Review: Samsung UE55RU7470 (RU7400 series) lcd led tv

Review: Samsung probably automatically thinks about QLED. But the Korean manufacturer has a number of LCD TVs that do not use quantum dots .
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Whoever says Samsung probably automatically thinks about QLED. But the Korean manufacturer also has a number of LCD TVs that do not use quantum dots . They are a lot cheaper, so we wonder what you really give up for the lower price.

Samsung UE55RU7470 – specifications

  • What: Ultra HD 4K LCD TV, edge led
  • Screen size: 55 inch (139 cm), flat
  • Connections: 3x HDMI (v2.0, ARC, ALLM), 1x optical digital out, 2x USB, 2x antenna, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2
  • Extras: HDR10 +, HDR10, HLG, WiFi (802.11 ac) built-in, Samsung Smart Hub, USB / DLNA media player, DVB-T2 / C / S2, single CI + slot
  • Dimensions: 1,239 x 800 x 361 mm (incl. base)
  • Weight: 19.7 kg (incl. foot)
  • Consumption: 114 / 0.5 watt (Energy rating A)
  • List price: 819 euro

Samsung UE55RU7470 – Design

No premium materials in the design of the RU7470 series, but a beautifully finished device. Although the silver-colored frame is quite flashy, and when viewed from the side it makes you fear that the device looks a bit thicker, the opposite is soon apparent. The back has no thicker part, but is gently arched so that it is hardly noticeable that it is a little deeper in the middle. As a result, the frame is also the only thing you notice in profile.

The V-shaped base, silver-colored and with a dark neck, sets a nice accent under the device. The neck is provided with a handy cover at the back where you lead the cables away.

Samsung UE55RU7470

SAMSUNG UE55RU7470 – Connections

This television is equipped with three HDMI 2.0 connections with ARC and ALLM. All three are on the side of the device together with the two USB connections, the digital optical output and the antenna connections.

Samsung UE55RU7470

At the back we only find the composite / component video, stereo cinch connectors and the wired network connection. The device has to do without a headphone output, but has Bluetooth for a wireless headphone. Also in this cheaper model is Airplay 2 available.

Samsung UE55RU7470 – Ease of use and smart TV

These models are also equipped with the Samsung Smart Hub. We do notice that the interface is a bit logger than on the QLED models, but it remains a very handy and well-arranged environment. The Smart Hub only covers the bottom of the image, and brings you smoothly to the settings, inputs or apps, including preview of content in the apps. All the possibilities of the Samsung Smart Hub can be found in our Samsung Tizen overview article .

Samsung UE55RU7470

No smart remote on this model, but a classic remote. It now looks somewhat dated and cheap. It fits well in the hand, and the channel and volume keys are handy. We found the d-pad just a bit small, especially since it is important in the smart hub. The layout is very messy in the lower part, with a number of keys whose function is not clear. Shortcuts for apps such as Netflix are also missing. In short, the remote is functional, but certainly not an example of modern ease of use.

Although it is not a smart remote, this can also be configured to operate all your peripherals. The installation procedure is simple, but the result left something to be desired. Both our Blu-ray player and digital TV set-top box seemed to be particularly slow to react and certain functions could not be used. For example, we had to go back to the player’s remote for the Blu-ray player’s menu. You can of course try out the universal remote, that happened quickly, but don’t put your hope in universal control.


The RU7470 series is equipped with a single tuner for all digital TV options (ether, cable and satellite) and a CI + slot. You can record to USB hard drive but not watch another channel at the same time. You will also find the Apple TV apps in the Smart Hub and the device supports Airplay 2.

Samsung UE55RU7470 – Image processing

The RU7470 series is not equipped with a fancy Quantum Processor 4K such as the QLED family , yet the image processing delivers excellent results. For example, the TV is slightly slower in picking up the right film or video frame rate. That can sometimes give rise to some moirĂ©, but in the vast majority of cases it will not disturb you. All noise reduction is hidden behind the “Clean Digiral View” setting. It is best to keep it on “Low”, so it eliminates some noise without removing any detail. The “Auto” setting is only ok if your source is of very poor quality. With color bands, this TV is a bit more difficult, they are only partially eliminated. Because the picture is generally a bit softer, they disturb less.

