Review: Teufel REAL Blue TWS 2 In-ear headphones

Review: Teufel REAL Blue TWS 2 Bluetooth in-ear headphones with hybrid active noise canceling (ANC)


Teufel, a Berlin-based audio company, has introduced the Real Blue TWS 2 In-ear headphones, the second edition of their popular in-ear headphones. Priced just under 150 euros, these headphones come with active noise cancellation (ANC) and a promise of extended battery life. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the details to see if they live up to these claims.

Model nameREAL BLUE TWS 2
Form factorIn the ear
Connectivity technologyWireless
Wireless communication technologyBluetooth
Special featureNoise Cancelling
Included componentsEarphones, charging cable, charging case, silicone ear adapter
Age range (description)adult

Unboxing and Design

The packaging of the Real Blue TWS 2 includes the in-ear buds, a USB-C charging cable, and three additional antibacterial silicone attachments. Visually, there are subtle design improvements, such as an embedded company logo and textured buds for better grip.

The design and build quality of the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 in-ear headphones are essential aspects that contribute to the overall user experience. Here, we delve into the details of these aspects:


  1. Subtle Aesthetics: The Real Blue TWS 2 maintains a minimalist and understated design philosophy. Teufel has opted for a refined appearance that doesn’t scream for attention but exudes a sense of sophistication.
  2. Enhanced Logo Placement: One notable design improvement is the embedding of the company logo in the lid of the charging case. This design tweak adds a touch of elegance and shows attention to detail.
  3. Textured Buds: The earbuds themselves feature a slightly grooved texture on the top, serving both an aesthetic and functional purpose. This texture makes it easier to grip the buds, contributing to ease of use.
  4. Compact and Portable: The compact form factor of the earbuds and the charging case enhances portability. They are easy to carry in a pocket or a bag, making them convenient for on-the-go use.

Build Quality:

  1. Durability: Teufel has crafted the Real Blue TWS 2 with durability in mind. The earbuds and the charging case appear sturdy and capable of withstanding regular use and occasional wear and tear.
  2. Charging Case: The charging case is robustly built and offers protection to the earbuds when not in use. It ensures that the earbuds remain charged and ready for use, contributing to the convenience of the product.
  3. Materials: High-quality materials have been used in the construction of these headphones, which not only enhances their longevity but also provides a premium feel to the product.
  4. Antibacterial Attachments: The inclusion of antibacterial silicone attachments in the package is a thoughtful addition. It underscores Teufel’s commitment to hygiene and user well-being.

Overall Impression:

The design of the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 strikes a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Its clean lines, embedded logo, and textured buds lend an air of sophistication without compromising on usability. The compact charging case complements the design, making it a portable accessory.

In terms of build quality, the headphones inspire confidence in their durability and longevity. The choice of materials and attention to detail reflect Teufel’s commitment to delivering a high-quality product. These factors collectively contribute to a positive user experience and help justify the headphones’ price point, making the Real Blue TWS 2 an appealing choice for those seeking both style and substance in their audio accessories.

Technical Specifications

The Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 boasts a range of technical specifications that contribute to its performance and functionality. These specifications combine to create a versatile and user-friendly audio accessory:

  1. 12mm Driver Units: At the heart of these in-ear headphones are 12mm driver units responsible for sound reproduction. This driver size is notably larger than typical earbuds, allowing for a wide frequency response and dynamic sound output. The Real Blue TWS 2 leverages these drivers to deliver powerful bass, clear midrange, and detailed treble frequencies, catering to a variety of musical genres and preferences.
  2. Advanced Bluetooth 5.2: The headphones employ advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology for wireless connectivity. This upgraded Bluetooth version ensures a stable and efficient connection to your paired device, minimizing dropouts and latency issues. The inclusion of the AAC codec enhances audio quality, delivering a more detailed and immersive listening experience. While aptX and LDAC codec support is absent, the use of AAC codec still provides high-quality audio streaming.
  3. Battery Life and Charging: The Real Blue TWS 2 offers a commendable battery life. With ANC turned off, users can enjoy up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge. The inclusion of a compact charging case, equipped with a 370mAh battery, extends the total listening time to an impressive 25 hours. However, with ANC active, the battery performance decreases slightly, providing up to 18 hours of playback. This combination of extended battery life and a portable charging case ensures that the headphones are suitable for long listening sessions and travel. Charging is facilitated via a convenient USB-C cable, ensuring compatibility with modern devices and speedy recharging.

These technical specifications underline the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2’s capability to deliver a high-quality audio experience with an emphasis on powerful bass, wireless convenience through Bluetooth 5.2, and extended usage periods. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a casual listener, these specifications contribute to a versatile and enjoyable audio accessory that can adapt to various listening preferences and scenarios.

Battery Life and IPX3 Rating

Teufel claims a battery life of 8 hours without ANC and up to 25 hours with the charging case (370 mAh). However, with ANC activated, the battery life drops to 18 hours in the case. In real-world testing, we found the buds delivered just under 5 hours of playback with ANC active, which is reasonable. These headphones carry an IPX3 rating, making them suitable for certain physical activities but not ideal for intense workouts.

