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Review: WoonVeilig HD Indoor camera and HD Outdoor camera

Review: WoonVeilig HD Indoor camera and HD Outdoor camera- Overall these are basically good security cameras, with excellent image quality.
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Review: WoonVeilig HD Indoor camera and HD Outdoor camera: In this review we take a look at the HD Outdoor camera and the HD Indoor camera from WoonVeilig, both linked to the company’s existing alarm system.

Recently we have tested various products of the WoonVeilig alarm system , a complete and smart security system consisting of various sensors, sirens and accessories. We had not yet viewed the cameras of WoonVeilig, but that will change with this review. In this review, we take a look at the company’s HD Outdoor camera and HD Indoor camera, both linked to the existing WoonVeilig alarm system.

WoonVeilig introduction and subscription

In this review we mainly focus on the hardware (two cameras) and its use. In our review of the new WoonVeilig alarm system you will learn more about the alarm system itself, the various sensors, the subscription and the recently renewed application. The cameras from this review are linked to the alarm system described in that review.

WoonVeilig offers various subscription options for the use of the system. The free basic service offers you a siren in the event of an alarm, local operation of the alarm (via panel or remote control), access to the WoonVeilig app for switching the alarm on or off, operating the lighting, viewing the alarm status. when you are not at home and a push notification to a maximum of one person when the alarm goes off. The integration with Philips Hue is also included in this subscription.

However, if you want more certainty, safety and flexibility, choose the security service. For 8.95 euros per month you will receive, on top of the above components, remote customer service, unlimited notifications (telephone, SMS, e-mail and push) to a maximum of six people, continuous alarms until you take action, an overview of the history of notifications, 24/7 power and internet connection monitoring, battery monitoring and automatic software and security updates. The integration of Toon, Olisto, and Homey are also only covered by this subscription.

However, if you purchase the HD Indoor Camera and / or HD Outdoor Camera, the Video Security Service is required. This subscription costs four euros per month and is on top of the 8.95 euros of the standard subscription. For four euros a month you get direct video recordings in the event of an alarm, the possibility to view recordings directly in the app or in the browser and a 30-day storage for all recordings. Incidentally, all recordings can be downloaded from the browser.

Introduction HD Outdoor camera and HD Indoor camera

WoonVeilig has two cameras in its range; the HD Outdoor camera that has a price of 119 euros, and the HD Indoor camera that can be purchased for 99 euros. Both cameras have a full HD resolution, night vision via infrared, a microphone so that sounds can be picked up, the possibility for a wireless (WiFi) or wired (ethernet) connection and a motion sensor. The outdoor camera has a viewing angle of 85 degrees, while the indoor camera has a viewing angle of 110 degrees. Two-way communication is not possible, but you can hear what is going on in the room of the camera. The indoor camera comes with a microSD slot, but it cannot (yet) be used. The outdoor camera has an antenna for a better WiFi range and is provided with an IP66 certificate, making it weather resistant.

Review: WoonVeilig HD Indoor camera and HD Outdoor camera

Design and installation

If we look at the design of the two cameras, it is immediately noticeable that the HD Outdoor camera has been given a fresh and modern-looking look, while the HD Indoor camera looks a bit old-fashioned and striking. Not surprising in itself, since the outdoor camera is relatively new and the indoor camera has been for sale for a while (a new version is being worked on). Nevertheless, a modern, sleek and unobtrusive design is something that we can expect today with a camera for the home. This model stands out a bit more and does not blend nicely into the living room. This is not only due to the design, but also because the LEDs (indication that the device is on) are continuously on. These are minor points of criticism, but a camera in the house should be as obscure as possible. The outdoor camera is a bit bigger and comes with an antenna.

The indoor camera is placed on a plastic tripod and can in principle be rotated horizontally in any direction. Vertically you have a few degrees of space to tilt, so that you can place the camera on a cupboard. The plastic tripod is very light and that provides some creativity in terms of placement. The camera is not completely wireless, so the power cable must always be connected. If you use wired internet, the ethernet cable must also be connected. These cables provide some weight that pulls on the light camera, sometimes causing it to slip out of place. In addition, the standard supplied power cable is a bit short (2 meters), but you can purchase a cable of up to 10 meters via the WoonVeilig webshop.

