options before making a decision.

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