Review: Sonoro Faller OSKAR : A wireless TV speaker to improve dialogue clarity

Review: Sonoro Faller OSKAR : A wireless TV speaker to improve dialogue clarity. It is designed to respond to a real problem, significantly improves dialogue clarity for a better TV experience.

When hearing abilities decline, understanding dialogue clearly on television can become a challenge. Turning up the TV volume seems like a quick and effective solution. But in truth, it only amplifies all the sounds of your movies and series, including background noise. You indeed amplify the level of the voices but the chaos between the voices and the ambient noises remains the same. The voices are no longer understandable. Faller OSKAR is a wireless solution designed to allow you to continue to clearly understand the dialogues without having to increase the sound volume of the television. In this test, I present to you this new solution, developed by the German manufacturer Sonoro. I will explain to you how to install this device to take advantage of a better highlighting of the voices as well as all the possibilities offered by this device.

Faller OSKAR: a family story

OSKAR was born from the desire of the founder Marcell Faller to improve the living comfort of his father (and his family in general). The latter suffered from a loss of hearing and had to make more and more efforts to clearly understand the sound of the television. However, he no longer really understood the dialogues and got tired quickly because of the listening effort. Beyond being a constraint for himself, the fact of increasing the volume of the television was also a source of annoyance for his family and neighbors. Noise pollution, difficulty of dialogue or even hearing fatigue: considerably increasing the volume of the television has many disadvantages.

The Faller Audio brand is a registered trademark of Sonoro . It benefits from the 15 years of experience of the German giant in the development of musical systems. The devices developed and manufactured under the Faller Audio brand are solutions for seniors and people with hearing problems. Faller Audio has made it its mission to offer these people a better quality of listening for the pleasures of everyday life.

During two years of intensive development, the engineers as well as the CEO of Sonoro spoke with many people suffering from hearing loss, ENT doctors, international research companies in the field of audiology and audiologists. in order to develop the best possible product: OSKAR.

How does the Faller OSKAR voice amplifier work?

The Faller OSKAR voice amplifier is based on the same principle as the Sennheiser RS5200 and RS175-U headphones tested on the blog a few months back . With the difference that we are on a speaker format, not headphones.

A docking station plugged into your TV for wireless streaming to the speaker

The docking station is the central element of this solution. Once plugged into the television, it is this which allows the sound of your films and television programs to be broadcast wirelessly to the OSKAR speaker. In addition to occupying the function of “audio transmitter”, the docking station also serves as a base for recharging the battery integrated in the wireless speaker.

The two elements of the Faller OSKAR voice amplifier (the station and the speaker) communicate with each other on a low latency LC3 frequency band (2402 GHz – 2480 GHz). This helps prevent interference with other connected devices in the home. The latency between the television image and the sound broadcast is thus reduced to a minimum for perfect image/sound synchronization and entertainment in the best possible conditions.

A wireless speaker to follow you everywhere in the house

The Faller OSKAR wireless speaker incorporates a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 16-hour battery life. You are off to long hours of audiovisual entertainment. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Charging is done simply by placing the speaker on the docking station. It is also possible to recharge the speaker on a mains socket without going through the docking station thanks to its USB-C port.

The maximum range between the transmitter and the wireless speaker is 30 meters. This long distance allows you to take your speaker into the kitchen in order to continue to follow your TV programme. Its carrying handle also contributes to moving the speaker with ease.

How to connect the Faller OSKAR voice amplifier to the TV?

It doesn’t matter if your TV is old or new: the Faller OSKAR voice amplifier has been designed to adapt to any TV. Connecting the docking station to your TV is as simple as possible:

1 – Plug the docking station into a powered USB port on your TV or a power outlet.

2 – Connect the docking station to your TV using an optical digital audio cable or an analog mini-jack audio cable .

3 – Start a movie and enjoy your soundtracks directly on the OSKAR wireless speaker. No other configuration is required.

OSKAR is an extremely easy-to-install TV accessory to enjoy your movies and TV shows with better dialogue clarity.

Can I connect the OSKAR speaker to a mini-system or a radio set?

Although the Faller OSKAR voice amplifier was designed for use with the television, it is not solely dedicated to this. Thanks to the analog and digital inputs of the docking station, it is quite possible to connect it to a mini HiFi system or even a radio set to enjoy your radio stations and avoid pushing the volume to the maximum.

A small radio is easy to move around, however mini one-piece systems, although relatively compact, are not meant to be moved from one room in the house to another. Faller OSKAR then appears to be an excellent solution. You can clearly hear your favorite radio programs quietly installed in your armchair, when you are in the kitchen or even in the bathroom depending on the size of your house (because remember, the signal range is 30 meters maximum). 

