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Review: Smart Innr filament lamps with E27 fitting (RF 263 and RF 265)

Review: Smart Innr filament lamps are very good options to expand your smart lighting with lamps that are part of your interior.

Smart Innr filament lamps : In this review we look at the new filament lamps from the Dutch company Innr, equipped with an E27 fitting. These lamps can be linked with the Hue Bridge.

Competition in the market for smart lighting is becoming increasingly fierce, especially in the Netherlands. Philips may be the market leader with Hue, but the company faces competition from Innr, among others. This Dutch company already has a nice range of smart lamps and has recently added the first filament lamps. In this review we look at these new filament lamps, equipped with an E27 fitting.

What are the Smart Innr filament lamps?

Innr’s new glass filament lamps are modeled on the classic incandescent lamps used in Europe. Due to the high energy consumption, incandescent lamps are no longer produced, but we still like to see this classic incandescent lamp in our interior in recent years. That is the reason for the emergence of smart filament LED lamps, matte fixtures in which the lamp is clearly visible.

Both new releases of the filament bulbs are dimmable via the Innr app, have a clear glass bulb and save up to 80 percent electricity compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. Both types are available in a single and a double pack. The lamps have a beam angle of 320 degrees and a lifespan of approximately 15,000 burning hours.

The RF 263 variant has a gold coating. For this reason, this product is marketed with the addition ‘Vintage’ (candlelight). The Vintage has a white tint of 2,200K, the output is 350lm, it consumes 4.2W and the lamp has an A + energy label. The RF 265 variant has clear white glass and is called ‘White’. This version has a white tint of 2,700K, the output is 806lm, it consumes 6.3W and the lamp has energy class A ++.

The lamps can be controlled via the Zigbee 3.0 protocol and are therefore suitable for use with, for example, the Innr Bridge, Philips Hue Bridge, Samsung SmartThings Bridge, Amazon Echo Show or Plus (2nd gen). Both E27 lamps have been available since the beginning of August. The RF 263 Vintage costs 16.99 euros, while the RF 265 White is sold for 17.99 euros.


We have already briefly discussed the design above and it is not very exciting either. After all, the name of the lamps – filament lamps – says it all. They are provided with a clear white glass ball or a glass ball with a gold coating. The former therefore gives a somewhat whiter, functional light, while the second lamp gives a warmer and atmospheric light. The glass ball is of good quality and the LEDs inside are not reminiscent of a modern LED lamp but of a classic light bulb with a modern twist. That is the whole purpose of these filament lamps.

They are part of the interior and not necessarily intended to be hidden under or behind a hood. It is of course a personal choice how you use the lamp, but these filament lamps are mainly intended to be turned naked in a fitting or to be placed in a transparent shade / sphere. They have a sleek finish and fit perfectly with today’s interior trends.

As far as the design is concerned, a downside, or rather something that you have to take into account. The glass ball is quite sensitive, not only to dirt and fingerprints, but also to small scratches. So use it sparingly and use a microfiber cloth to clean the lamp.

Installation and use

You have plenty of choice when it comes to installation. The lamps have the ZigBee standard, so that they can be connected with hubs and bridges that support this standard. Think of the Innr bridge itself, the Philips Hue Bridge, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo and the Homey. There is also a stand-alone Innr remote control and if you link the lamps with the Hue Bridge you can also use the accessories from Hue. We have opted for installation through the already installed Hue Bridge.

Installing and adding the Innr filament lamps is just as easy as a Hue lamp. You place the lamp in the fitting and make sure it is on. Then open the Hue app and let it search for new lamps. It may take a while, but then the new lamps will appear in the list, you can change the names and place them in a specific room. A child can do the laundry.

Smart Innr filament lamps

Since the Innr lamps have now been placed in the Hue app, they can also be operated as Hue lamps. Keep in mind that these are lamps with one shade of white; you can adjust the brightness to your liking, but the color of the light remains the same. Aside from that, you can use them in rooms with Hue lights, control them with the Hue remote or sensors, and place them in scenes along with other lights. You can read more about all the possibilities of the Hue app in our previous review about Philips Hue .

Smart Innr filament lamps

So we have little to complain about the use of the Innr lamps, although there seems to be a little more delay when we replace the Hue lamps for the Innr lamps. It is only a small second, but the Innr lamps take a little longer to receive input from the remote control and go to the set brightness. Is that bad? No, but it does stand out.


The quality of the Innr lamps can be compared to the quality of the products of the market leader; Philips Hue. And that is a positive thing, because in terms of price, Innr often manages to dive under the Hue. The brightness of the White version (RF 265) is the same as the Hue White Ambiance (806 lumens). The brightness of the Vintage version (RF 263) is a lot lower with 350 lumens, but is therefore mainly intended as mood light. As mentioned, you have no choice in the hue of the light, only the brightness can be adjusted. If you want to play with shades of white, you should go for a standard LED lamp from Innr or a White Ambiance lamp from Hue.

Smart Innr filament lamps

Smart Innr filament lamps – Conclusion

All in all, the Innr filament lamps are very good options to expand your smart lighting with lamps that are part of your interior. The filament lamps have a classic design with a modern twist, are easy to connect to and use with various existing systems (including Philips Hue), offer sufficient (atmospheric) light and with prices of 17 and 18 euros, they have a perfect price. quality ratio. In our opinion, the Innr filament lamps are absolutely recommended.

Pros of Smart Innr filament lamps

  • Perfect value for money
  • Good light quality
  • Compatible with Hue (and other hubs)
  • For current interior trends

Negatives of Smart Innr filament lamps

  • Sensitive to scratches and dirt

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