Review: Teufel Cinebar Pro – Premium Soundbar with Solid Price

Teufel Cinebar Pro
Teufel launched a new soundbar in the form of Teufel Cinebar Pro. This model comes with a solid price, but also has impressive specifications, various features and a powerful, wireless subwoofer.
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Teufel launched a new soundbar in the form of Cinebar Pro last summer. This model comes with a solid price, but also has impressive specifications, various features and a powerful, wireless subwoofer. In this review, we check whether the Teufel Cinebar Pro can meet the high expectations.

Teufel Cinebar Pro

The Teufel Cinebar Pro is the most powerful soundbar of the Berlin brand to date. The model features HDMI 2.0 inputs with 4K and HDCP 2.2 support, built-in audio streaming capabilities via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect and comes with a wireless subwoofer, usable in downfire or frontfire mode.

The Teufel Cinebar Pro is 120cm wide and is equipped with two midrange speakers and two tweeters. The T10 subwoofer provides the low frequencies. This makes a wireless connection with the soundbar and can therefore be set up flexibly in the living room. The bass sound can be directed downwards (downfire) or in the room (frontfire). Teufel’s Dynamore Ultra technology uses drivers on the side of the Cinebar Pro for virtual surround sound.

Four HDMI devices can be connected directly to the Cinebar Pro, providing support for 4K Ultra HD and HDR. The soundbar also offers an optical and coaxial digital audio input and two auxiliary inputs. The connection to the television is via HDMI with ARC and CEC. The soundbar is also suitable for surround because an amplifier for a loudspeaker in the back of the room (such as Teufel’s RearStation 4) can be connected to the rear out connector to send the audio signal to the rear speakers.

The Cinebar Pro also focuses on music reproduction because you can stream audio directly from a mobile phone to the soundbar via bluetooth or WiFi. Thanks to the ‘Google Chromecast built-in’ standard, streams from various apps and services can be played directly and there is integration with Spotify Connect. The Teufel Cinebar Pro is for sale for a price of 1,299.99 euros. The soundbar can be found in the web shop of Teufel.

Design and installation

When we look at the design of the Teufel Cinebar Pro we see that Teufel makes a choice that not many other manufacturers of create sound bars. The soundbar has been given a somewhat robust and industrial design, something that gamers may find beautiful but does not fit into any modern living room. However, that is the way that Teufel has chosen for almost all his models, so not a striking choice. The speaker is no less than 1.20 meters wide and weighs more than 11 kilograms, making it one of the largest and heaviest soundbars you can buy.

So it really is a product that needs to fit into you room, in terms of appearance and format. Also the subwoofer is quite a colossus that you have to lose, and certainly not hidden in a corner or under the couch. You can place the subwoofer in two ways; with the driver towards the listening position or downwards.

What is unfortunate is that the soundbar has two antennas on the back so that it is above the speaker. You do not have to fold them out completely if the WiFi range is sufficient, but if you fold them out, chances are that they will pop up in front of your television screen. No ideal solution. Although the appearance can be disputed, the build quality is very good. Both products are nicely finished, feel solid and have a premium look and feel. Teufel provides a pedestal where the soundbar can be set up, and what makes it more than 1 centimeter higher (14.7 centimeters). If you want to mount the soundbar on the wall, all the necessary components are included.

All the important functions are immediately available via the simple remote control. In addition to the volume, the peak level of the subwoofer can also be adjusted at the touch of a button. Special buttons for Dynamore, surround sound mode, bass and treble make it possible to quickly optimize the sound without having to go through all kinds of menus. The four sound modes Music, Voice, Movie and Night are available for the most common scenarios.

For basic functions such as on / off, louder / softer or less volume and the selection of sound sources, buttons on the front of the soundbar, with a simple display between the buttons. The subwoofer is a more advanced (and more powerful) model than we normally encounter at a soundbar. This model comes with a coaxial input, a Bass Boost option, a level button and a 0-180 ° phase switch.

The installation of the Cinebar Pro is a piece of cake, provided you have enough space to lose everything. In view of the size of both the subwoofer and the soundbar, it is advisable to have someone help you. When placed in the right place it is a matter of plugging in the power socket, connecting the components and you can get started. The wireless subwoofer is also quickly linked to the soundbar with one simple operation and has a stable connection. Please note that you need to set up the WiFi connection via the Google Chromecast app.


