Review: Teufel Rockster Air

Teufel Rockster Air
Teufel Rockster Air Air is a multifunctional speaker that includes bluetooth and an audio input. With a price of 599.99 euros you do not get a cheap speaker at home - is the Teufel worth its price?
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The Teufel Rockster Air is a multifunctional speaker that includes bluetooth and an audio input. With a price of 599.99 euro you do not get a cheap speaker at home – is the Teufel worth its price?

At IFA 2017 in Berlin, Teufel announced a number of new products. One of those products is the Teufel Boomster NG, a bluetooth speaker with DAB+ on board that we have tested before. Another product is the Teufel Rockster Air, a smaller version (but still impressive) of the Teufel Rockster. This version is a lot more compact and has had to dispose of its wheels – but fortunately it is still relatively portable thanks to the included carrying strap. It is above all a unique speaker to have.

Teufel Rockster Air – design

Teufel is known for making robust and sturdy speakers and that is no different in the case of the Teufel Rockster Air. At the front is a large black grid where the logo of the manufacturer is printed in red. The right angles, the black color and the size of the speaker complete the picture. The red edges at the top and bottom provide a fine, different detail, without being really noticeable. At the top is a flap that you can open, after which you gain access to a few rotary controls.

In total, there are seven rotary knobs, all of which are equipped with LED lighting around it. Top left is the volume control for the bluetooth connection that has a blue color, while the other options have been given the Teufel red color. In the middle is the biggest button, the main volume control, with which you can also switch on the device. To the left of that button is a controller for the bass sound, while on the right side we encounter the same button with which we can adjust the treble to your own hearing.

The striking appearance is slightly more than half a meter in size and slightly less wide, so you have to make sure that you have enough space in the room where you want to place it. On the back you will find all connection possibilities, together with an on / off button. You can set this to automatically switch on and off or manually. When you put it on automatic mode, it automatically switches on when it receives a signal. All in all, the Teufel Rockster Air honors Teufel’s name with this design.

Teufel Rockster Air – specifications

The Teufel Rockster Air is a portable, spray-protected bluetooth speaker with PA technology and a maximum volume of 110 decibels. The speaker comes with an extra wide radiating tweeter of 120 degrees, for room-filling sound in large rooms. In addition, the speaker features bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, a line-in / microphone input and an aux-input. It is possible to simultaneously mix with all four sound sources thanks to the integrated illuminated rotary switch.

The internal battery lasts up to 30 hours and mobile devices can be charged via the USB port. Moreover, it is easy to connect two Rockster Air speakers by means of an xlr cable. But you can also connect two bluetooth devices at the same time. Unlike his big brother, there is no crossfader present. Anyway, the ordinary, much larger Rockster costs a thousand euros, while the Rockster Air costs four hundred euros less. Eventually you get a solid, extensive product for that price.

Teufel Rockster Air – installation and use

You can use the Teufel Rockster Air in a number of ways. For example via the bluetooth connection. There is no nfc chip available, so you will have to complete the link in the old-fashioned way. You press the main button of the device once, and the Bluetooth connection is immediately thrown open. Then you can search and link the Rockster Air. Because this is not immediately clear when you see the speaker for the first time, we advise you to read the manual at least once before use.

This only works when you want to connect a bluetooth device for the first time. If you want to have another one communicate with the speaker, you have to press the bluetooth button until it starts to flash. Again, it is not immediately clear what is expected of you as a user. It is an elegant solution and a way to prevent extra buttons (on the back, for example), but we prefer to prefer clarity instead of elegant solutions that, as now, evoke questions.

The Teufel Rockster Air also has a number of unique features, such as a line and microphone input, a connection for an instrument (6.3 mm) and an audio connection (3.5 mm). This option speaks more for itself. When you connect a device to one of these openings, you can switch them on by turning the corresponding knob. You can also connect two Airs with an xlr cable. Below that connection is an extra button with which you can indicate which speaker is left or right.

On the back you will also find another button: one with which you can set the speaker to turn on automatically when a signal is detected and the speaker goes off and does not stay off when you switch it off. Because the speaker has a kind of always-on mode, you can easily play music via bluetooth, without having to walk to the speaker to turn it on first. Because of this property, it is extremely unfortunate that no Wi-Fi options (Google Cast) have been added.

Teufel Rockster Air – audio quality

With such an impressive format you can also expect an impressive sound. And fortunately the Teufel Rockster Air delivers a fantastic sound. Little details are lost in the music. A good example of this is the song With a Little Help by the Dutch band Di-rect. The latest CD of the band is full of diverse music, and this song shows what vocalist Marcel Veenendaal has in house. Veenendaal sings deep, but also goes up. Goosebumps appears when the choir starts to sing in the background.

The constant bass line does not obstruct anyone and makes the voice and the rest of the arrangement very pleasant. If that line is not present right (or too much), then you have the possibility to adjust it with the right rotary knob. If you reduce the bass a bit for this song and raise the treble a little higher, you will hear much more fine details in the range of Veenendaal’s voice, while the choir does not drop out at all in the background or takes off much of the performance of the singer. .

The much busier Diamond Heart by Lady Gaga also sounds incredibly clear, and lets the right instruments come to the fore when the song demands that of the speaker. Gaga’s high voice never sounds annoying, but very nice. And here, too, you can adjust the settings, if, for example, you find that the bass is too much present. What this speaker does especially well is to make songs sound clear, give you more options and that without being clearly surrendered somewhere.

The fact that the Teufel Rockster Air can handle several music styles is also clear. Lonely Boy from The Black Keys sounds pretty pure, while the subtle background tones of Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk come to the fore. In many cases you can put the bass as loud as you want, but the experience soon shows that you do not have to. The default setting is already hard enough. In our time with the speaker, we had the preference to lower the bass somewhat, because he is already well forward anyway.

Teufel Rockster Air – conclusion

The Teufel Rockster Air is not a cheap bluetooth speaker. With a price of 599.99 euro you get a comprehensive speaker, which you can do much more than an average bluetooth speaker. In addition to bluetooth, you also have the option of connecting a musical instrument or another audio source via the audio connection. However, what we miss a bit is an option such as Google Cast, especially because the speaker has a kind of always-on mode, which can be activated if an active source is detected.

In terms of operation we also had to get used to it in the beginning, because it is not immediately clear what exactly is expected of the user when you use the speaker for the first time. So be sure to check the manual for the first time. In the field of sound, the Teufel Rockster Air convinces without difficulty, especially since you are also able to adjust the level of the bass and the treble. Combine that with the large number of connections and you have a speaker that can not be missed at many parties or in a large room.


  • No nfc
  • Operation is not immediately clear
  • No Wi-Fi or Google Cast


  • Clear sound reproduction
  • Possibility to adjust sound yourself
  • Many connections