Review: Teufel Mute Headphones

teufel mute headphones
Headphones to suit every need,  In-Ear, On-Ear and Over-Ear, Wireless, Bluetooth and Noise-Cancelling, every feature you want from a headphone is available in Teufel Mute Headphones Learn more online now!
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Headphones to suit every need,  In-Ear, On-Ear and Over-Ear, Wireless, Bluetooth and Noise-Cancelling, every feature you want from a headphone is available in Teufel Mute Headphones Learn more online now!

Teufel Mute: design and build quality

Teufel always has products that touch the upper segment when it comes to design. Fortunately, the prices are slightly less high-end, but the quality of construction never suffers. The Teufel Mute is made of different types of plastic, but in the end you do not notice much, the headphones feel solid and can also be nice and light because of the choice of materials. The points where your head hits the headphones are of course the most important thing and we are talking about a nice soft material that looks like leather (or maybe even is). The ear cups and headband are padded so that the whole is nicely on your head. The padding is dense and soft enough to create a good conclusion with the outside world so that the people next to you can not simply enjoy your music. Just as important is perhaps that the padding is thick and soft enough to listen to comfortably with glasses too. Of course the headband is adjustable in different sizes.


The design looks modern and in a number of respects quite a bit like the Beats headphones that have been popular for years. It is probably due to the combination between the black / red color scheme and the large T that decorates those sides of the ear cups. Do you look a bit closer and it is clear that both headphones have their own character and therefore I do not want to accuse Teufel of copying. The Teufel Mute is an over the ear headphones and so the ears are completely over your ears, so this is the type of headphones that I always find very big. The Mute is still quite strong but in the comparison with other headphones from this category is not too bad.


Teufel Mute: audio quality and ACN

I am not a real audiophile and therefore I always have a little trouble describing the audio quality of the products I test, something sounds good or bad for my ears. The Mute is fortunately in the good side of my black / white spectrum, but there are some marginal comments to be made. Especially when you turn the volume up completely, the Teufel Mute has some problems with distortion of the bass. If you are a real bass-head who also wants to pop loudly, then these headphones are probably not for you. I could do with some birds in the equalizer of Spotify and the volume knob to a workable solution but some people just love a full bottom … The middle and high segment of the sound does not really have to deal with the problems with distortion and here the Mute also performs very well. As far as I am concerned, it is a good performing headset in its price range. Read the technical details as follows:

Frequency range: 20 – 20000 Hz
Drivers: 40 mm Mylar
ACN: Noise Canceling: -14 dB @ 50 – 500 Hz, -36 dB across the entire frequency range

Active Noise Canceling is of course ultimately what made these headphones so interesting to me. I think that everyone is familiar with the technique in which small microphones are listening to the ambient sound so that the sound can be ‘canceled’ by means of a ‘trick’ of opposite frequencies. Where I first told you that the large soft ear shells play a role in keeping your music private, it also works the other way around, this choice just keeps a lot of the ambient noise. But of course, more was needed against the humming of aircraft engines. The Teufel Mute performs very well in this area, and he really took away more than 80 percent of the sound. Of course I still heard the sound in the background but it was much less disturbing than without ACN. There may be headphones that perform a little better in this area but they have a very big disadvantage in my experience; after a few minutes I always feel that I am seasick and I also have a reduced balance. I have sometimes tried to walk with a few Bose headphones, without success … The Mute I can stop without falling over, that may not sound like the prettiest feather that you can give headphones but for me a headset of over 150 euros can also be used well outside the aircraft.



The Teufel Mute is a headphone with a modern design, a fine color scheme and more than excellent build quality. In the box you will find next to the Mute itself also a nice travel (which during my travels due to lack of space really had to stay home, but the Mute can fortunately have a lot) and an airplane adapter. The audio cable can be loose on two sides, fine if a cable breaks or if some manufacturer chooses in the future not to process a 3.5 mm connection in his product. The audio quality is very nice and if you take a little bit of attention to volume vs. low tones, the Mute offers a nice audio experience. A well-functioning Noise Canceling system completes the picture. For 169 euros it is highly recommended for me.

You can buy the Teufel Mute through the Teufel website