In the area of ​​user friendliness and possibilities, Teufel almost always scores well, and that is also the case with the Cinebar Pro. . The soundbar is richly equipped, also in terms of connections. There are a lot more than with the average soundbar, including four HDMI 2.0 inputs, an HDMI 2.0 output (with CEC and ARC) and extra digital and analogue inputs. Also in terms of possibilities to display your media there are plenty of options. Virtually everyone can play their favorite music, thanks to the integration of Google Chromecast built-in (even via a browser), Spotify Connect and bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X. And an interesting extra option is the addition of wireless speakers for a real surround effect, using the optional RearStation 4 from Teufel itself.

The soundbar does not come with a corresponding app, so you only need to use the included remote control. This is a bit big but contains all the buttons to control the most important functions directly and comfortably. If you want it, you can also connect the TV’s remote control to the soundbar and operate the speaker with this remote control.

The soundbar also has an onscreen display, provided the device is powered by HDMI the TV is connected. This screen is in low resolution and does not represent much in terms of design, but it is useful for adjusting some settings, pairing the subwoofer, pairing bluetooth devices and much more. Not many manufacturers offer an onscreen display at a soundbar, so that’s definitely a plus.

Audio quality

The Teufel Cinebar Pro has a good housing, but that’s for a reason. The speaker is filled with drivers and techniques. The soundbar has an aluminum housing with six amplifiers that offer a total power of 200 watts. Each channel has its own Class D amplifier. On each side of the speaker there are two 100mm midrange drivers and a 25mm tweeter, and at both ends of the soundbar we see 100mm side-firing drivers. Together with the Dynamore Ultra technology, these provide a virtual surround sound. All drivers have a lot of latitude, which means that the movement of the membrane is large. The T 10 subwoofer with a power of 150 watts and a 250mm driver can be used as frontfire and as a downfire subwoofer.

Let’s start with the fact that this is not a soundbar with / for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X is. The soundbar has side-firing speakers (speakers that send sound towards the sides) but not speakers that send sound in height and depth. If we look at the top models of the competition then this is a feature that you can expect today in this price range. But, Teufel has developed its own Dynamore Ultra technology. With this a wider sound field can be created. And it must be said; that works very well. When you activate this option you get a much wider and slightly deeper sound field. But, that is not all because with this option enabled there is also a bit more life in the audio, both in music and in film. Slightly more spreading, clearer placement in space and especially more room for details in the track. Without Dynamore Ultra it all sounds a bit closed, hidden and not energetic.

The Teufel Cinebar Pro does not stand out in its audio reproduction, although we have to say that the T10 subwoofer has a very convincing, deep and tight bass can put down. This sub can be perfectly adjusted to the room in which you place it and also provides an optimal view in every position or space. When we let some more action pass by, we feel the bass in our stomach without it really messing around, and we love that. Of surround sound (even virtual) is hardly any question, but with the Dynamore Ultra option you can at least broaden the sound field and make it sound livelier. When watching an action movie, however, it lacks for us that real impact; the emotion in dialogues, the dynamics, the action that surrounds you and the effects that come from all sides. You have to be overwhelmed, something that you can certainly expect for the price of this system but it does not happen. It is a bit flat and without impact. Sometimes the balance is looking for what makes dialogues snowed under by various effects or the low roar of the subwoofer.

As soon as we turn on the music, we are slightly more positive, but again it must be said that Dynamore mode is a must especially if you listen to more up-tempo music in which a lot happens. The subwoofer guarantees for music a tight display with a nice punch, the sound field is wide and there is subtle placement in the room. There are even some details that emerge. But, here too, the criticism remains that there is little flexibility and dynamics in the audio reproduction. It lacks emotion, subtle details and a tight control. However, at high volume the soundbar is well able to hold it, without deforming or allowing certain elements to be snowed under.


The Teufel Cinebar Pro has a price of 1,299 euros and actually that is ours to the high side, looking at what you get in return. There is no support or reproduction of Dolby Atmos or DTS: X, the audio reproduction is not what this soundbar really excels in and in terms of design and size the soundbar and subwoofer also have to fit into your interior. Compared to the competition, the Teufel knows how to win in terms of (a lot of) connections, (a whole bunch of) streaming options, ease of use and a very tight bass. The most important points for improvement are in the audio reproduction; it lacks real impact, liveliness and control. Is it a bad soundbar? No, but for 1.299 euros you can get a better audio experience at the moment, where you may have to deliver on parts such as connections, streaming options and bass reproduction.


  • Audio quality does not match price
  • No ‘3D audio’ experience
  • Pricey


  • Many streaming options
  • Many connectivity options
  • Powerful and tight bass