Review: Wavemaster CUBE NEO – 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System

Review: wavemaster CUBE NEO is equipped with 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System (50 Watt) with Bluetooth streaming, digital input and IR remote control
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Review: Wavemaster CUBE NEO – Everything should be just right when you set up your desk, gaming area or TV corner at home. In some cases nowadays minimalism is convincing and so white furniture and simple shapes are used in many apartments. If you like good sound, you can’t avoid a suitable sound system. With the Wavemaster CUBE NEO, we would like to introduce you to a chic and minimalist model that couldn’t be more subtle in the “white” version. We’ll tell you how they sound in the following review.

Wavemaster CUBE NEO Specifications

Brand Wavemaster
Colour Bamboo/ White/ Black
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Model name CUBE NEO bamboo
Control method Remote
Mounting Type Bookshelf
Speakers Maximum Output Power 50 Watts

All-rounder with Bluetooth

The box is plain and simple, but doesn’t detract from the whole thing. The loudspeakers are securely covered and a small compartment with matching symbols hides the cables that are needed for operation. For example, you will find a cinch, a 3.5 jack and aconnection cable . Together with the power cable and the IR remote control , all accessories can be removed from the packaging in one or two movements. Both wavemaster CUBE NEO loudspeakers come to the fore below.

Anyone expecting white speakers will not be disappointed. The speakers do justice to the “white” model variant and come in a beautiful shade of white that does not want to convince in high gloss, but in elegant matt white. Our first impression is actually positive. We were also able to hold similar quality in our hands with other wavemaster products. With a total of 7 kilograms, the loudspeakers are in the midfield.

We find 50 watts as a power specification , which is specified by the manufacturer. Enough power to serve as a kind of party sound system for a movie night? We want to find out and put the speakers in their position first. To do this, we select one of the connection options that can be selected using the button on the front and then we start. So far we have been positively received by the quality of the material, feel and workmanship and are looking forward to the first sounds from the wavemaster Wavemaster CUBE NEO.

A button on the front should be enough? Definitely with the included remote control. While you can only vary the sources and adjust the volume with the button on the front, the remote control offers much more. Due to the lack of setting options such as treble or bass on the back of the right speaker, these functions are reserved for the remote control. Not wrong, because those who want to adjust the sound of the speakers more often will appreciate the quick access to the remote control.

Structure, alignment and sound of Wavemaster CUBE NEO

If both loudspeakers are connected by cable and have power, all you have to do is connect the preferred audio cable to the source and you’re ready to go. The decor is really quite simple , but what do you expect otherwise of bookshelf speakers. Of course, you can already have other input signals processed by connecting an amplifier in addition to the TV or – as soon as you have switched to Bluetooth mode – coupling your smartphone. All of the connection options mentioned are set up quickly and ready for immediate use.

We positioned the speakers to the left and right of a television for the test . There they serve either as speakers for long Netflix evenings or the evening news. A push of a button on “SOURCE” using the remote control and the smartphone can be used as a playback device. Due to the restriction that the sideboard on which the 65-inch TV stands is a little too short, the speakers disappear behind the TV set a few millimeters. However, the setup is not at the expense of the sound, which has already been confirmed by initial listening attempts.

What limits the set-up in terms of the scope of delivery are the somewhat short cables. The way we defined our setup is also the maximum distance between the two speakers. The cable is around 1.5m long. However, we think the length should be sufficient for most end users.

TREBLE and BASS can be adjusted quickly – if you want a lot of bass, you get it too!

Because you can adjust the sound of the Wavemaster CUBE NEO as much as possible, personal preferences are easily set . You can also go into the conditions in the room. More bass, more treble or even in a reduced form: Adjustments can be made quickly with the remote control and the music or film sounds in a new sound. But are 50 watts enough for maximum listening pleasure?

This question is sure to have different answers, depending on which user group you ask. We see ourselves as a good average and are truly not professionals when it comes to describing a sound image. In spite of this, or perhaps precisely because of this, we see ourselves as a good reference for evaluating a sound image for normal users . With the 50 watt speakers, you get a performance that will be sufficient for all domestic situations. Depending on how the equalizer is set , the wavemaster CUBE NEO can do everything from film and television to bass-heavy party music.

Even high volumes are remarkable and continue to reproduce bass, mids and highs with great detail. If you are into bass, you can use the maximum here. A short flash on the right speaker indicates that the remote control signal has been received. If you continue to press and it stops flashing, you have reached the maximum. The bass is crisp and voluminous . As with other speakers, it is advisable to set them up close to a wall in order to achieve the best possible bass distribution.  A smaller brother of the system presented here with a bamboo look.

Wavemaster CUBE NEO  – Conclusion

When tested with all input sources, the wavemaster CUBE NEO sound really great. The entire room can be swapped into a sea of ​​sound at will and you can literally disappear into strange worlds when you watch a film on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or a video on YouTube . The music reproduction is detailed, well resolved and appears original after the equalizer has been isolated. We have fun listening to our favorite music. If you want even more bass, you can connect an external subwoofer with the wavemaster FUSION. The port for this is available; practically!

As a point of criticism, we would like to cite the sometimes somewhat short cables and the remote control , which looks great, but strangely only transmits a signal when you aim somewhere in the room, only not when you direct the remote control to the right speaker with the IF -Receiving unit sets up. But otherwise it has a really good range and works perfectly. So we would like to write this ” point of criticism ” with quotation marks.

We wouldn’t have found it bad if we had left out the remote control entirely and instead placed bass and treble controls on the back of the speakers  ; as with the wavemaster TWO BT . However, if you often turn the bass or treble, then the remote control clearly trumps. We also like the automatic change of inputs as well as an automatic standby and “wake up”.

All-round package? – we think “yes”

Of course, design plays a major role in bookshelf speakers . We think that wavemaster has brought a real eye-catcher to the market with the CUBE NEO white. Not because they catch the eye when you let your gaze wander through the room, but because they are simple, modern and minimalist and catch indirect glances. Two really nice speakers for less than 200 euros – a complete package. The system currently costs around 180 euros. All in all, the system gets a buy recommendation from us.