Review: Teufel MusicStation – Futuristic music station for CDs and more

Review: Teufel MusicStation does not support Google Cast or Apple Airplay but its design and sound quality make you enthusiast while using.
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A new version of the Teufel MusicStation is now available. The device has a completely new design and more options. With a price of 499.99 euros, you pay a lot for the stereo system. So the question is: is the MusicStation worth that amount? Another question: do you have any CDs?

A lot of people have probably already left them, while another part is wondering what those round discs are: CDs. The CD may not be the relic a cassette tape may already be, but it is an old medium that we rarely use. Music streaming services have adopted that functionality; otherwise we will be busy with an LP. That doesn’t mean that audio manufacturers have given up on the CD as those things can still reproduce music in very high quality.

Enter the Teufel MusicStation

The German brand Teufel is one of those audio manufacturers that still believes in the CD and that is evident with the release of the Teufel MusicStation. This is a stereo system consisting of six speakers, with a maximum power of 100 watts. On top of the wide, but sleekly designed colossus is a slot where you can park your CD neatly. You can use normal CDs, but also CD-R and CD-RW; so your copied audio discs also work fine with the music drive. Still harmful to the music industry, such a copied disc, but you can also use them for backups.

The name MusicStation really is a perfect name for this product. The device supports different formats, namely flac, mp3, wav and wma. Besides CDs you can play music in many more ways. For example via the USB port, your own network (via a NAS for example), aux or headphone connection or bluetooth 5.0, with support for aac and aptX. The latter is only interesting for Android users, because iOS does not support it. Via aptX it is possible to play music in CD quality, while the audio does not come from a CD at that time.

As with the previous versions, it is also possible to play music via WiFi. This is done directly via the integration with Spotify Connect or Amazon Music. There is no built-in support for things like Google Cast or Apple AirPlay. Just like with the recently launched, new Radio 3Sixty , we think that’s a bad thing. We are often very enthusiastic about Teufel’s products because of the characteristic sound. That sound and the experience of the products often feel very isolated, because they cannot be included in existing speaker groups in the house.

Then we have the built-in radio functions. The Teufel MusicStation supports FM radio, Internet radio and DAB +. So you can listen to many radio stations in different ways. If it is not just the local or national channels, it is one from the range of thousands of internet channels worldwide. You can also set up to thirty programmable presets and use an alarm clock function. For example, if the MusicStation is in a bedroom, you can use it as a (digital) alarm clock (radio).

Sleek control panel

Many Teufel products look tough, but with the Teufel MusicStation, the German brand has just opted for a different look. This time the product looks very sleek and quite futuristic. This is due to various components. For example, there is a control panel on top with a number of touch buttons, which light up nicely on the black model. Design and functionality complement each other very well, while you do not compromise on anything. The icons used are also very neat.

In the center is a color display. This is the same screen as on the Teufel Radio 3Sixty and shows all the information you need. Think of the song or radio station you are listening to, the album that goes with it and an album cover. You can also change all kinds of settings on it by using the buttons on the right. Think of the menu button and the back button, but also the round button with which you normally control the volume. By swiping down or up you choose another option. This all works very intuitively.

You install the Teufel MusicStation in two ways. You place it on the table, the counter, a cupboard or a desk, but you can also attach it to the wall. The model comes standard with a wall bracket, which also holds the stereo system. You can place the music station somewhere so that it stands upright. But you can also remove that sturdy bracket very easily, so that the MusicStation leans back a bit. Combined with the clean lines of the design, it looks very chic. The only disadvantage is that you have to take care of the screws for the wall mounting yourself, but that is not a big problem.

A slightly bigger disadvantage has to do with the material of the control panel on the top. Again: it looks really sleek and futuristic, but also take into account all the fingerprints that have touched the record. If the light falls just the wrong way, then you see those wrinkled spots everywhere. That detracts somewhat from the design. It is inherent to the materials chosen, so you may have to make sure that the light does not really fall on that panel. For the rest, we have nothing to criticize the design.

Clear sound with nice bass

Despite the fact that the Teufel MusicStation is not compact, it is of course a compact speaker when you compare it with all kinds of bookshelf speakers or floor stands. Nevertheless, you may need to improve expectations when it comes to audio quality. Fortunately, you can keep those expectations quite high, because the audio quality is of a high level. It is striking how MusicStation holds its own at higher volumes, without noticeably distorting the sound. The high voice of Ariana Grande on the song Dangerous Woman sounds flawless, while the guitar work is never cut off. The system is fine with higher tones, so that a lot of detail can be displayed.

In our box we have many more CDs, most of which have not been discussed. We have therefore made a selection of different styles and voices. The deep tones of Adele’s voice on album 25 fill the room with warmth, with the well-known song Hello. The piano sounds beautifully and is never cut off too early. Because it can sometimes be a bit louder, we put on the album Drones by Muse. The song Reapers is a personal favorite. On the MusicStation, the drum and guitar work sounds so clear and loud that it feels like you are standing in a garage with them while they are practicing the song. The solo on this song can already cause goosebumps in a lower quality, but that CD quality really goes a step further.

We’ve highlighted four examples above, but we’ve featured many more artists. What about Prince with Purple Rain, Sia with Chandelier, Robyn with Cobrastyle or Thomas Azier with Ghostcity? Via Spotify we have gone wild with our favorite video game remixes (mainly those from Sonic the Hedgehog) and playlists like Power Metal WTF !, R&B 90’s and Feelin ‘Myself. The conclusion: it doesn’t really matter what you play on the device, the audio quality is just of a high level. You can still choose to activate Dynamore. This makes the sound a bit more spacious, but this is only recommended for larger rooms or spaces. If you sit right next to it, the music may sound less fine than you are used to.

Teufel MusicStation – conclusion

And then we come to a point made earlier: the Teufel MusicStation does not support Google Cast or Apple Airplay, so you cannot include it in your speaker network. And that is extremely unfortunate. Because if you play songs via WiFi, for example in a group with a soundbar and some separate speakers here and there, it would be great if you could use the chic control panel at the top for operation. In terms of design, the MusicStation really impresses, so you also feel enthusiasm when you use it.

But because of the use of such functionality, you will probably use it less often if you already have a speaker network in your home. And that’s a shame. It is also unfortunate that the same panel is such a fingerprint magnet, but the disadvantages stop there. Because the device really has an amazing audio reproduction and offers a very large number of functions that many music players in the house can be jealous of. So if you still have old CDs at home and you have not completely switched to the 21st century, then this is the sleek and relatively compact device on which your CDs come into their own. And your other music too.


  • Perfect device for your CDs
  • Incredibly clear and fine audio reproduction
  • Futuristic design
  • Lots of playback options


  • No support for Google Cast or Apple AirPlay 2
  • Fingerprint magnet