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Review: Yale All-in-One outdoor camera – great value for money

Review: Yale All-in-One outdoor camera - For a price of 129 euros you get a nice and extensive security camera at home, which you can control via the apps
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Review: Yale All-in-One outdoor camera – The Yale All-in-One outdoor camera is a security camera that you can use both indoors and outdoors. In addition to night vision of up to ten meters, the device includes two-way communication and a built-in spotlight.

What is the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera?

The Yale All-in-One outdoor camera is a complete security camera that you can hang at home or outside. Although you can also use the camera indoors, that’s a shame because of the night vision (up to ten meters), the water resistance (IP65 certificate, so can withstand rain) and the built-in spotlight. In addition, there are excellent alternatives available for indoor cameras . The outdoor camera is available in one color, namely the white version.

The Wi-Fi camera has a Full HD resolution. This means that you can review the images in a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. Those images are stored on a micro SD card (which is not included) and directly on your smartphone. So you have control over where the files end up. From your smartphone you can upload videos and photos to a cloud storage service of your choice. You can let that happen automatically yourself. In any case, it does not happen directly from the manufacturer Yale’s app.

Review: Yale All-in-One outdoor camera -

The network security camera also has a very loud siren that can go off; automatically or manually. The maximum noise is 110 decibels, so you can count on the neighbors to hear that. In addition, there is motion detection available and you immediately receive smartphone notifications when movement is detected. You can also choose to watch live. The manufacturer supplies the rest of the equipment for installing the camera. All you need is tools.

Install Yale All-in-One outdoor camera

In principle, you will not encounter any problems during the installation of the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera. Before you hang up the camera or attach it somewhere, it is wise to set up the device first. You do that by downloading the Yale View app for Android or iOS . The application will guide you through the process step by step. We encountered one barrier that most people probably do not yet have to deal with. We used Android 10 during the installation and there seems to be no support for it yet.

In our specific case, the app could not find the Wi-Fi network that the camera had to connect to. When we picked up a phone with Android 9 on board, it worked immediately and we could also use the camera on our Android 10 device. This problem is now known at Yale and a solution is being worked on behind the scenes. As soon as Android 10 is much more widely available, support will automatically improve. That’s why this isn’t a big issue, unless you’re only using Android 10 right now.

Review: Yale All-in-One outdoor camera -

The Yale All-in-One outdoor camera also offers support for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant . This allows you to view camera images on a smart display , such as the Google Nest Hub . After you have gone through the short installation process , read here how that works via Google Home, then you can request the live stream via a voice command. You will then immediately see what the camera sees, with a few seconds delay. This way you are not dependent on first-party products, such as a Nest Cam .

Using the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera

Once the camera has been installed, you only need to be able to access it if you use a micro-SD card. The micro-SD card contains automatically saved videos, which you must manually back up. You may find it annoying that the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera cannot automatically upload images to the cloud, but then you are in the market for an alternative. When you manually create images within the app, they are stored on your phone and you can automatically put them in the cloud.

After hanging up, you are mainly dependent on the app. It may not be a fancy application, but it is extremely functional. When you open the Yale View app, you will see an overview of all Yale cameras. You select the camera you need (you can change the name if you want) and you get immediate access to useful functions. You can pause the image, place it in an overview with three other cameras, change the image quality (SD and HD), activate sound and display the live image on a full screen.

Among the aforementioned options, we find five other buttons: take a screenshot, activate two-way audio (so you can talk to someone on the other end and hear them), make video, activate siren (believe us, it does …) and turn on the spotlight. Most functions also work automatically, with a micro-SD card on board, but it is nevertheless nice that you can also operate everything manually when you keep an eye on things from a distance. It gives you the idea of ​​being in control.

Within the settings we find useful options, such as setting activity zones. This allows you to determine which areas the camera does not need to monitor, so you don’t have to be constantly bothered with false alarms and notifications. In addition, you can switch the motion detection on and off, set the motion sensitivity and determine whether the spotlight should be on when motion is detected. So you have control over what happens when something may be wrong.

The brightness of the spotlight can also be adjusted. You have four levels at your disposal, so you can experiment with the clarity that suits your situations. Furthermore, the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera has the option to turn off the indicator on the front, so that the camera does not stand out in the dark .In addition, you can choose to flip the image, so that you can place the camera in any corner and in all kinds of convenient places, without having to worry about the image.

Then there is the recording schedule. You can let the camera do its work at specific times of the day. For example, you can set that you want the camera on in the evening and night, but not during the day when you are at home. Unfortunately, the camera does not know when you are at home, so that it switches on automatically when you suddenly leave the house. Then you will have to activate it manually. For the rest, it is therefore the case that the outdoor camera is either on or off.

Image quality of the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera

The full HD image quality of the camera leaves little to be desired. Now a 2k or 4k resolution is of course much sharper, but those cameras are also a lot more expensive. In principle, Full HD is enough for a smartphone screen or a normal computer screen, on which you can view the images. The images look sharp, are quite colorful and the camera handles light sources well. The night vision also looks fine and when the spotlight is used, it is still clear what is happening on the screen.

When you connect the Yale All-in-One outdoor camera to the Google Assistant, you can also view the images on your Google Nest Hub. We did. The image quality is slightly less good, but it is nice to see that you can also use the Nest Hub for this – without having to buy a Nest Cam right away. By saying “Hey Google, play (camera name, with us that is Yale View) on (name of the Google Nest Hub, with us that is simply Nest Hub) the images will appear.

Yale All-in-One outdoor camera – conclusion

For a price of 129 euros you get a nice and extensive security camera at home, which you can control via the app and the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You get access to enough options with regard to the alarm and the spotlight and the recording schedule is also nice (but limited). There are now cameras with a higher resolution, but those prices are also much higher. The image quality of Full HD still works perfectly and looks great on a smartphone or computer screen.

That said, we realize that the camera may not be for everyone. For example, there is no sound sensor and you are therefore only dependent on the otherwise well-functioning motion sensor, which also supports zones. Without a micro-SD card you unfortunately cannot access the automatic recordings, so if you want you will have to set aside extra money for that. Fortunately, micro SD cards are getting cheaper. At the time of writing, 512 GB costs about 90 euros each.

In addition, it is good to know that the camera does not have cloud storage. The recordings are either on the micro-SD card (if they were made automatically) or on your smartphone (if this is done manually). So you can use the camera without that card, but you need such a card for the full experience. Especially when you are looking for evidence of undesirable behavior or unexpected intruders. For 129 euros (the lowest price we have seen), the camera also offers a complete all-in-one experience.


  • Google Assistant support
  • Good picture quality
  • Recording schedule
  • Including alarm and spotlight


  • No micro SD card included
  • No automatic recordings without an SD card
  • No sound sensor
  • No cloud storage

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