Review: Teufel Radio One – Clock radio with bluetooth and DAB+

Review: Teufel Radio One- A - Clock radio with bluetooth and DAB+. In short, it is actually an all-rounder in all respects.

Review: Teufel Radio One – Teufel has released the Radio One especially for this. This is a clock radio with a powerful speaker, Bluetooth and DAB+.

What is the Teufel Radio One?

The Teufel Radio One has two 2-inch broadband loudspeakers and a large passive diaphragm at the rear. These drivers are oriented slightly sideways, for a good spread of the sound. Teufels Dynamore technology is present for a wide soundstage.

This model features classic FM radio and digital radio via DAB+. You can set three preset stations for both reception options. According to the company, the wire antenna is concealed almost invisibly on the underside of the device. Of course you can also stream music via bluetooth 5.1 from your smartphone or tablet. There is also a 3.5mm connection for external sound carriers.

Of course, a clock radio is also there to wake you up. You can set two separate alarms and choose from once, daily, weekly or weekends. Wake up to radio, music via bluetooth or a built-in alarm tone. Teufel has added a special alarm tone called ‘Berlin’. This one plays the chimes of the Ged√§chtniskirche. Teufel’s office is right opposite this Berlin church. You can set everything via the buttons on the front and there is also a large display with automatic or manual brightness control. The Teufel Radio One costs 169.99 euros but can currently be purchased for 149.99 euros via the Teufel website.


The Teufel Radio One comes in a white and a black version, both with a plastic housing, speaker fabric on the front with a luminous display underneath, buttons on the top and a passive woofer at the rear. On the back we also see a USB port for charging your smartphone and an aux input. An antenna is placed at the bottom of the device that you can roll out for an optimal range.

The Radio One feels sturdy, is neatly finished and looks modern but not very special. It is not a striking clock radio and fits well on the average bedside table.

Installation and ease of use

Since the Radio One does not have an internet connection, there is also no app available. So the installation is quite simple and the operation takes place on the device itself.

To install the radio you have to fiddle with the buttons to understand exactly what to do. The large rotary knob on the top lets you navigate in menus. You select or confirm a function by pressing that button. At the top left of the device is the menu button that gives you access to, among other things, scanning for DAB + radio stations, the clock, the display (dimming) and the source (bluetooth, fm, DAB + and aux). With the buttons on the top of the speaker fabric, you can select a specific alarm clock, the sleep mode, the Bluetooth input, FM radio and DAB+ radio. You can press and hold the buttons for the alarms (two pieces) and sleep timer to set them. Three preset buttons are also placed on top of the speaker. If you hold this down while listening to a radio station, the station will be saved under the relevant button.

Searching for DAB+ radio stations is quite simple and even in a newly built house that is very well insulated, almost all well-known and regional stations can be found within one minute. The antenna at the bottom can be rolled out and placed in the direction of a window, if there is insufficient range. The range for FM stations is obviously slightly less in the same situation. Pairing with a Bluetooth device is also done within a few steps, after which you can play music from, for example, a smartphone.

One of the most important functions of the Teufel Radio One is of course the alarm clock. Fortunately, it works simply and reliably. The alarm can be activated with a single press of the button (one of the two alarm clocks). If you press the button longer, the alarm can be set. For example, you can set the time, but also whether the alarm should be set every day, every weekday, every weekend day, once or on a specific day. You can choose from five sounds for the alarm clock, but you can also choose a radio station or the Bluetooth connection. The volume of the alarm can also be set.

Finally, it is possible to charge your smartphone via the USB port on the back of the Radio One. A handy extra function, especially when the socket at your bed is now occupied by the clock radio.

audio quality

The main function of a clock radio is that it actually wakes you up, and luckily that is the case. There is enough volume to wake up to and there are enough setting options to create an alarm to your own liking. But, once you’re awake, you also want to be able to enjoy the music.

The Teufel Radio One is a real all-rounder. As an audio system for waking up, for background music while cleaning or late in the evening for mood music while reading a book. You can use it in all directions, but with limitations. The speaker delivers a clear and dynamic sound, with a striking amount of playfulness and spread. Yes, you can clearly hear that it is a small and compact speaker with directional sound, but an average bedroom is fine and convincing to fill. The music reproduction is warm, powerful and provided with full low tones. You can’t throw a party with it, but for the purpose for which this speaker was developed, it is a great device. Incidentally, those strong low tones also have a disadvantage. If the speaker is placed on a cabinet that resonates, it is quickly disturbing at high volume. The desk where the speaker is now placed vibrates completely. In fact; with certain music, the speaker vibrates so much that it slowly moves towards the edge of the desk. Fortunately, it is not disturbing at normal and low volume (up to 14). An equalizer is unfortunately not present.

Teufel Radio One – Conclusion

The Teufel Radio One is actually an all-rounder in all respects. He is just good at everything and does exactly what he promises. No, it is not a high-end speaker and you should therefore not expect miracles from the audio reproduction. But, for a speaker that is intended for use as an alarm clock, it will not disappoint. The music reproduction is just fine. It is somewhat closed and the low tones can dominate, but then it is compensated with a lot of power, dynamics and warmth. The operation of all buttons and menus takes some getting used to, but they do give you a lot of setting options. DAB+, the USB port for your smartphone and Bluetooth complete the device. Are you looking for a clock radio with great sound for that early morning or late evening? Then the Teufel Radio One is definitely recommended.


  • Fully equipped
  • Good DAB+ range
  • Unobtrusive yet modern design
  • Real all-rounder

  • Low tones can dominate
  • No equalizer
  • Buttons take some getting used to