Review: Teufel Radio 3Sixty – More stations than you can ever listen

Teufel Radio 3Sixty Review
Review and Specs: The Teufel Radio 3Sixty is now for sale on the company's website for 299.99 euros, in white or black color.

Since this summer, a new version of the Teufel Radio 3Sixty is available. Basically a radio and a capable streamer. The Teufel Radio 3Sixty is now for sale on the company’s website for 299.99 euros, in white or black.

The Teufel Radio 3Sixty is not as niche as you might expect. Every day millions of people still listen to all kinds of radio stations in the Netherlands. Very often this is in the car, but even at home people still enjoy radio jingles, DJs and a well-defined selection of popular music. Audio streaming may have won over CDs, but radio remains a formidable competitor for the time being. You can listen to radio in three different ways in the Netherlands: via fm, internet radio and nowadays also via DAB+.

This is the Teufel Radio 3Sixty

So the radio still has the right to exist in the living room (or any room for that matter). The Teufel Radio 3Sixty takes advantage of this by releasing a new version that is slightly more extensive than its predecessor. The radio supports the classic analog short wave (fm), via digital radio (DAB+) and internet radio. According to Teufel, this allows you to receive “almost any channel in the world”. We cannot check whether that is the case, but the list of online radio stations seems endless. Your favorite genre is undoubtedly represented.

In addition, there is support for bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Amazon Music. For the last two streaming services, you can activate the radio directly from the service’s app. It’s a bit stupid why Teufel hasn’t added Google Cast and / or Apple AirPlay 2 either, because now we can’t add the device to our existing speaker network. It really is a standalone product and it feels that way. Stations, songs, albums or playlists can be assigned to one of thirty presets.

Under the fabric cover on the top of the Radio 3Sixty are two vertically arranged broadband speakers that send the sound waves in all directions via 360 degree cones. It does not matter where you are: you can listen to the music well in a room. A 90 mm downfiring subwoofer takes care of the low tones. The bass and treble can be adjusted as desired via the equalizer. Operation is via the physical buttons, remote, Teufel Remote app or via Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Differences from previous model

Only few changes have been made compared to the previous model. The internal hardware is exactly the same, so you shouldn’t expect a boost in sound quality. The biggest difference is in the front display. This is now a color screen with a wide viewing angle, so you can almost always see which song is playing. You can now also set thirty instead of five presets and this time comes with a remote control. In any case, you have many control options.

Furthermore, the large, round buttons have been given a click feeling this time. This way you get sufficient feedback during setting or the volume control. The fabric layer is easier to clean this time and should become dusty less quickly. In terms of music streaming service, Amazon Music has been added this time. It is a bit random that only Amazon Music and Spotify Connect are present, so for a future version we would like to see the number of services expanded. Works with Alexa is also new.

Audio quality

We are used to Teufel for the manufacturer to deliver systems with a large Punch in the sound. Unfortunately, we must quickly conclude that this product lacks that punch. The question is whether this is a very big problem. It is a radio that will probably take center stage in the house or end up on a shelf or cupboard. You often turn it on in the background, so you don’t have to maintain entire parties with it. That is possible, after all there is enough sound and power available, but we are used to differently from Teufel.

In the app and on the device itself, you are able to adjust the sound to your own hearing via the equalizer. With that, you can get some of that missing bass (and we’ll just say missing, because we’re used to that from the brand). But even then it is not quite what you expect. The bass sound quickly takes over, so we have experienced it as disturbing. That is probably also the reason that Teufel has chosen to offer a somewhat mild audio presentation with the Radio 3Sixty.

Teufel Radio 3Sixty

Let’s make it clear that the audio reproduction on the Teufel Radio 3Sixty is anything but sub-par. Despite that missing bass layer, we still find the reproduction incredibly warm and wide. The tones in the middle and high segment also come out well, regardless of your position in relation to the radio. Admittedly, the radio is probably somewhere near a wall, because you simply place audio devices there, but it is nice to know that sound is actually sent into the room in 360 degrees.

The fact that the Radio 3Sixty is incredibly capable is also evident from the reproduction of the high tones. Nowhere do we have the idea that these are cut off prematurely, which contributes to the idea of ​​the wide sound field. Due to its nature, the radio / streamer is therefore well suited for pop music, radio and songs that do not get the most out of a sound system. For example, if you listen to a lot of dance and music styles in that direction, then the device is less suitable. But the 3Sixty is suitable for just about any other genre.

Four-way operation

You operate the Teufel Radio 3Sixty in three ways. This is possible with the fine buttons at the front. For example, with the two large rotary knobs with which you scroll through the menu, adjust the volume, change sources and set the alarm (yes, you can also use this device as a clock radio). In principle, you can arrange everything on the device itself. However, for the installation we recommend using the Teufel Remote app, because adding to the Wi-Fi network is a lot easier and faster. After that, you no longer need the app.

You can also change sources, control the volume or set the equalizer within the app. If you are someone who has a lot of local music on their smartphone or on a NAS / computer, the app is also a solution. You can easily choose exactly the music you want to hear within that app. This can also be done on the device or with the supplied remote control, but that simply takes a little longer than you would like. That color screen is fine and the buttons keep turning nicely; but the app is smoother.

Then we have the last two options: via bluetooth or via the remote control. The remote control has fewer buttons than the device itself, but it works fine for some quick actions. For remote control, the app may be the better choice, since the remote control is not always in a central location. When you have connected via Bluetooth, you can easily operate the Teufel Radio 3Sixty via the buttons and the touchscreen of your phone or tablet – and of course a streaming service of your choice.

Teufel Radio 3Sixty

Teufel Radio 3Sixty – conclusion

The Teufel Radio 3Sixty has a number of pleasant features. The most important feature is that the radio is very user-friendly and accessible. In no time you have installed the device and you can listen to your favorite music, whether it is via the radio, bluetooth or streaming service. In addition, there is a pleasant sound reproduction and you get access to an awful lot of radio stations – more radio stations than you can ever listen to. And then we think the retro design is a cherry on the cream cake.

There are some things you should take into account. Because the Teufel Radio 3Sixty may offer support for Spotify Connect and Amazon Music, you cannot add the speaker to existing speaker networks via Google Cast or Apple AirPlay 2. In addition, the differences with the predecessor are minimal, which does not really justify an upgrade when you have the old model. However, the audio quality is fine, which is really the most important element of a radio and streamer.

Cons of Teufel Radio 3Sixty

  • No Google Cast / Apple AirPlay 2
  • No major differences compared to predecessor
  • There is no typical Teufel sound

Pros of Teufel Radio 3Sixty

  • Pleasant, clear sound reproduction
  • Lots of radio stations
  • Retro design
  • Accessible device

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