Review: Teufel Stereo M – compact multi-room speakers with hi-fi quality

Review: If we add everything together, the Teufel Stereo M is perhaps the best product in the Teufel multiroom line-up. In terms of design and functionality
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Last year, Teufel introduced a new generation of active multi-room speakers. We have already looked at the Teufel One S the Teufel One M and the Teufel Stereo L . In this review we look at the bookshelf speakers from the series; the Teufel Stereo M.

This is the Teufel Stereo M

The Teufel Stereo M is the bookshelf version of the Stereo L. These smaller and active speakers have the same possibilities, but with a power of 300 Watt a kevlar woofer and a tweeter and midrange driver are fused together into one component. Just like its bigger brother, this set comes with keyboard shortcuts, a cinch and USB 2.0 connection, and an MDF housing with varnish and brushed aluminum elements. Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi are also available. In addition, hi-res audio formats such as Apple Losless and Flac are supported. The system consists of two speakers; an active variant that is connected to the power outlet and a passive variant that is connected to the active variant via an XLR cable.

The Stereo M can be purchased via the website of Teufel for a price of 999 euros. Teufel has introduced a white and a black variant on the market.

Teufel multiroom solution

The Teufel multiroom speakers are active speakers that can communicate with each other via WiFi, controlled via a Teufel controller app (free to use) download) and in principle only need to be connected to the wall with a power cable. From the app you have access to Spotify (Connect), Tune-in Radio, your own stored music, Tidal, Napster, WiMP, Last.FM, SoundCloud and equipment connected to the line-in connection. There is also a USB 2.0 port and an Ethernet port for wired connection. Unfortunately, the support of Google Cast (Chromecast) has disappeared from the speakers and we are still not seeing Apple Music again. The speakers can be paired with Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, even if only via Bluetooth.

Teufel Stereo M  Speakers


Looking at the design, the Teufel Stereo M is simply a smaller version of the Stereo L. Two drivers have disappeared and the bookshelf speaker is obviously more compact, although with a size of 43 x 21 x 37 centimeters they are certainly not small. You can also place the speakers on a cabinet or on an optional stand. The standards cost you 350 euros extra.

Teufel Stereo M

Compared to the previous generation, Teufel has given the Stereo M a more chic and more premium-looking look. For example, we now see tightly finished buttons on the front and the housing on the front has an aluminum finish. In contrast to the product images of Teufel itself, the drivers for both the white and black versions are finished in black. The aluminum panel behind the buttons only has a black finish with the black variant. The drivers themselves are now also placed deeper in the housing, which in turn provides a more chic appearance. All in all, they are sleek and premium looking speakers.

Teufel Stereo M


The installation of the Teufel Stereo M is a piece of cake. For this you need the Teufel controller app for Android or iOS. It is a matter of installing the app, adding a new product and going through a few short steps to connect the speakers with the app and your network. If you have never used the Teufel app before, you can also directly link your favorite streaming services and create a specific room for the speakers.

Like its bigger brother, the Stereo M is, as the name suggests, a pair of stereo speakers . The placement of the speakers is therefore something to pause for a moment, especially for the spread of the sound. In addition, the speakers are connected to each other by means of an supplied XLR cable. On the back of the active variant we see a cinch stereo connection for the physical connection of, for example, a TV. The latter is a shame because we would have liked to see some more physical connections, for example digital. After all, such a set is often placed with the TV installation.


The Teufel multiroom speakers can be operated via buttons on the speakers themselves, where you can put favorites and with which you can control the volume. But, the place where you can access all your content is the Teufel controller app on your smartphone. From this app you can select the rooms where you have Teufel speakers, select music and adjust the most important settings. Just like the speakers themselves, the Teufel app is regularly updated, but the functionality and appearance have remained unchanged for quite some time. And that is not a disaster because the app works smoothly and offers a clear overview of all possibilities.

