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Review: Sony XR-65A90J (A90J series) OLED TV

Sony XR-65A90J – Ease of use and smart TV

The A90J features the same chipset we found on the 2020 XH90. The MediaTek MT5895, equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 CPU, 3GB RAM and the Mali-G52 GPU. This chipset provides a great user experience, every action in the interface runs smoothly and quickly.

This Sony is also one of the first models with the new Google TV, since version 10 it is the successor to Android TV.

We already saw that new is not necessarily better with the latest version of LG WebOS, and it seems to us that Google TV is suffering from the same problems. The interface still fills the entire screen, but where you could extensively personalize the start screen with Android TV, that option seems to have disappeared with Google TV. At the top you can choose the ‘Home’ screen or ‘Apps’. The Home screen shows a limited selection of your apps, which you can fortunately still adjust.

In the rows below, Google TV shows recommendations from various streaming apps. In our case, those were Prime Video, myCanal, Google Play Films, YouTube, Viki, Molotov and Rakuten. We must disappoint those who hoped to be able to replace it with Netflix, for example, that option seems to have disappeared completely. Plex did appear in the list as soon as we installed it. Even simply changing the order didn’t seem possible.

We will soon be making a separate review for Google TV, when we have had a little more time to evaluate the new interface.

Fortunately, nothing has changed: Sony’s quick menus. You can adjust a whole series of settings via a ribbon at the bottom of the screen, and you can also personalize that list. The input button also shows a ribbon at the bottom of the screen, in which you will not only find external inputs, but also apps. This list is also adjustable so that you can use it as a quick launch bar

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