Review: Tribit QuietPlus 72 Portable Bluetooth over-ears with Hybrid ANC

Review: Tribits QuietPlus 72 shine with a very comfortability level and offer a versatile basic set-up with powerful bass reproduction and a clear voices.
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Review: Tribit QuietPlus 72 Portable Bluetooth over-ears – The wireless Over-Ears QuietPlus 72 from the Chinese manufacturer Tribit Audio sit comfortably, are bass-driven, have a functional 3-button remote for device control and offer hybrid noise suppression. In addition to the Bluetooth standard 5.0, the foldable earphones also support multipairing with two devices and a high-quality audio codec with the AAC format.


Playing Time 30 Hrs
Noise Cancellation Hybrid active noise cancellation
Sound Hi-Fi sound via 40mm dynamic drivers, BassUp technology
Hands Free Call CVC 8.0
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Fast Charging Function Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 4 hours
Charging Port USB-C
Additional Features Comfortable, Foldable, Portable, Lightweight
Tribits QuietPlus 72 Portable Bluetooth over-ears

What is immediately noticeable in a positive way is the comfort of the over-ears. On the one hand, this is favored by a rather loose fit. At the same time, the headphones offer good adaptability, as the oval-shaped shells can not only be folded in to save space, but can also be tilted and swiveled and sit at an angle in the suspension, so that the ears are precisely enclosed by the padding. Only for children or very narrow head shapes could the seat be too loose, so that the hold is too weak and the over-ears slip. Otherwise, the size adjustment of the temple flexibly covers a range from filigree to large head shapes. What is well implemented is that both the bracket extension and the folding mechanism are reinforced with metal, which promotes robustness. Whereby the listeners are processed flawlessly and give a good impression. Only the two joints seem a little stiff at first, but this is due to the fact that they snap into place when folded, so that a certain resistance has to be overcome when folding.

In the battery endurance test, the QuietPlus 72 achieved a runtime of a good 24 hours at a high volume level. If, on the other hand, the noise suppression is used permanently, it is reduced to just under eleven hours. Afterwards, a full charge via the existing USB-C connection takes almost three hours, which can limit the possibilities for use on longer trips, as a quick charge function was dispensed with. However, it is advantageous that the Bluetooth earphones are equipped with a 3.5 mm audio input, so that wired use is possible as an alternative. A corresponding mini jack cable and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable as well as a sturdy case for safe transport are included.

Device control

The coupling of the over-ears, which in combination with various Android and iOS devices offered a stable range of ten meters, is carried out by holding down the middle power button on the right side of the shell. This will turn on the system and put it in pairing mode. If a radio connection is established, the power button controls the playback and is used to accept and end phone calls. Incoming calls can also be rejected with a press and hold, while a double press opens voice assistants. In addition, there are two separate buttons available for volume control, which, by holding them down, also help to select a title by jumping forwards with the plus button and back with the minus button. Since the buttons have clear pressure points and the remote reacts reliably, operation works perfectly. When making calls, however, it was noticed that the representation of one’s own voice tends to overdrive in the highs. Except for this restriction, speech intelligibility is good.

Tribits QuietPlus 72 Portable Bluetooth over-ears


The basic sound of the wireless earphones has a powerful bass reproduction that goes down quite deep and, despite a certain amount, is not too powerful. Although there is a slight dullness to the substructure, bass-affine productions are presented in an appealingly powerful way. The counterpart is present, clear highs that appear fresh and agile, but tend to exaggerate sibilance at higher volumes. However, no drop is to be noticed, since the images are constantly displayed up to the upper reaches. The mids also sound extremely clear, which benefits voices that are easy to understand and sound lively. In this respect, podcasts, audio books and films are also part of the QuietPlus 72 profession, which are good all-rounders for everyday use.

However, if noise suppression is active, for which a slide switch is available on the left, the sound quality is reduced. On the one hand, the perceived playback volume increases and the bass range appears stronger. At the same time, the sound appears more direct, but also significantly more diffuse with a reverberant impact. In terms of shielding against outside noise, the over-ears score with high passive isolation properties. The hybrid noise canceling, on the other hand, can only convince in the low-frequency range, while voices or a kettle in the background are barely noticeably attenuated.

Tribits QuietPlus 72 Portable Bluetooth over-ears

Tribit QuietPlus 72 -Conclusion

Tribits QuietPlus 72 Portable Bluetooth over-ears with Hybrid ANC shine with a very comfortable seat and offer a versatile basic set-up with powerful bass reproduction and a clear representation of voices. However, the noise floor and a long battery charging time of the foldable Bluetooth over-ears have to be accepted. Noise suppression can only slightly attenuate complex sources and high signals.

Pros of Tribit QuietPlus 72

  • foldable design
  • comfortable seat
  • USB-C connector
  • 3.5mm audio input
  • Multipairing with two devices
  • Support of the AAC format

Cons of Tribit QuietPlus 72

  • noticeable background noise
  • no aptX
  • no quick charge function