Review: Teufel Boomster NG Bluetooth Speaker with DAB+

Teufel Boomster NG
Three years after the introduction of the first Boomster, Teufel released a new version of the speaker: the Teufel Boomster NG. This bluetooth speaker also has support for DAB+.

Three years after the introduction of the first Boomster, Teufel released a new version of the speaker: the Teufel Boomster NG. This bluetooth speaker also has support for DAB+.

Teufel Boomster NG – design

The Teufel Boomster NG has remained almost unchanged in design compared to the previous version, which was launched three years ago. The front is still a large speaker, with a subwoofer pointing down at the bottom. There is also an opening between the speaker and the plate where it rests, so that the subwoofer gets all the space to spread its sound. At the top is a handy handle, with which you can effortlessly lift and carry the speaker. This handle is sturdy and wide enough for a big hand.

Of course, the Teufel Boomster supports NG bluetooth (more on that later), but on the back we find even more connection possibilities. You can now connect devices via USB and a normal audio cable. Both options are hidden behind a rubber cap. There is also an opening for the plug and we also find the on-off button on the back for when you want to use the speaker on the battery. These options are all behind a similar rubber seal.

Because you can also listen to radio stations, the Teufel Boomster NG has a telescopic antenna. Not only can you receive radio stations via fm, you can also use DAB+. On the top we also find all the buttons. Buttons for switching the device on and off and for changing the source, but of course also for the volume and even some presets. Then there are also buttons for changing channels and even a button for adjusting the sound level of the subwoofer.

This time there is also a small LCD screen behind the grid of the speaker. In Teufel red, the speaker then shows all sorts of useful information, such as the chosen position that has been activated. You can also read to which radio station you are listening to. Perhaps the most useful feature is that you can check on the speaker how much energy the battery has left. That was not possible on the previous model, so you sometimes had to gamble whether you still had enough energy or the battery was unnecessarily charging early.

Teufel Boomster NG – specifications

The new Boomster is a bluetooth radio with stereo sound and a downfire subwoofer. The 3-channel system consists of two tweeters, two midrange speakers and one subwoofer. Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X and NFC is on board for wireless transfer in CD quality, and you can also call handsfree with the speaker (you press the bluetooth button on the speaker). The device has DAB + and FM-RDS radio, an automatic search function. The built-in battery has a playing time of up to ten hours.

The battery is replaceable by eight AA batteries for a playing time of up to six hours. Of course it is also possible to connect the speaker to the mains with the supplied adapter and to use it as long as you want. If you want to order the speaker directly, you can do so via the website of the manufacturer, for an amount of 344.99 euros. The Puck Control remote control makes it possible to control the volume and input selection in no time. This accessory is available for a price of 39.99 euros.

Teufel Boomster NG – installation and use

The Teufel Boomster NG is easy to install and use. When you press and hold the bluetooth button, the speaker will go into search mode. Then activate the bluetooth function on your smartphone or tablet (or television) and simply connect both devices. Make sure that both devices can find each other by activating the findability of your smart device. Do you want to play music via a smartphone or other device afterwards? Turn on the bluetooth connection and Kees is ready.

The other connection options also speak for themselves. When you pair a device through one of the above described possibilities, you will be able to start playing music immediately. If you want to use the radio, you can remove the telescopic antenna from its holder and slide it up a bit. That is a lot easier than with the previous model, because you still have to deal with a thread that you have to roll out and get up for the best (but often disappointing) result.

Fine about this type of speakers is that you can control the volume in two ways. This can be done via the touch buttons at the top, but also via a smart device that you have linked to it. For example via bluetooth or the audio cable. So it can be software-based if you want to. We preferred that because, for example, the laptop immediately opened the volume to one hundred percent. With the digital volume control we were able to tap into a much more subtle and finer sound level than with the total of ten levels on the speaker.

Another – personal – disadvantage is the material that Teufel uses for the surface where the buttons are incorporated. This is high-quality, shiny plastic, so that ugly fingerprints can easily occur. Initially such a surface looks beautiful and high-end, but – just like smartphones – those fingerprints throw a spanner in the works. Fortunately, you can also control a lot of parts from an app or smart device, so you can minimize the touch on that surface.

Teufel Boomster NG – audio quality

We have been able to test a lot of Teufel products in the past and are actually always enthusiastic about the sound quality. Sometimes because of the price / quality ratio, but more often because it just sounds good. This time we take into account that the device costs almost 350 euros and then the expectations go up anyway. And you might feel it coming a bit: although the sound quality is of a high level, we expected something more. Sometimes the sound sounds tinny.

We often find that tinny sound at the radio stations via DAB +, but sometimes also via bluetooth or the audio cable. It depends greatly on the type of music that we have played. For example, if we play the CD Cheek to Cheek by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (big band music), then the tones sound flawless. This kind of music brings with it a musical cacophony of high and low tones and makes everything come together nicely in the middle segment. That is what the Teufel Boomster NG can handle more than just fine.

Big band music is also characterized by suddenly being very low or very high. Even then it sounds good, but that is still the chosen music. With Tove Lo’s CD Queen of the Clouds, we sometimes notice that tinny sound, while Wild Things by Ladyhawke (electro pop) and Joanne by Lady Gaga (pop and country) sound bright and clean. Drones of Muse (hard rock, and a bit around it) certainly does not disappoint and we are talking about the opener Dead Inside, with its low drum notes.

It is often the higher tones that do not come into their own. Matthew Bellamy (singer of the band Muse) sounds a bit further away and measured a little bit and that is a shame – because his voice can go up quite a bit. That said, we do not want to give the impression that the Teufel Boomster NG performs poorly, but for 350 euros we did not expect this tinny sound. Even if we look at the Teufel brand and our experience with it; the Boomster XL is a speaker that we use every day.

Teufel Boomster NG – conclusion

It is clear that Teufel has opted for convenience and the general sound of everyday, but also somewhat more complicated pop music. A lot of music still sounds good on the Teufel Boomster NG, but when a singer or instrument goes up, it can happen that the sound is measured, tinny or sounds further away. And that is a shame, because that does not fully reflect a part of the music. You can expect more for an amount of 349.99 euros. The other tones do come into their own.

In addition, Teufel has only really focused on improvement. The addition of DAB + makes it a pleasant addition to your living room, without having to buy an extra product for your home. Also nice: the telescope antenna instead of the horrible wire! This device combines a good bluetooth speaker with the fine of digital radio and the convenience for both music with and without wire. The sturdy handle at the top makes this device also suitable for the park or a bedroom.


  • Sometimes tinny sound
  • Shiny plastic with touch buttons


  • Sleek, familiar design
  • Screen on the front
  • DAB+

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