The outdoor camera is a bit bigger but looks tighter. The camera comes with a bracket and screws to attach it to the wall or ceiling. With this camera, it is especially important to check in advance whether you have sufficient WiFi coverage at the installation site (in our case the carport) and whether there is a connection for power nearby. The power cable is again quite short, but you can also purchase an extra long one for this model. In our case, everything turned out perfectly, with a power outlet nearby and sufficient WiFi range (thanks to the good antenna on the camera). Furthermore, the camera has three screws with which you can adjust the angle, something that you preferably do before mounting, but you can always do it afterwards. A few holes in the wall and some dust, and the camera hangs. Incidentally, extra protection for the Ethernet cable is also included, so that it is not dependent on the weather and cannot be easily pulled out. This certainly does not make the camera ‘vandal-proof’, but it does reduce the chance of problems a bit.

Installation and settings

Although you can use both cameras wirelessly (via WiFi), an ethernet cable is required for installation, which is also included. Hang the camera on the router, register the camera in the browser via your WoonVeilig account, enter your wireless network and you can in principle get started right away. Installation is child’s play and after completing the registration procedure, the cameras will also appear directly in the WoonVeilig app.

In terms of settings, we can keep it quite short. WoonVeilig has chosen to keep the cameras a relatively static part of the alarm system, at least for the time being. So there are hardly any setting options or variables. When a (partial) alarm is switched on, the camera is activated and recordings are automatically made as soon as movement is detected or the alarm is triggered. You can also start a recording yourself in the app and you can download recordings from the browser. Only the outdoor camera has some extra options. For example, you can switch off or on the night vision, depending on how the outdoor area is lit. It is also possible to create detection fields (only in the app). So you can create fields within which movements are detected. Everything outside those fields is ignored. This is especially useful when part of the image is directed towards the street, for example. This option will also come to the HD indoor camera in the long term. Other setting options such as image quality, time schedule, use of motion detection for other linked devices, etc. are not available. It is also not possible to switch the cameras on or off specifically for a full alarm (away from home) or partial alarm (sleeping in bed, for example). They are always on when the alarm is active. It is also not possible to switch the cameras on or off specifically for a full alarm (away from home) or partial alarm (sleeping in bed, for example). They are always on when the alarm is active. It is also not possible to switch the cameras on or off specifically for a full alarm (away from home) or partial alarm (sleeping in bed, for example). They are always on when the alarm is active.

The WoonVeilig app

The WoonVeilig app, which was renewed last year, is a native app for Android and iOS, it looks very neatly designed and works very simply. Unfortunately, you can still not access the advanced settings of your alarm system via the app (this is possible via the mobile website), but apart from that, everything has been improved.

You have the option to turn your alarm on or off, you can link directly to equipment within the Works with program, you can view the notifications of the last days, you can adjust the contacts (for notifications) and you can change the PIN code of the alarm system. In combination with the cameras or smart plugs from WoonVeilig, you can also view the video feed, view recordings and operate the smart plugs within the app. The app works smoothly and does exactly what you can expect from it. The online interface, where you can see an overview of the linked hardware and adjust advanced settings, has remained unchanged.

Use HD Indoor camera

We placed the HD indoor camera on a cupboard in the living room, next to a camera from a competitor (Logitech). We have already briefly discussed the options and settings above. You don’t have to expect anything in terms of detection fields, time planning, etc. But, even nowadays frequently used features such as person recognition and geofencing are not available. It is a fairly simple camera that acts as part of your security system and therefore only does its job when the alarm is on. If motion is detected or the alarm is triggered by another sensor in the house, a recording of about 30 seconds is automatically made.

The camera does what it has to do well. The images can be viewed in high resolution, both during the day and at night, and the images are also of above average good quality. Details can be clearly distinguished and a person can also be recognized well at night. The motion sensor also does its job well. The camera missed a person once, but otherwise we had no problems with the sensor. A recording was started immediately, which means that you miss the first few seconds of the movement. The viewing angle is not particularly large at 110 degrees, but sufficient for an average house. According to WoonVeilig itself, there is always a trade-off with a larger viewing angle. For example, this is at the expense of the resolution or comes at a more expensive price of the camera.

Use HD Outdoor camera

As mentioned, the HD Outdoor camera has more options. The most important of these is the creation of detection fields. Our camera is focused on the car, the car port, which means that part of the image is also aimed at the street and the driveway of the neighbors. By creating detection fields you can exclude those parts. This option works very well, so it only lets the camera shoot when it really has to.