Ease of Use

Setting up the Real Blue TWS 2 is a breeze, with easy pairing to your smartphone. The headphones offer app control, although it’s not strictly necessary for basic operations. They provide a comfortable fit for extended wear, but their suitability for vigorous activities is limited.

Customization through the Teufel Headphone App

The Teufel Headphone app offers some sound customization through an integrated equalizer. While it doesn’t radically change the sound signature, the “Neutral” preset is a solid choice for most users. However, the app lacks advanced features like control adjustments or automatic wear detection.

Touch Controls and ANC Performance

Control of the headphones is managed through touch-sensitive surfaces on the earbuds. While functional, they lack the more informative voice prompts found in some competitors. The Real Blue TWS 2 impresses with its ANC performance, effectively reducing ambient noise, especially in noisy environments like trains or streets. The transparency mode is also effective, allowing external sounds to come through, enhancing safety while cycling.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is where the Real Blue TWS 2 shines. The 12mm drivers deliver robust bass and ample volume, making them a hit with bass enthusiasts. However, the bass can be overwhelming, affecting the midrange presence and vocal reproduction. These headphones are designed to provide a lively and energetic sound profile, ideal for those who prioritize fun over audiophile precision.

The sound quality of the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 is a critical aspect that can greatly influence the overall listening experience. In this section, we will provide a detailed exploration of sound testing and the sound quality of these in-ear headphones:

Sound Testing:

  1. Bass Performance: The Real Blue TWS 2 is equipped with 12mm drivers that excel in delivering robust bass. During our sound testing, the headphones proved to be particularly impressive when handling bass-heavy tracks. The deep bass frequencies, reaching as low as 10 Hertz, were prominently and powerfully reproduced, making songs with strong basslines, such as those from genres like hip-hop and electronic dance music, come alive.
  2. Volume Levels: These headphones exhibit ample volume capability. Even at high volumes, the sound remains clear and distortion-free. This makes them suitable for users who enjoy listening at elevated volume levels without sacrificing audio quality.
  3. Midrange Clarity: While the Real Blue TWS 2 excels in the bass department, the midrange frequencies can sometimes take a back seat. During sound testing, we observed that certain tracks, especially those featuring vocals and acoustic instruments, might lack a bit of presence in the midrange. This can result in a slightly recessed or subdued vocal performance, affecting the overall balance of some songs.
  4. High-Frequency Detail: The headphones handle high-frequency sounds well, delivering crisp and clear treble notes. This quality is especially appreciated in tracks with intricate cymbal work, string instruments, or vocals with high harmonics. High-frequency details remain well-defined without harshness.
  5. Customization through the Teufel Headphone App: Teufel provides users with the option to customize the sound profile using the integrated equalizer within the Teufel Headphone app. While this allows for some adjustment, it doesn’t drastically alter the fundamental sound characteristics. During sound testing, we found that the “Neutral” preset in the app provided a balanced and versatile sound profile that suited a wide range of musical genres.

Overall Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 can be summarized as dynamic and lively, with an emphasis on powerful bass reproduction. These headphones are designed to cater to users who enjoy music with a strong low-end presence and energetic soundscapes. Tracks with heavy beats, electronic bass drops, or impactful rhythms are well-suited for the Real Blue TWS 2.

However, it’s important to note that these headphones may not be ideal for audiophiles seeking a completely neutral or flat sound signature. The bass emphasis can occasionally overshadow the midrange frequencies, affecting the clarity of vocals and some instruments. Therefore, the Real Blue TWS 2 aims to provide a fun and engaging listening experience rather than precise audiophile-grade sound.

For users who prefer a different sound profile, the Teufel Headphone app offers limited customization options, allowing them to tweak the sound to their preference, though the fundamental bass-oriented character remains.

In conclusion, the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 offers a sound quality that is characterized by its energetic and bass-driven nature. It excels in delivering impactful bass and high volume levels, making it a suitable choice for users who prioritize a lively and dynamic listening experience. However, those seeking a more balanced or neutral sound profile may find the midrange presence somewhat lacking. The integration of the Teufel Headphone app provides some room for sound customization, though it doesn’t fundamentally change the headphones’ bass-oriented character.


In summary, the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 is a commendable successor that performs well in various aspects. Their build quality and appearance align with their price range, offering comfortable long-term wear. They excel in sound quality, delivering powerful bass and high volume. The ANC and transparency modes are noteworthy, though they come with a slight background noise.

While these headphones offer a solid overall package, their initial price of 149 euros may seem a bit high. Teufel frequently offers discounts, making them a more attractive option. For those seeking lively, powerful, and loud headphones, the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 won’t disappoint. However, as a new edition, they bring few truly new features to the table. You can find them in the Teufel online shop.


  • good workmanship
  • good noise canceling
  • good voice quality (inside)
  • dynamic sound
  • powerful bass range
  • high levels possible
  • sufficient battery life
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • Operation on the buds


  • simple app control
  • only IPX3 certification
  • slight background noise with ANC
  • Soundscape has a bass emphasis, the mids are somewhat missing