Watch TV without disturbing your family, spouse or neighbors

OSKAR solves a problem widely encountered in people with diminished hearing. It allows you to clearly hear the voices of movies, TV shows and series without increasing the volume of the TV to a level that could disturb people around you. With OSKAR, you will no longer need to push the TV volume to the maximum to hope to understand the dialogues.

Don’t be cut off from the discussions! With OSKAR, you can always watch TV together. When running through digital cabling, it is possible not to mute the TV sound using OSKAR. Your grandchildren continue to watch TV at normal volume and you place OSKAR by your side to hear the dialogue clearly. Share friendly family moments without any constraints.

A TV solution designed to improve dialogue intelligibility

Three levels of vocal emphasis

In order to optimize dialogue understanding, Sonoro engineers have developed a unique voice enhancement technology: a frequency on which all voices are united, while masking background noise. Two full-range loudspeakers and a passive driver ensure the best sound and clear voice reproduction. With the Faller OSKAR voice amplifier, you will benefit from clear acoustic relief and better dialogue intelligibility.

Choose the level of voices from three different filter settings. An intelligent algorithm ensures the continuous dynamic adjustment of the TV sound to improve the sound of your TV. The higher the filter level, the more the voices are audible and stand out from the background noise. The level of highlighting of the voices is carried out directly from the wireless speaker. A large button and a system of numbered diodes allows you to switch from one level to another.

Just below this button we find a headphone output in 3.5mm mini-jack format. This allows you to enjoy your TV programs in a more intimate way if you do not want to disturb those around you. This headphone output benefits from the voice emphasis settings offered by OSKAR.

Faller OSKAR: the solution compatible with hearing aids

When hearing deteriorates, many people resort to hearing aids. “Headphone” type solutions may therefore not be suitable for improving TV viewing. Circum-auricular headphones can put pressure on the hearing aid and cause discomfort. Let’s not talk about in-ear headphones, with which these devices are not compatible at all.

The speaker format of the Faller OSKAR solution allows anyone, whether they have a hearing aid or not, to be able to listen to TV with better emphasis on voices. This way, you won’t need to remove your device just to be able to watch your shows and movies.

Faller OSKAR: the accessible TV solution for everyone

Faller OSKAR is a TV solution accessible to everyone. By that I mean that it is extremely simple to set up. No complex configuration is necessary. All you need to do is plug the station into the TV with the correct cable. Especially since all the cables are provided! You have no questions about which cable to choose. OSKAR comes with an optical cable and a mini-jack cable to connect the station to your TV as well as a USB cable and a USB power adapter for powering the device. This is a true out-of-the-box solution! 

For the control of the enclosure: nothing more simple! The German manufacturer has chosen to offer two buttons for easy control. A knob allows you to turn on the speaker and adjust the sound volume. The second allows you to  select the level of highlighting of the voices. Nothing could be more simple and ergonomic.

A speaker that follows you everywhere, even outside the house

Its compact format, its low weight (877 grams in total) as well as its carrying handle, make the Faller OSKAR totally suitable for use outside your main residence. It will take up very little space in your suitcase when you go on vacation, for example. Also, you can simply install it on the television of your hotel or your vacation rental. Because unfortunately, hearing problems are not just present at home. Faller OSKAR is the solution that helps you hear your TV dialogues better, wherever you are. 

My opinion on the Sonoro Faller OSKAR wireless TV speaker

Faller OSKAR fulfills its mission perfectly in my opinion. It makes it possible to highlight the dialogues, while offering extremely simple and pleasant ergonomics for everyday use. I mainly tested this speaker with the “FRIENDS” series, which is mainly focused on dialogue. Like many American series, there are a lot of “public laughter” type additions that can be disturbing for the good understanding of the dialogues. With OSKAR, everything becomes clearer. These laughs and background noises are much less felt. We can clearly focus on the dialogues between the different protagonists. The different levels of emphasis of the voices are very convincing. I notice a nice difference between level 1 and level 3, 

Faller OSKAR: the ultimate solution to improve the sound of your TV

The Faller OSKAR wireless solution , designed to respond to a real problem, significantly improves dialogue clarity for a better TV experience. Marcell Faller offers a solution to improve the listening comfort of his father but also of all those who would like to enjoy clear and limpid sound when watching television. After two years of intensive development in collaboration with audiology professionals, OSKAR appears to be an essential and remarkably effective solution for better listening quality.

 We loved

  • The different levels of highlighting of the voices.
  • The simplicity of installation and use of the device.

We would have liked

  • A variation in different colors.