On the other hand, there is no smart algorithm on board that can recognize people or filter out small movements because they are not a ‘threat’. Think of flies that fly in front of the lens at night. That is a point of criticism, because after switching on the alarm overnight, we are presented with almost a hundred images from the camera the next morning, all filled with moths and flies that have moved in front of the lens. Of course we prefer too much than too few images, but this is something that should be remedied by means of an update.

We have connected the camera wirelessly to the WiFi network in the house and the range is perfect thanks to the camera’s antenna. The images can be streamed to the app or browser without any problems. This camera also provides razor-sharp images, both during the day and at night, so there is nothing to complain about the quality. Unlike the indoor camera, the outdoor camera comes with a viewing angle of 85 degrees. It must be said that this is too small a viewing angle for some. Especially for a relatively small space such as a carport, a larger viewing angle would be desirable, because then, for example, the gate can also be viewed.

Overall experience

Both cameras are part of the WoonVeilig alarm system that we have and are fairly basic equipped when we compare it with separate cameras from competitors such as Nest and Logitech. Of course, WoonVeilig is now working on new features and possibilities, but we have to assess the cameras on what they can do now. With the exception of the above-mentioned criticisms, they do perform well and are really part of a larger whole to secure your home. They are not cameras to record beautiful moments; they are pure security cameras, with points for improvement.

Both cameras turn on only when the alarm is turned on, partially or completely. There is no middle ground, but you can manually make a recording from the app or the browser. The browser also works with Flash, a point that will hopefully be improved soon. The cameras themselves do not initiate an alarm. If the cameras detect a movement, a recording is made but the alarm does not go off. The alarm will only go off when one of the other sensors (motion detector, smoke detector, door contact, etc.) is activated, after which the camera starts recording.

Review: WoonVeilig HD Indoor camera and HD Outdoor camera

In the user-friendly app you have direct access to the two cameras from the home screen. Slide them up and you can immediately view the live view from both cameras and start recording if necessary. In the menu you will also find the option ‘video recordings’. Here you will find all the recordings you have started and the recordings made by the camera. The app works smoothly and quickly, without bugs or errors, but we lack thumbnails in the display of images. This makes searching for a recording a lot more difficult, especially when you have 100 recordings after one night. You can view any fragment from the overview of recordings, but the app does not yet have the option to download a fragment. This is only possible in the browser. Hopefully this capability will appear in a future release.


Now we have to be honest and we do have some criticism of these cameras, for example about the lack of (smart) options when using them. Fortunately, WoonVeilig is not standing still. The company indicates that it is working hard on various components, including triggers;

We recently started supporting detection fields. This makes recordings more relevant. What we’re going to do is that customers can set different triggers based on these detection fields and sound. For example: send me a push message and a telephone alarm when the car leaves after 23:00 in the evening. In the coming period we will be adding more and more triggers and alarm options to the indoor and outdoor camera.

Once triggers are implemented, the possibilities are endless. The camera needs to become a bit smarter for this (and therefore distinguish flying from a car), but if that works well, you can not only personalize notifications by means of triggers but also use the Works With program from WoonVeilig. This way you can link the cameras to your lighting. When the car comes in, the lights come on, for example. WoonVeilig already works with various partners, including Philips Hue, Toon, Athom homey and Olisto. We cannot wait for the update that unlocks these possibilities.

WoonVeilig HD Indoor camera and HD Outdoor camera – Conclusion

The HD Outdoor camera and HD Indoor camera from WoonVeilig are basically good security cameras, with excellent image quality. As part of a WoonVeilig alarm system, they do what they have to do; take a recording when there is movement or the alarm goes off. Installation is simple and the ease of use of the app is also good. However, the real smartness of the cameras is still lacking. Detection fields (currently only for the outdoor camera) are a first step, but we also like to see recognition of objects and people so that you only get relevant images. The use of triggers would also give the cameras many more options. In addition, the HD Indoor camera is due for a new design with a slightly more stable base and LEDs that can be turned off,

Having said that, WoonVeilig offers a very good and complete security system for a total of 12.95 euros per month (see also the review of the sensors ), including 30 days storage of recordings in the cloud. That is not much money for an extensive, easy to expand and actually safe security system. Although there are various points for improvement with regard to the cameras, you can at least rest assured that your home is properly secured.


  • Simple installation
  • Good picture quality
  • User-friendly app
  • Affordable 

  • It lacks really smart features
  • Indoor camera is due for renewal
  • No distinction between fly and person
  • No two-way communication