This Samsung UE55RU7470 uses a 50Hz panel, and we can clearly state that sharpness of motion is its weak point. A lot of detail is lost in fast-moving content. Fortunately, double edges are less visible, but all edges of fast-moving objects are very vague. With Auto Motion Plus you can make film pan images smoother, we recommend choosing ‘Custom’ and then adjusting the vibration reduction to taste, we personally opted for 8. ‘LED Clear Motion’ is best for forgetting, which causes flicker in the image , and also creates clearly visible double borders around moving objects.

Main settings

In our article about the professional calibration of a TV you can read all about the possibilities to become a professional best image settings. Here you will find an explanation of the most important image settings and tips for setting up your TV.

Film Mode Expert settings Expert settings
Image format setting: 16: 9 standard
Fit to screen: On [19659042] Backlight: 45
Brightness: 0
Contrast: 45
Sharpness: 5
Color: 25
Tint (G / R): 0
Clean Digital View: Low *
Auto Motion Plus: Adjusted
Contrast enhancement: Off
Film mode: Auto1
Color tone: Warm 2
Gamma: BT.1886 / 0
RGB mode: Off
Color space: Auto [19659047] Samsung UE55RU7470 – Image quality

The VA panel of the RU7470 series combined with the edge-led backlight has very good uniformity and excellent contrast. On the ANSI test pattern, the panel reaches 3629: 1 and in our regular contrast test we even achieved 4253: 1. The screen does not use local dimming to further improve that, but on the other hand there are no difficult side effects visible. Anyone a little more punch white can activate “Contrast Enhancement” in the lowest position. You then sacrifice a minimum of black detail, but dark images often get a little more contrast, which makes them more fun.

The “Film” image mode is well calibrated. We note that the color temperature is a bit on the cool side (faint light blue tint), in practice it does not bother. The color range is good, and the color reproduction generally excellent, also for skin colors. The device shows all black detail quite well.


Samsung only offers HDR10 +, HDR10 and HLG, not Dolby Vision. But that is not the main downside. The devices from the RU7470 series definitely do not provide enough light and color to be able to speak of a HDR result.

The peak luminance tops with a 10% window and with a completely white field both at approximately 270 nits, which is well below our standard of 500 nits. With a color range of 86% DCI-P3 (62% Rec.2020), you should not count on dazzling colors. Finally, the Samsung, due to its poor performance, also performs quite heavy tonemapping so that HDR images are generally much darker than expected. Finally, we also notice that the screen shows small light accents rather dark, you don’t even get those 270 nits. On a 2% window, the maximum dropped back to 135 nits.

We notice a slight discoloration in some bright white tones. But otherwise, the Samsung is still calibrated within its limits. But still, you are warned, the device can show HDR material, but you will not notice much difference with SDR and in dark images it is certainly possible that you hardly see any detail.

Samsung UE55RU7470 – Gaming, Reflections, Viewing angle. The VA screen of the RU7470 series has all the usual viewing angle limitations. You are best placed relatively centrally in front of the screen to avoid loss of contrast and color. Take the ambient lighting into account and avoid as many reflections as possible. In film mode we measure a lag of 82.2 ms, as with all manufacturers this is quite high. In lag game mode the lag drops to 14.8 ms, an excellent result. The RU7470 series supports ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) but does not include VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

Samsung UE55RU7470 – Sound quality

Like all models in this price category, the RU7470 series has to suffice with a sufficient for sound quality. The 20W 2.0 solution is good for the news, a quiz or soap, but soon falls short if you impose a solid soundtrack.

Samsung UE55RU7470 – Conclusion

For less than 1,000 euros meanwhile you can easily purchase a 55-inch model. But that you then have to surrender on some aspects may be clear. So you should not expect HDR performance from this Samsung RU7470 series. We would rather call it HDR compatible, you will not experience the real benefits of HDR. The sharpness of motion is also quite weak, for sports and gamers that can be disturbing, where fast action can be a bit blurred.

On the other hand you get an excellent VA panel with very good contrast (and of course the accompanying moderate viewing angle). The image processing is solid, and the screen shows nice black detail, excellent colors and an attractive overall image. Gamers can take advantage of the very short input lag. The Smart Hub provides a nice modern TV experience, although that is somewhat hindered by the somewhat older remote. This Samsung is a decent choice if you’re looking for a TV for the family that performs best with moderate eclipse.


  • Limited sharpness of motion
  • Insufficient performance for HDR
  • Outdated, moderate remote [19659071] Advantages
  • Good contrast
  • Good color reproduction
  • Excellent image processing
  • Smart Hub