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Review: Ring Indoor Cam – Great for the Ring user

Review: Ring Indoor Cam - There is simply not much wrong with the 59 euro Ring Indoor Cam which have a relatively comprehensive camera
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Ring recently released its Ring Indoor Cam in the Europe. You know Ring for its doorbell. You can get the camera for a relatively low amount of 59 euros. But should you? We have good news for Ring users – but if you don’t already own the brand, then we have our caveats.

This is the Ring Indoor Cam

As the name suggests, the Ring Indoor Cam is a security camera that you use indoors. The camera is quite narrow and compact and can therefore be placed almost anywhere in the house. Whether that is a shelf, cupboard or table. And otherwise you hang it on the wall or ceiling.

The small device records videos in 1080p (full HD) and has both a speaker and microphone on board. So you can talk to someone on the other side. In addition to a night view, Live View is also available. This allows you to watch live what is happening where the camera is aimed. Underneath the lens is a small blue LED light that indicates when Live View is on or when recording is in progress, so there is no surprises.

That recording can be triggered by motion detection. In addition, you can set a number of useful things within the app, such as switching off audio or turning off the motion detector. In total, the camera has three modes, namely home, off or away from home. This way you can set up the Ring Indoor Cam as you wish.

Install Ring Indoor Cam

Fortunately, the Ring Indoor Cam is installed in no time. You must download the Ring app on your Android or iOS device. Create an account. And then open the menu. If you already have an account, you only have to open the app. In that menu, press Devices. You will now find a plus button at the bottom right. Press that and you can immediately start with the installation. If you follow the steps presented on the screen, the installation will be completed within ten minutes.

What is very nice is that the app presents you with a number of other options with regard to the physical installation (put it down or hang it up), some privacy functions and whether you share the camera with multiple users. This means you can control basic functions right after installation, without having to dive into the menu.

Ring Indoor Cam

Putting your Ring Indoor Cam into operation

As befits a good security camera, you actually do not have to worry about the camera after installation. It stands and it does its job well. We find the motion sensor a big disadvantage. It measures the smallest differences in image, whether movement is registered or not. As soon as the camera detects color difference, a picture is taken. This could be when the sun disappears behind the cloud or when a desk lamp switches on or off. This means that the Ring Indoor Cam actually records everything all day long and if you have the motion detector on, you will receive quite a few notifications.

This has resulted in at least turning off those notifications, but then we’re left with two problems. We also receive no notification when something is wrong and the camera continues to take pictures all day long. In principle, that’s okay, because the images are safe in the cloud – but things sometimes go wrong at the company .

Ring Indoor Cam

You could also see the eagerness of recording as a positive point. Because with small differences in the image (it does not necessarily seem to involve actual movements), the camera makes a recording that you can view later (if you have a subscription, more about that later). Since the Ring Indoor Cam does not have a 24/7 recording stand, you can still view images from all day long. Of course you can also lean on the Live View, but then no recordings are made and you cannot view the images later. It’s a strange solution to a problem you might be facing, but it can work to your advantage.

The camera also has a more than excellent night vision. Even when it is pitch dark, movements can still be detected, although that will have more to do with a change in image in general. But that does not matter here: with little light you can be assured that the Indoor Cam will do its job. Because the Ring camera also does a good job and many functions are standard (such as image quality), you do not have many extra things to set. The company delivers an excellent plug-and-play product that you don’t have to worry about.

The Ring Indoor Cam is a fairly affordable camera, so you may miss a number of features. For example, you always have to deal with a plug and it does not work on batteries, which does not benefit flexibility. In addition, there is no person recognition available and you cannot save images locally. Fortunately, these are not insurmountable things, but they are things that you have to take into account.

Ring Indoor Cam

The options of the application

The Ring app is of course the place where you further set up and manage the camera. After installation, you will immediately be presented with some options, but then you are dependent on your own wishes. When you dive into the settings, you will discover functions such as night vision with color and the possibility to rotate the image. Very often you will not use the app when nothing is happening in the house and that is nice. But if you are looking for something or want to adjust it, then you will find what you are looking for. The app is as clear as ever and soon that overview will be expanded with the addition of a privacy dashboard.

The interface for the Live View and the recording is intuitive. As soon as you open the camera in the app, you will see the option for the live image. At the bottom there is a bar with which you can scroll to the correct day or time. Important events are clearly indicated and thus stand out, so that you are at the moment where you need to be. In addition, you can also start two-way communication at the touch of a button. The icons and the possibilities all speak for themselves. However, if you want to view old images, you do need a subscription. Without a subscription you only have the live feed.

The subscription for the Ring Indoor Cam

There are two types of subscriptions. The Basic subscription costs you three euros per Ring device per month (or thirty euros per year). With that subscription you can save, watch and share videos. The extended subscription offers the same benefits, but in principle for an unlimited number of cameras and doorbells. That will cost you ten euros a month and otherwise a hundred euros. You also get an extended warranty and the option to buy Ring products at a ten percent discount.

The Ring Indoor Cam comes with a 30-day trial subscription, even if you’re already using a different Ring product. Without a subscription, however, you cannot review the images, as there is no way to store images locally. That is the biggest disadvantage of this otherwise excellent security camera.

Ring Indoor Cam – conclusion

Actually, there is simply not much wrong with the 59 euro Ring Indoor Cam. It is a relatively comprehensive camera that would not look out of place in your home, especially if you like little hassle. You install it, check the settings once and do not have to worry about anything else. In addition, it is a nice compact device and you have a fair amount of freedom in the placement (although that plug can throw a spanner in the works, but then you are simply looking for a different kind of security camera).

The Ring Indoor Cam also lacks a few things, such as facial recognition and 24/7 shooting, but that’s okay. And here too applies: then you simply want something different. What is annoying is that you cannot ignore the subscription if you want to view recordings and that there is no sound detection; you are therefore dependent on motion detection, which in fact constantly checks small changes in the image.

If you have already invested in Ring and want to expand the system (you can make different Ring products work together) or if you don’t like many apps on your phone and want to bring as many products together within one app, you can as the owner of Ring products, it is good to get the Indoor Cam at home when you are looking for a camera. If you haven’t bought anything from Ring yet, this camera won’t have to be your first choice either, because for the same amount – or a little more – there are cameras that offer much more in the context of (local) storage and control options.


  • Image quality
  • Installation
  • Night vision
  • Clear app


  • Subscription required for images
  • No sound detection
  • No local storage

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