Review: Teufel Bamster

Teufel Bamster
The Teufel Bamster is a sleek bluetooth speaker that features a distinctive knob that lets you control the volume. This speaker is the successor to the previously launched Teufel BT Bamster.
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The Teufel Bamster is a sleek bluetooth speaker that features a distinctive knob that lets you control the volume. This speaker is the successor to the previously launched Teufel BT Bamster. In this review we look at the speaker extensively.

Teufel Bamster – design and installation

The Teufel Bamster is a striking bluetooth speaker. It is a strikingly wide speaker with a sloping design. Because the device is slightly tilted, the music is not fired directly on the ceiling and can therefore reach the listener better. Behind the grid you can clearly see the woofers and tweeters, but luckily that does not look ugly. At the far right is a volume knob that you can turn on, as in the case of predecessor BT Bamster. The button is now incorporated in the casing, instead of on the speaker. It is a unique design.

To see if the speaker is on or not, there is also a red stripe on the side of that volume knob. If you want to pair the Bamster with a smartphone via bluetooth, that red light will flash. With an affirmative tune you are sure that the installation is successful. But before you get there, you need to know how you link the Bamster. There are only two buttons on the back. One with which you turn the speaker on and off and one with which you put the music on pause and play; you therefore also connect.

You have to hold down the button for a second or five and have bluetooth activated on your smartphone or tablet. After that, both devices will soon find each other and the connection is successful. An audio cable can also be connected, so you can also use devices without bluetooth in combination with the Bamster. That is always a welcome addition, especially because bluetooth can still use a lot of energy on a mobile device. There is also a micro-usb connection where you charge the speaker.

There are no buttons or connections available. The Bamster looks cool and solid and that’s how he feels when you hold it. It is not a heavy device, but due to its long shape it will probably not fit into all (compact) bags. On the left, there is also an opening for a band or rope. When you get something like that through the opening, you could hang the Teufel Bamster somewhere, for example on your bag. The speaker is not very high or thick and is completely black (except for the light).

Teufel Bamster – use

Using the Teufel Bamster is very simple. If you have finished the coupling process, not even a few seconds, the speaker is already on. Otherwise you can shift the on and off button on the back. Then you choose a music source on another device and you can immediately start listening. Through the pause and play button on the back you can stop the music and continue later. When you press it twice, you go to the next number. Going to a previous number is not possible.

The volume button works as you would expect. By scrolling upwards you increase the volume level. And by scrolling down, you lower that level. That is not all that special. What the speaker has something unique, is the sloping design. The speaker stands at an angle of 35 degrees and can therefore easily be placed on a desk, so that the music is fired directly at the listener. It is also the case that the LED bar on the volume button can indicate that the battery, of 2400mAh, is almost ready for a charge.

Teufel Bamster – audio quality

What is immediately noticeable when listening is that the bass sound is not so satisfactory. That sound goes up a bit in the background, while the higher tones come out much better. So if you listen to music with a clear bass line or a lot of drumming, the sound can be muffled. Putting the volume up is no use because the harder you put the speaker, the more it becomes a cacophony of unpleasant tones. We therefore also recommend keeping the sound at a normal level to prevent this.

That the Teufel Bamster does not have such an impressive bass sound is understandable. The device is compact, so there is no room for strong woofers. Fortunately, those higher tones come out well. It is also true that we hear a clear stereo sound when we listen to music and that is always pleasant. If you are looking for extra power and you still have a Teufel speaker at home, you can connect them together for even better stereo sound. Anyway, you do not get this speaker in the house.

Teufel Bamster – conclusion

When you consider the Teufel Bamster, you are most likely looking for a bluetooth speaker that is affordable. With a price of about 140 euros you may pay a lot for a speaker, but you also get a lot in return. The Teufel Bamster has a firm housing and does not creak when you hold it. Besides a bluetooth connection, you also find it important to be able to use an audio cable for the music. And you’re just looking for a no-nonsense speaker that you can use without a manual.

In addition to a compact but elongated design, the Teufel Bamster also has only two buttons. There is a slider to turn the device on and off and with the other button you put the music on pause and on play, you can activate the bluetooth connection, connect another Teufel speaker and you can go to the next number. The tones in the middle and the higher segment come out well in the Bamster, but the bass sounds a bit muffled. Oh and with the battery, which lasts more than ten hours, it’s also a mustache.

The Teufel Bamster is really not a bad speaker. Especially when you were enthusiastic about the previous model, the BT Bamster. This Bamster is going through a number of important changes. For example, the speaker can be used for longer and the sound quality has also improved, despite the compact design. The Bamster does not look great on a desk, for example in your work or office, thanks to the sloping design. If you still find that 140 euros too much, wait a moment. But for around 100 euros you will not find much better than this.


  • Sound is muted
  • Bass sound is not that deep


  • Battery life of more than ten hours
  • Rotary
  • Value for money