Review: Teufel Real Blue Pro over-ear HD Bluetooth Headphones

Review: Teufel Real Blue Pro over-ear HD Bluetooth Headphones - Top-of-the-line, closed HD Bluetooth headphones · Large, lightweight linear HD drivers with vented rear chamber, for high levels, precise sound reproduction

Teufel started with speaker systems that are also reflected in the brand name. But the Berliners have also firmly established themselves in the headphone market. The Teufel Real Blue Pro is the latest proof of the company’s innovative strength, combining high sound quality and great functionality. The brand’s mantra for success is to offer premium sound and features at a surprisingly affordable price. Given the praise of previous Real Blue models in our magazine, the latest Pro version raised our expectations. This is not least due to the price, which Teufel can certainly regard as ambitious regarding headphones: At 350 euros, the new flagship is a whopping 120 euros more than the recommended price of the Real Blue NC over-ear HD Bluetooth Headphones.

Technical data

Teufel Real Blue Pro
Concept:Closed, dynamic, circumaural headphones with Bluetooth and ANC
assembly44 mm membranes
Nominal Impedance:not relevant
Battery life:44 hours with ANC, 56 hours without ANC
Accessories:Audio cable with remote control, charging cable, hard case

The Teufel Real Blue Pro is persistent

With its 800 mAh lithium-ion battery, Teufel’s Real Blue Pro offers 44 hours of battery life, even with active noise cancellation (ANC). Without ANC, the headphones last an incredible 56 hours. Such a battery life is usually reserved for smaller in-ear headphones with a charging case for refueling. This gives the Real Blue Pro an advantage, especially on longer trips. Due to its size, however, it is also significantly more unwieldy compared to the Real Blue TWS 2 in-ear headphones in pocket format.

But the outstanding feature of the Real Blue Pro is its sophisticated ANC. The hybrid digital noise cancellation is adjustable in three levels, ranging from low to medium to high, which increases user flexibility. The transparency mode allows ambient noise – such as station announcements – to pass through understandably. High-quality microphones ensure not only noise cancellation but also clear voice transmission. Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity ensures virtually lag-free syncing for video calls and media streaming and optimal sound delivery through aptX Adaptive and AAC for superior audio delivery.

User-friendly controls

With the Real Blue Pro, ease of use is paramount. Both earcups feature tactile buttons and a unique joystick on the right, reminiscent of the previous Real Blue NC model. Its functions are intuitive – vertical movements control volume, while horizontal movements control track navigation. In addition, the headphones have a dedicated ANC button, touch-sensitive areas, and versatile app-based customization options.

The Pro iteration offers significant hardware improvements alongside the software features. In particular, the linear 4.4 cm HD speakers offer a clear advantage over the 4 cm cones of Real Blue. With a retail price of 350 euros, the Pro version exudes quality with its comprehensive package, although the headband could benefit from more stability.

Berlin-style flavorful sound

Dynamore, a proprietary surround sound feature previously found in Teufel’s Bluetooth speakers, debuted in the Real Blue Pro. While Dynamore offers a more immersive sound experience, it remains subtle. And above all, there were no negative sound effects, which is not a matter of course with DSP sound effects. In addition, the headphone app offers an extensive EQ that serves various music tastes. The dynamic bass boost enriches the sound at lower volumes and is particularly noteworthy.

The hearing test integrated into the Teufel Headphones app, Mimi, adapts the sound to the individual hearing sensitivity. Our experiment revealed that this feature improves the brilliance and resolution. This applies to older music lovers whose hearing ability is no longer up to par, especially in the upper-frequency range.

Audiophile delight: Devil in the Sky of Sound

Our sound tests with the Real Blue Pro were nothing short of intoxicating. The headphones scored with a remarkable balance, a wide sound spectrum, and a natural tonality. Its ability to handle different music genres effortlessly while delivering deep bass, especially with ANC engaged, sets it apart. The noise suppression did a very good job and effectively protected it from outside noise – especially in the low-frequency range. But you must also consider that mechanical damping perfectly plays the ANC in the cards.

Audiophile listeners should be pleased that the powerful and very rich bass of the Teufel Real Blue Pro does not come at the expense of transparency in the mid-range. For closed headphones, the Berliner remains surprisingly transparent and rich in detail, even at high levels with bass-rich music. With the Pro, you can also enjoy demanding classical and jazz music with natural timbres and good detailing. The luminous heights do without sharpness. And with the sound adjustment through the very well-implemented Mimi listening test in the app, you can enjoy your music with more brilliance without spicing it up with a conventional equalizer, which happens quickly to inexperienced listeners.

Even if you can enjoy listening to Beethoven and Co. or jazz musicians like Miles Davis with the Devil, the Berliner still has a bonus for rock and pop fans. Because natural drums and electronic beats can be reproduced impulsively and powerfully thanks to its high dynamic reserves, the Berliner also gives the popular dance floor tracks the necessary drive. It proves to be an all-rounder with an audiophile touch. Exactly this touch, which went hand in hand with special nonchalance even in complex music passages and elegant voice reproduction, is what the normal Teufel Real Blue NC, the author tested for STEREO GUIDE last year. It could have done with a little more warmth in this sensitive area and, at the same time, a little less showmanship in the bass. About the significantly lower price, however, it also showed a tight performance.


The Real Blue Pro is an asset to the Teufel range and the general market with its excellent drivers and efficient noise suppression. If you disregard a marginal improvement in details, such as the touch surfaces made of brushed aluminum, the surcharge to the devil Real Blue NC is only justified by the more balanced sound tuning with more fine detail and more precise bass. And let’s not forget the superior ANC! But in terms of street price, it comes close to the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2, which also has a strong sound and high-quality workmanship. In this respect, the more expensive devil in the upper league should have a harder time than the basic model in the upper middle class.

+Rich, full-bodied, and contoured bass
+Impressive dynamic range and volume reserves
+Intuitive app control with EQ and hearing adjustment
Headband could be more stable