Review: Teufel Bamster Pro – bluetooth speaker with dial

Teufel Bamster Pro
The Teufel Bamster Pro is a remarkable bluetooth speaker with a large, easily accessible rotary knob for the volume. You can read about the design and the sound quality in this review.
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The Teufel Bamster Pro is a remarkable bluetooth speaker with a large, easily accessible rotary knob for the volume. You can read about the design and the sound quality in this review.

Teufel Bamster Pro – design and installation

The Teufel Bamster Pro is a striking device. Especially when you have him next to you on your desk or on the cupboard to provide the room with clear background noise. In the middle is a large, round button where you can turn. You can also press the button to pause the music. There are a number of other buttons around the button: for example, there is one for the previous and next song, for the bluetooth connection and for widening the music reproduction. It all speaks for itself and is neatly presented.

The rest of the front is all loudspeaker. The box is delivered in a high housing, so there is enough room for example to make attractive bass sound. The materials feel high quality and nowhere have we got the idea that the manufacturer has cut back on something. The back is slightly tilted and has three rubber anti-slip strips. As a result, the Bamster Pro always stays in place and does not fall over just like that.

There are only two connections at the top. That should in principle be enough, since you probably connect this speaker via bluetooth to your smartphone or laptop. There is an audio cable connection, so you can also play music without a wireless connection. There is also a micro-usb connection. On the back is a remarkable connection for the charger. You click it under the speaker, as it were, after which it is fully charged within a few hours and you can get ahead with it.

Teufel Bamster Pro – use

Putting the Teufel Bamster Pro into use is very simple. The buttons at the front speak for themselves and do exactly what you expect them to do. The buttons themselves are made of rubber and respond well to the input of the user. There is no delay between the moment of input and the action of the speaker, so you immediately know where you stand. In addition, it is nice that there is both a button for the next and the previous number. Many bluetooth speakers do not have such buttons.

Around the large button in the middle is also a LED light strip. This colors red when you are busy with the volume. The redder the color and the more color you see around the button, the harder the music is. That is a simple and convenient way to indicate volume, so you do not have to determine the volume on feeling. In the beginning, of course, but at a given moment you know how much red you have to see to get an optimal sound out of it. The same system is also present in the simpler version of the Bamster of Teufel.

One of the other conveniences of this speaker is that the device is not heavy at all. You can easily take it with you in a bag, without you noticing that by weight. He may be a bit bulky in terms of size, but with a large bag you will not be bothered by it. In terms of battery life you can expect a period of more than ten hours, with just an hour or three charging. That is a decent time, especially for the sound quality that you get out of it. The easy installation process also speaks volumes for ease of use.

Teufel Bamster Pro – audio quality

The sound quality is of a high level. Make sure that the speaker is on a good surface and not surrounded by wood (for example when it is in the cupboard) or a wall (when you place it on a shelf on the wall). The speaker does need the space to come into its own, but that is not bad at all. It is something that you can take into account. On a desk, for example, the Teufel Bamster Pro does not go well. You can also easily take it outside, for example in the park.

The more space the speaker gets, the better the sound will sound. The bass is well present and fortunately the other tones do not dominate. The speaker can easily fill a (large) room with sound and does not even have to be full to it. If you do, you may hear the sound being distorted. adat is also closely related to the sound quality of the source and the way in which the music is processed. But generally the music sounds crystal clear, regardless of the source. So be careful not to put him at his hardest.

In order to make sure that the music can fill a room, you can also press the button for widening the music display. This button ensures that the bass sound is lost, but in a large room the music sounds a bit nicer and clearer. A singer or singer seems, when you activate the function, to stand between the musicians instead of in front of them. Unfortunately, you can not adjust the effect yourself; sometimes it happens that other tones sometimes fall away due to the widening.

Teufel Bamster Pro – conclusion

However, you will not easily find a better bluetooth speaker for this price. When about 230 euros does not fit within your budget, you will have to wait a little longer before it becomes cheaper. Because you are looking for a good bluetooth speaker without obvious disadvantages – the mentioned disadvantages in this review are not strange for a bluetooth speaker, and also occur with cheaper and even more expensive models -, then you do well for the Teufel Bamster Pro. Do not put it too hard, is the advice; but that is so very often.

For the amount you get a fantastic product that can easily handle all sorts of music sources. The better the source of the music, the better the quality of the sound from this speaker. So do yourself a favor and ensure a good quality of your music collection, so that the Teufel Bamster Pro also comes into its own. The controls are great, the buttons feel nice and react quickly and the quality of the music is more than good. Certainly for this price you will not often find something better, which is also so compact, light and solidly built.


  • The sound may distort at high volumes


  • Good sound reproduction
  • Compact, sturdy and light
  • Large multifunctional rotary knob