Review: Tennis World Tour

Review : Tennis World Tour - The animations are not smooth everywhere, the characters sometimes look a bit strange.
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Review: Tennis World Tour – Fans of digital tennis have had a hard time in recent years, as no games were released around their favorite sport. The last big title was EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis from 2012. The aforementioned group of people was therefore very happy that Tennis World Tour was announced for the PlayStation 4 and that the studio behind the game consisted of people who had participated in Top Spin 4 This game came out in 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and was able to score well. So there seemed nothing to stand in the way of making Tennis World Tour a great tennis experience.

Tennis World Tour – First impression

As a team of veterans have worked on Tennis World Tour, you still assume that the production value will splash out. However, the game quickly shows that you do not have to count on this. When you play a match you soon see that it is nice graphically, but that is exactly what it says. The animations are not smooth everywhere, the characters sometimes look a bit strange and the audience looks like you are playing on the PlayStation 3. There has also been tried to add comments to the game, but more than one attempt you can not name it. The spoken texts are not only brought up with very little emotion, there are also very few sentences available. Already at my very first game, I got exactly the same sentences from my first two winning points. It is a pity, but graphics and sound are of course not the most important points when it comes to a tennis game.

Review: Tennis World Tour -

Tennis World Tour – Full control

To play a good tennis game it is important to give the player the complete give control over the athlete on the screen. Any mistakes that are made are then always due to the player and this ensures that he or she gets the idea that it can be improved. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Tennis World Tour. In itself it plays nice, because you have several kinds of blows at your disposal to put your opponent on the wrong foot. By holding down the corresponding button, you can also hit harder and by using the analog stick while holding down an action button, you can steer the ball in a certain direction. However, it may happen that pressing the action button is not registered. If the intention was to save the ball in the opposite direction to where you are going, your character will walk away from the ball and you will no longer be able to hit the ball. You will not be happy with that.

It is very unfortunate that this happens regularly, because if you play a rally where everything reacts well, you notice that there is quite some fun to be had. The AI ​​of your opponent is reasonable and making good use of certain shots and trying to outwit your opponent is fun and it gives you great satisfaction if you get a point after a long rally through a well-timed shot. But this ‘high’ is kicked back nine of the ten times the next turn, because you do not respond well to your commands and you inadvertently go wrong again. You will occasionally have a smile on your face, but you will also regularly want to throw your controller through the TV, because a point is lost without your fault.

Review: Tennis World Tour -

Three is one

What you will not be happy about is the number of modes, because there are only three of them, where you will eventually use only one of them: the career mode. Here you can create your own character and try to become the number one in the world. You can gradually pick up, buy new rackets, outfits and such and train trainers. It is all fairly basic, but here you will spend most of your time, because you work towards a goal here. The other possibilities you have are playing a loose game or a mode that explains everything. You have nothing at all for a single game, because you can not win or unlock anything. Maybe you play it once to master the controls, but then you might as well choose the training mode. But again, you will not be able to touch it again after one time.

Tennis World Tour – Half-baked product

Because there is something to criticize on every level and especially because of the poor audiovisual part and the meager number of modes, you think it is a budget title. Only that is not the case. The game is offered for the full 60 euros, as if it were a game with a high production value. However, the game still has a long way to go to justify this prize. But it can be worse. Previously you could read about which modes the game has, but there is actually one: an online mode. That online mode is still unavailable until the moment of writing, where the game has been out for two weeks now and the promised update with this mode never came … In other words: Tennis World Tour is anything but finished and you get a half-baked product and that is still the case today.