Most sources, including Tune-in and your own music, can be operated from the Teufel Raumfeld app. However, there are services that work from your own application, including Spotify. When you open the Spotify app you immediately see the speakers at the playback devices and you can check the playback from the Spotify app. In the Teufel Raumfeld app, however, after the speaker has been activated via Spotify, you can choose a previous or next song and adjust the volume. In addition to the volume, you can use the equalizer for all speakers to adjust bass and treble, among other things.

The use of the Teufel multiroom speakers speaks for itself. At the bottom of almost all screens you see the current status; the source for music, the room / speakers that have been selected, the play / pause button and the volume control. Here you can directly select another room, add a room to the multi-room view and adjust the volume. When you first select the input, for example Tune-in, then that input is displayed directly on the active or last active speaker, something that you have to take into account. If you want to play a source on multiple speakers (in multiple rooms), you can easily group speakers in the room overview. For Spotify, you select the speakers on which to play in the Teufel app, after which you can select this group in the Spotify app and control the playback. After all, you cannot select multiple speakers in the Spotify app.

The application also offers various functions and options. For example, you can set certain radio stations as favorites, the app itself keeps track of what you often run and a list is made of them, you can put channels or numbers in the queue and you have the option to view your history of played sources. In the settings you can add extra speakers to a room / room, change the names of speakers, switch the status LEDs on or off and set the number of decibels with which the line input should be increased.

Regarding use, Raumfeld speakers from Teufel almost matched. The ease of use is therefore certainly good. The app is easy to use and everything is easy to operate and search from within the app. Fortunately, compared to the Stereo L that we tested last year, Teufel has made an improvement in the area of ​​smarthome operation. The speakers can now also be used with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, making them part of your smarthome. So you can ask Google to play a playlist on a specific Teufel speaker. However, this is not a direct Google Home integration and it only works with Google Home speakers that have Bluetooth. The speakers must be in the bluetooth range of the Google Home speaker, after which music will be played via bluetooth by the Google Home speaker on your Teufel speakers. We had seen grain direct integration from Google (Chromecast and Assistant / Home). And we would also like to see some further smarthome integration, including support for IFTTT and an open API. Teufel can still make a considerable profit in this area.

Audio quality

The most important of a pair of stereo speakers costing 1,000 euros is of course the audio reproduction. How does the Teufel Stereo M perform? We can immediately fall for the door; the Teufel Stereo M performs well beyond expectations. Even in comparison with the Stereo L, the Stereo M does not disappoint at all. Yes, there is a little less (controlled) layer in the bookshelf version, but it is not a drastic difference.

Teufel has provided the Stereo M with a comfortably wide soundstage with a clear placement in the room. That the Stereo M goes a little less deeply than its bigger brother can be seen as a downside but we see it as something positive. This ensures that the midtones and treble are given more room and a slightly more open and sparkling sound image is created. Where the Stereo L sounds a bit coercive and closed, the Stereo L sounds a bit livelier and more open.

The speakers do not dominate the bass and know very well how to find the right balance for a dynamic and sleek reproduction. Yes, the low comes out a bit more like the other Teufel speakers, but that is a matter of taste and tuning. Vocals sound clear but at the same time full of emotion and somewhat warm. Subtle details are clearly audible and the Stereo M also maintains control at high volume. For both film and music, the Stereo M knows how to stand its ground and we can enjoy a very good audio reproduction. All in all we are enthusiastic about the audio quality of the Stereo M.


If we add everything together, the Teufel Stereo M is perhaps the best product in the Teufel multiroom line-up. In terms of design and functionality, all speakers are comparable and score just fine, but in terms of audio quality we prefer the Stereo M. These speakers offer an open, wide and dynamic audio reproduction, without dominating in any way and without high volume to lose control. Of course there is room for improvement, especially in the area of ​​smart home integration, but with the Stereo M, Teufel offers a complete, sleek and good-sounding stereo system that requires no additional amplifier and to which you can connect multiple wireless speakers.

The Teufel Stereo M is for sale via the website of Teufel .


  • No Google Cast or Apple Music
  • Moderate smart home integration
  • No small speakers (stands optional)


  • User-friendly and comprehensive app
  • Sleek and premium design
  • Very good audio quality