Review: Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones

Review: Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones - All in all, the Teufel Supreme On offers a complete package at a relatively affordable price.
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Review: Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones – In November, we have  updated you regarding the arrival of German Teufel Supreme On headphone in the markets. Now we are presenting its review.

The Teufel Supreme On are supposed to lead the portfolio of Bluetooth headphones from the German manufacturer and bring a lot of modern features at a moderate price. You can find out in our test whether the compact on-ear headphones can also convince with their sound quality.


The Teufel brand stands first and foremost for high-quality and powerful audio solutions, which, however, are not exactly in the budget segment in terms of price. The product range includes home theater systems, soundbars, Bluetooth speakers and headphones in all designs – even a gaming headset is now included.

So far, almost all Teufel headphones have proudly been embossed with their own logo, and the products often attract attention with their striking design elements in Teufel red. With the new Supreme On, the product designers have held back all the more, because the elegant, simple lifestyle look comes with a single color (selectable from six options). The wireless on-ear headphones don’t particularly exhaust the premium price range at € 150 , but should represent the top of the Bluetooth segment.


Description Item
Width 14.35 cm
Weight 0.18 kg
Height 17.14 cm
Depth 6.86 cm
Stereo jack 3.5mm – in 1
Bluetooth 5.0 Yes
Bluetooth AAC Yes
Bluetooth aptX Yes
Speakerphone function Yes
Battery life medium volume 20 h
Battery type Lithium-Ionen
Automatic on/off Yes
Standby-Function Yes
Adjustable sound settings Yes
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material Platic, Aluminium, fabric, artificial leather
Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 40.00 mm
Frequency range from/to 10 – 20000 Hz
Impedance 26 Ohm

Inside the box

  • Devil Supreme On
  • Cloth bag
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 3.5 mm jack cable

Design & processing

Good design is always a matter of taste, but Teufel is taking a relatively safe path with the Supreme On. Instead of a conspicuous “T” or “Teufel” lettering on the outside of the ear cups, the manufacturer simply immortalizes itself with a small lettering on the headband. The really chic, slim design is also impressive . The headphones are available in black, cream, pale gold, moon gray, green and blue, with an option for every taste with pastel tones to very strong colors .

Compact and versatile

These are on-ear headphones , which usually press harder on the ears due to their smaller ear pads. The Supreme On, on the other hand, is incredibly light at only 178 grams and sits very comfortably . The high level of wearing comfort is also largely due to the soft ear pads , which make the increased contact pressure bearable for those who wear glasses . In addition, the headphones do not slip because the surface structure of the headband pad provides a good hold on the hair.

Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones

The ear cups cannot be rotated, but due to their small size they do not interfere when we wear the headphones around our necks. They can be folded up for transport and stowed in the supplied fabric bag . This is where slim joints that appear fragile at first glance are used. However, the headband is made of spring steel , so it offers a high elastic limit. Caution: There is a risk of crushing your fingers when unfolding the Supreme On, you should definitely be careful here.

The economical use of controls also contributes to the tidy overall impression. Instead of a confusing constellation of several buttons, there is a single, high-quality four-way joystick for song selection, volume control and pausing. On the other side are the power button, a status LED, the jack connector and a USB-C charging port.

Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones

The quality of workmanship withstands the highest demands typical of Teufel. The combination of high-quality materials and elaborate but timeless design elements offer an initial added value for the amount required. In the following section we will tell you whether Teufel also delivers technically and in terms of sound quality.

Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones

Features & sound quality

Without further ado: The Teufel Supreme On is likely to be one of the most advanced Bluetooth headphones on the market, at least in terms of functionality . The battery life is almost 20 hours at medium volume playback. We can confirm this value without hesitation, although the headphones were tested at different volumes at home, in the office and on the bus. The fact that a modern USB-C connection is used for charging is not surprising with these thoroughly contemporary headphones. Thanks to the fast charging speeds, the headphones are quickly ready for use again – we were able to charge the battery from zero to 50 percent in half an hour.

Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones

The wireless connection is established via Bluetooth 5.0, the Supreme On supports the audio codecs aptX and AAC for high quality transmission. BT pairing is very quick; alternatively, we can also couple our smartphone via the NFC chip in the left auricle.

With two integrated microphones, the headphones are ideal for wireless telephoning, background noise is reduced by Qualcomm’s cVc technology.

The dense ear cushions offer good external sound absorption when listening to music, but there is no active noise suppression. A lot of noise from aircraft turbines or a construction site could disturb the listening pleasure. However, this was not the case in buses, trains and other everyday environments.

The smart pause function is particularly convenient: If you take the headphones off your head, the playback is paused by proximity sensors. When you put it back on, it continues automatically. This also works wonderfully if the headphones are briefly worn around the neck and immediately put on again – for example, we don’t have to fumble with the pause button when checking tickets and can continue listening immediately. However, if this function is irritating, you can deactivate it in the Teufel Headphones app.

The sound of the Supreme On also corresponds to the usual high Teufel level. Thanks to their 40 millimeter linear HD drivers with neodymium magnets, the small headphones deliver a killer sound. The powerful, but not overemphasized, bass of the on-ear headphones is particularly good for a positive surprise. Clear highs and a solid midrange produce a balanced but lively sound that I had a lot of fun with when I tested many different genres. The clear voice reproduction is particularly noticeable with quieter rock pieces such as Otherside by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but also when listening to relaxed podcasts.

The AUX cable included in the scope of delivery can be anchored in the headphones using a locking mechanism, but is not necessary for good sound quality. If the sound has not yet picked up fresh out of the box, you can choose from various equalizer presets in the Teufel Headphones app, or you can do it yourself. In my personal opinion, however, the neutral standard mode was most likely to suit me.

Some headphones have a second jack input that a friend can use to simply plug in and listen to the train journey together. The Teufel Supreme On offers a modern solution for this: With the ShareMe function, we simply play our music on two wirelessly connected, identical headphones. Without the whole mess of cables.

Teufel Supreme On Bluetooth On-Ear headphones



Teufel Supreme On – Conclusion

The Teufel Supreme On offers a complete package at a relatively affordable price. Those who can do without active noise suppression can get high-quality and in many ways highly comfortable on-ear headphones with powerful sound for less than 150 euros.

Modern features such as the Smart Pause or ShareMe functions as well as a USB-C charging port offer significant added value for a price that can also be significantly higher with other manufacturers.

Positives of Teufel Supreme On

  • joystick
  • Balanced sound with powerful bass and clear voice reproduction
  • high wearing comfort, also for people who wear glasses
  • Build quality
  • USB-C
  • Equalizer via app
  • Battery life
  • Fun additional functions (ShareMe and Smart-Pause)

Negatives of Teufel Supreme On

  • Danger of crushing on the headband