Review: Silvercrest SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker- Let down by catastrophic sound reproduction

Review: Silvercrest SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker is very cheep Bluetooth speaker which is let down by its catastrophic sound reproduction.
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Review: Silvercrest SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker – The Silvercrest speaker, responding to the sweet name of SBL TW3 A1, is one of the most conventional ultra-portable Bluetooth devices. The quality of manufacture and finish is basic, the enclosure not benefiting from any particular resistance, neither to water, nor to shocks – it must therefore be kept away from water points. That said, we didn’t notice any noticeable flaws or malfunctions during our two weeks of use.

No fuss when it comes to handling and using the speaker. The five mechanical buttons provide access to all the essential controls (management of music playback / switching on with the Play button, volume management and navigation between tracks with the “+” and “-” buttons, Bluetooth pairing and activation of the stereo coupling with a second speaker) and some sound / light indications allow the user to be guided to a minimum. Newbies are advised to use the manual for the first time, but regulars will have no trouble finding their feet.

Silvercrest  SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker

The speaker is also connected in a very classic way in Bluetooth or in wired mode via the mini-jack input. The microUSB port is present for charging the speaker. Considering its volume, the SBL TW3 A1 from Silvercrest offers good battery life. We steadily exceeded 12 hours of use during our testing period with varying listening volume, ranging from 50 to 70%. Nonetheless, we would have really appreciated that the audible low battery alert didn’t sound and briefly interrupt playback every 30s …

The cold shower nevertheless arrives as soon as you start reading. The ultra-portable Silvercrest speaker is simply incapable of giving the slightest satisfaction in terms of sound reproduction. The rendering is very rugged, aggressive, nasal and rough, the timbres are not respected and the dynamics are very crushed. The extreme shyness of the highs brings a muffled aspect, while the emphasis on the upper mids adds as a bonus a particularly unpleasant acid sound. The speaker also struggles a lot on the bass side, whether in terms of depth, balance or definition. The result is an extremely pronounced box effect. To top it off, the correct power reserve of the loudspeaker, given its volume (sufficient in theory for a small room), is not at all exploitable.

                                                        Frequency response measurement


  • Integrated battery for up to 19 hours of music enjoyment at medium volume
  • True Wireless Stereo Function (TWS): Wireless stereo sound between two speakers
  • 3.5 mm AUX input for connecting external audio devices
  • Compatible with all common smartphones and tablets
  • Bluetooth® button for uncomplicated device connection
    Mobile charging via micro USB charging port
  • Incl. USB-A-to-Micro-USB charging cable and instructions for use with quick start guide

Technical specifications

Output power 1 x 3 W RMS
Bluetooth®v5.0 range Up to 10 m
Dimensions Approx. W 75 x H 90 x D 75 mm
Weight Approx. 240 g (with batteries)

Silvercrest SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker – Conclusion

Despite a decent user experience and very decent battery life, the ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker from Silvercrest completely misses its point when it comes to sound reproduction. We much prefer the proposal of the models from JBL (read here our five affordable proposed models), speakers at low prices that are significantly more efficient to properly enjoy your music.

Positives of Silvercrest SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker

  • Complete orders.
  • Possibility of coupling a second speaker in stereo.
  • Good autonomy, although lower than announced (14 hrs at very low listening volume, against 19 hrs claimed).

Negatives of Silvercrest SBL TW3 A1 portable Bluetooth speaker

  • Terrible sound reproduction.
  • Very limited usable power reserve.
  • Basic design.

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