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Review: Robomow RK1000 – mowing the lawn without effort

The mowing process

Is the installation completely ready and the test drive successful? Then you can get started with mowing. You can set time schedules on the display of the robot lawn mower. You first choose the size of the lawn and then there is an indication of how much time it will take to maintain it properly. We opted for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, where mowing would take place every time before 4 am. For first use (or mowing for the first time in spring) you can select a weekly program with intensive mowing. This involves mowing more often, so that there is a good basis for the rest of the year.

Do not forget to set the cutting height correctly. You do this by means of the large rotary knob under the display. Each turn raises or lowers the suspension slightly, cutting closer to the grass or higher. This runs from 15 mm to 100 mm and is indicated in steps of 10 mm on the display. However, that does not mean that this is done in clicks per 10 mm. Each turn gradually increases or decreases. So if you want to mow between 30 and 40 mm, you have to do this a little bit. The display only shows the steps per 10 mm. Do you want to mow at 35 mm? Set the mower to 30 mm, turn it briefly to 40 mm and count the number of laps. Then turn back half the number of rounds and you are at 35 mm. It’s a bit cumbersome, but it does work. Mowing at 15 mm is really very short. The second time we opted for 30 mm.

In addition to a program, you can also indicate whether or not to mow. Open the flap above the display and choose random mowing or random mowing with edge mowing. In the latter case, the robotic lawnmower first follows the boundary wire to mow all the way to the outside. Once the circle has been completed, the model switches to random mowing. And that random mowing actually just means driving criss-cross through the garden. As if you were giving a two year old a set of colored pencils and let it live out for a while. There doesn’t seem to be any idea behind it. If the robot lawn mower has just been running for five minutes, then you have all mowing lines throughout the garden. The longer the mowing takes, the smoother the lawn becomes.

The strength of the Robomow RK1000 is therefore in its repetition. A single cut may not be enough to cut all the grass. A second time, the robot lawn mower returns to different points than during the first mowing. If you let the robot lawn mower mow several times a week, you will of course not see anything at all. It is precisely in the repetition that all the grass is mowed. And the Robomow RK1000 does that very well. You can of course opt for a much more expensive robot lawn mower with Smart Mapping function that maps your entire garden and mows the grass efficiently and according to a specific route. However, the end result is the same. In both cases you get a neatly mowed lawn. It is also nice that this model makes little noise with the brushless DC motor. You can sit next to it without disturbing you.

Random mowing does not leave any lines in the grass after a few mows. You have an evenly trimmed lawn that you could certainly not have done better manually. And once it is short, the Robomow RK1000 ensures that it remains trimmed with a properly set program. There is also good mowing along the corners, but this of course depends on how well you have laid the boundary wire. Do you have a border along a flowerbed or do you need to mow along a wall? Then the robot lawn mower does not take everything with it. The mowing is fairly tight along the wheelbase, but of course not in addition to that. And so you still have to work with a grass trimmer in some gardens. However, with an ordinary lawn mower you should also do that in such places in the garden.

The robotic lawnmower keeps an eye on the battery itself. Is it almost empty? Then it drives to the boundary wire. Then the wire is automatically followed towards the charging station, after which it is turned around and parked neatly in reverse at the charging station. Talk about that charging station. This has a door at the back where you connect the boundary wire. That door is really of poor quality and just doesn’t close properly. In principle, you can leave the robot lawn mower and the charging station outside, but the question is to what extent this door closes properly against a possible rain shower.

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