Review: Sony V90DW – audio system with lighting for a party

The Sony V90DW MUTEKI is actually an all-in-one audio system for those who like to have a party. It weighs quite a bit and is 170cm high, you can easily move the monster thanks to wheels.
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Sometimes manufacturers launch products that you do not really see the use of, or in which you would not spend your money on yourself. But, you would still want to test these products briefly to see what it actually is. The Sony V90DW MUTEKI is such a device and since we had to organize two parties in the past two weeks, this was the perfect time to put this monster in the garden.

What is the Sony V90DW MUTEKI?

The Sony V90DW MUTEKI is actually an all-in-one audio system for those who like to have a party. It is not a small system; it weighs quite a bit and is 170cm high, but fortunately you can easily move the monster thanks to wheels. Everything about the Sony V90DW MUTEKI is all about audio and light; with four tweeters, four mid-range drivers, two woofers and on the back two LED strobes that can provide the back wall with disco effects. The front is also equipped with LED lighting; each driver colors along with the music.

With Sony V90DW MUTEKI you also have access to a touch panel where you can control the audio reproduction and light reproduction by touching and gesturing. And the price, that is not wrong. You pay 1,400 euros for this system.

Full of features and possibilities

Fortunately for 1,400 euros you get a really complete system, in all respects. You can not think of it so badly or it’s over. This allows you to display your media in almost any format and through any medium; usb, WiFi, bluetooth, Spotify Connect, CD and even DVD. You can go in any direction with it. The operation can also be done in numerous ways; via touch on the front, by means of gestures above the ‘disc’ and via the free Music Center app and Fiestable-app from Sony.

On the touch-display there is one circle with which you can use the movements in front of the display to get the audio reproduction can influence. You have the choice between different modes; DJ, Playback, Karaoke and Sampler. Depending on the mode, you can add effects to the music, cheering or screaming people, adding drums, adjusting the volume or simply going to the next or previous track. You do this by moving left, right, up or down with your hand just before the display. Here, too, the possibilities are endless, but I am not a DJ and I will never be one, so if you are a semi-professional DJ, I will leave you in the middle. It is fun, however; everyone wanted to play with it.

You can also switch off the touch and gesture functions of the device and operate purely via the apps. The Music Center app is in any case the app you start with, to set up the device and link it to your WiFi network. You can then choose the music source, control the music playback and adjust settings, for example, the audio mode and the lighting mode. If you want to go further and also use the DJ functions on the disc within an app, you can download the Fiestable app. With this you can do the same as on the touch display at the front but then in an app.

Audio quality and lighting of Sony V90DW MUTEKI

The possibilities of the V90DW MUTEKI are endless, but what about the quality? Can you really give it a nice party? Let me first say that this system immediately catches the eye and attracts attention. Everyone wants to know what it is and how it works; you can not ignore it. But you can not ignore the audio quality either. At low volume there is a great sound and a background music is certainly among the possibilities, but as soon as it gets a little later and the music gets a little bit heavier, the V90DW MUTEKI only really shows what it can do. There is an unprecedentedly impressive ‘party sound’, with a very wide spread (also in the depth), nice deep low and sufficient clarity in the vocals. It just sounds very tight for a party, but we did not dare to put it full open. The chance is that the whole neighborhood can enjoy it. Incidentally, you also have plenty of setting options for audio playback. You can even use the equalizer to get started, you can choose one of the standard modes and you can also add some extra bass. The latter option is a bit too forced for us, but the fact is that there are many who want to emphasize the low tones.

The lighting is a very nice extra feature of V90DW MUTEKI, of course only when it’s dark enough to to see illumination. On the front the LEDs nicely color along with the drivers, but the most interesting are the LED strobes on the backside that illuminate the rear wall or space behind the speaker in different patterns and colors. This light is bright enough to create a nice disco effect, but the placement is important here. Also for the lighting you have different modes to choose from; quiet, flickering, Fiesta, etc.

All in all I can say that the V90DW MUTEKI is a nice addition to a garden party, both in terms of audio quality and lighting and in terms of the many possibilities you have to display your favorite music . Even a Karaoke evening is possible thanks to Karaoke effects, microphone inputs and DVD player with HDMI output. Perhaps something for the next time …

For whom?

The question of who this system is actually suitable for, certainly also looking at the price of 1,400 euros, still hangs a bit. After all, it is a lot of money for that one garden party every year. And the display on the front makes it hard for the real party DJ to work. Who is going to stand in front of his speaker? Anyway, Sony indicates that this system is mainly bought for the party shack of young people, the mancave under the house, for use in gyms and still party DJs who see it as part of their entire system. Apparently there is a market for this, even in this price range. We really enjoyed it during two parties and if you look at the audio quality (on a large volume), the lighting and the possibilities, that price can be understood somewhere. It gives your party at least that little bit extra allure and pit.

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