Review: Teufel MusicStation speaker

Teufel tries to combine all this in the new MusicStation, a speaker with CD player, bluetooth and radio.
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Nowadays we want to be able to listen to music in every room of the house, preferably through attractive speakers that are compact but also offer access to various sources and offer good quality. Teufel tries to combine all this in the new MusicStation, a speaker with CD player, bluetooth and radio.

Teufel MusicStation – specifications

The Teufel MusicStation is a stereo hi-fi system that can be placed or mounted virtually anywhere and is suitable for playing CDs, music on USB, FM radio, line-in and audio files from any device with Bluetooth connection. So you have various connectivity options and access to music on your computer and mobile devices through Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX.

The speaker has a stereo reproduction by two broadband drivers and two sidefire subwoofers, with a total power of 40 watts. The MusicStation can be placed in any room thanks to its compact design. The speaker fits according to the German manufacturer on a sideboard, bookshelf or can be attached to the wall. The desired source can be selected with the supplied remote control. The MusicStation automatically turns off when no more music is played.

Teufel MusicStation – design and installation

In terms of design, Teufel has adjusted a lot compared to earlier generations of compact bluetooth speakers. The MusicStation has a somewhat different design, with the whole leaning backwards in a slight angle. The front has a plastic finish with a gray grill and a glossy black display with touch buttons. At the top we see a slot for CDs, and at the rear we find the connection for the cable (radio) and the power supply. To the left of the glossy front panel, a cover has been placed behind which are USB aux and headphone jacks.


The whole is very tight and minimalist finished but for a compact speaker a fairly large size (52cm wide) and weight (4.2 kilograms). Yes, you can still easily move the speaker, for example from the bedroom to the kitchen, but for a compact speaker with Bluetooth it’s all a bit hefty. We must not forget, however, that there is also a CD player, something that is lacking with many bluetooth speakers. It is also interesting that Teufel provides a bracket so that the speaker can be hung up quickly in a room.


It can not be simpler, that’s what we can say about the installation of the Teufel MusicStation. You take the speaker out of the box, place it in the desired position, plug the ac cable into the socket and the speaker, and you can get started. Pairing a Bluetooth device is also easy; quick and easy. Select the speaker on your smartphone and it is connected. Then you can view music from any app (including Spotify and YouTube).

Teufel-MusicStation review remote control

There is also a remote control with the MusicStation. This can be used to control the most important functions, including volume, source selection and searching for radio stations. You can also set the alarm, dim the display, set the sleep function and select the equalizer mode. The remote control is of small size and is not particularly designed.

Teufel MusicStation – use

Actually, we should not place the use of the Teufel MusicStation under a separate cup because the conclusion of this cup is the same as that of the previous cup; simpler and more logical is almost impossible. The CD player works as you would expect, just like the rds-radio (with 40 presets), the usb function, the aux-input and the Bluetooth connection. Link your favorite media and you can get started right away, there is no need for more.

Teufel MusicStation review connections

Of course there are some (minimal) settings, including the equalizer. With this you can choose modes like Rock, Jazz and Pop for the desired effect. Just a personal preference and perhaps your music sounds better. You can also play the music randomly or put it on repeat, depending on the source. Convenient are the functions to use the speaker as an alarm clock and to switch on the sleep function during sleep. These too all work without you having to read yourself.

Teufel MusicStation review buttons

Is there no minus to report? Yes, but that is because we want to treat everything. The touch buttons on the front panel do not always or not always respond correctly. It may be because the panel quickly becomes dirty / greasy or because you have greasy fingers, but sometimes a tap is not recognized or misinterpreted. Now we are not going to exaggerate this, however, because this has happened a few times. In short, in terms of ease of use it is good.

Teufel MusicStation – audio quality

With a speaker of this size, with this weight and with this price tag you also get some expectations. Fortunately Teufel meets these expectations and for the average space (a kitchen, bedroom or office) the MusicStation knows its role well to fill. Despite being a single speaker, the MusicStation is able to provide a reasonably wide audio image, with sufficient dynamics and even a solid but not exaggerated bass. At low volume, which is often used at bedtime, music sounds clear enough, no details are lost and there is still enough ‘power’ behind it. As soon as the volume is turned up, the audio playback becomes somewhat more restless but never comes to the point of distortion. However, the bass can dominate when the volume knob is turned too far.


There is little to complain about the quality of the audio, especially when looking at the price segment and all the possibilities that the MusicStation offers. Of course there are more compact speakers that can play music wirelessly in a better quality, but you also pay 150 to 300 euros extra for that. And then we are not even talking about the lack of, for example, the CD player on those speakers. However, it must be said that the MusicStation for a somewhat larger space, for example a living room, has just too little power and the audio image is not wide enough to convince the entire room. It is really a speaker for the extra rooms in the house, where you also want to listen to music.

Teufel MusicStation – conclusion

All in all, we can say that the Teufel MusicStation is an ideal speaker for those who want to play music from virtually any source, even a CD, and thus want to fill a small to medium-sized space. We see the speaker as ideal for the bedroom, office or kitchen. As far as the audio quality is concerned, we have nothing to complain about, but you can get better if this is important and your budget allows it. But, if you do not set high standards and are looking for a combination of quality, design, ease of use and functionality, then you’re certainly fine with the MusicStation.


  • Forser than the average speaker
  • Not suitable for larger rooms
  • Touch buttons sometimes do not respond correctly


  • Great sound quality
  • Easy in use
  • Plays music from all sources