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Review: Ring Door View Cam – accessible and subtle video doorbell

Review: Ring Door View Cam= In many ways, the Ring Door View Cam can be a better alternative for people who like the normal Ring

Review: Ring Door View Cam – The Ring Door View Cam is a smart video doorbell suitable for apartments and rental properties. Permanent changes are not necessary to the door, frame or wall. You use the existing spy net in the door.

Ring Door View Cam – design and specs

The new smart doorbell from Ring is smaller than its predecessors and has been given a slightly more subtle design. Nevertheless, the device has an unmistakable Ring design and the whole looks, on the outside, premium. On the inside, however, it’s a different story. The plastic casing feels cheap, which is a shame, since you will often come into contact with it as the owner. Fortunately, the peephole can be closed with a flap, so that light cannot enter from the outside.

The camera has a maximum resolution of 1080p and night vision, so you should be able to see what is happening outside your front door, regardless of the time of day. The maximum viewing angles are 155 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, which should provide an excellent field of view. In addition, there is two-way speech available, so you can talk to the people at the door. The Ring Door View Cam has a removable battery (you can buy separate batteries) and has WiFi on the 2.4 GHz band.

Ring Door View Cam installation

The nice thing about the Ring Door View Cam is that you don’t have to be handy to install the device. You do not need tools and you do not have to make (permanent) changes to your door, frame or wall. Drilling is therefore not necessary, as can sometimes be the case with other smart doorbells (from Ring and from other brands). Instead, you use the spy net in your door. You remove the current one and can then follow the instructions step by step within the app to install it.

Ring also includes a thin manual describing the installation process. So you can choose which one you like best. All in all, the installation speaks for itself. You put the doorbell in the front, hang the large plastic part on the inside, tighten things up with the included spynet and connect the connection to the only opening on that plastic part. Then you put the battery (which you first have to charge) in the plastic part and click it into place. Then click the plastic cap on it.

Ring Door View Cam – in use

In many ways, the Ring Door View Cam matches the features offered with the first version of the Ring Doorbell. You will receive notifications when movements are registered (if you have turned on the motion sensor) and when someone rings the bell. In both cases you can immediately view a live view, so that you can see what is going on. If someone rings the doorbell, someone should be at the door if all goes well. If someone walks by, you may have already missed them. Loading takes a few seconds.

Because the Ring Door View Cam is suitable for apartments and rental properties, you can still have a different opinion than if you were to use a smart video doorbell for a home with a large driveway or garden. In our case, we tested the doorbell in an apartment block of six houses in total. The front door is on the second floor, so you can encounter traffic from a total of four homes. The door is directly on the stairwell, so a lot of traffic can pass.

The camera is therefore close to the action, so that the motion detector can work overtime when the corridor is busy. Ring offers a number of options within the app to manage your preference for the number of notifications. With a slider you can indicate how sensitive the sensor is: the left is hardly sensitive, the right is very sensitive. At the lowest setting, we still received notifications when someone passed by, so unfortunately that was not an option. The front doors and the stairs are too close together in this flat for that.

Then there is the Wizard who can help. By answering a number of questions, the sensitivity of the sensor can possibly be reduced. This didn’t really help either; the distance between the front door and the hallway is simply too short. That is why we decided at a certain point to switch off the sensor. This is not really a negative aspect, as the location of the door and the corridor can of course differ per house or apartment building. It is something to be aware of while using the bell.

Would you prefer to receive motion notifications, but not at busy times? Then you can also set a schedule for the times when the sensor is and is not active. For example, you can switch off the sensor in the morning when the children of the neighbors upstairs go to school and switch it off in the afternoon when they return, for example. Or you can choose the Motion Frequency heading, with which you can set the frequency of the notifications. By choosing Light you will receive notifications much less often.

In addition, the Ring Door View Cam has several extra options, such as an HDR mode (for a higher color range) and privacy settings. Especially the latter option is very important for apartments, flats and similar houses. For example, opposite the front door is the front door of the neighbors across the street. With the privacy settings you can capture an area where filming is not done. You can also turn off audio recording, so you don’t accidentally record neighbors’ conversations when they pass by.

Ring Door View Cam

When you set an area where no filming takes place, a black bar will appear on the screen by default (which you can make yourself larger and smaller). Because the front doors in this case are directly opposite each other, this unfortunately also means that the person in front of the door is blocked. So you cannot see who is ringing the bell or walking by. So make sure you strike a balance between privacy and functionality, so you can see we’re at your door without bothering your neighbors in any way.

Furthermore, we have not encountered any problems with the internet connection or image and sound quality. In all cases it is easy to see who is in the picture and you can clearly understand the person on the other side, and you too. Since the camera is on the outside of the door and there are potentially some walls between the device and the router, your experience may be different here too. This house also has three Google Wifi pucks, so the internet is well distributed. This will undoubtedly help to maintain a strong connection.

Ring Door View Cam

Ring Door View Cam application

The Ring application is clear and has quite a few options. We now have two Ring doorbells on the front door. That is a bit of overkill of course, but it ensures that we can compare well and can immediately see what that means for the app. Both doorbells are presented immediately after opening the app. So if you also have a Ring doorbell hanging by the back door, for example, you can see the cameras at a glance (with Live View enabled).

Within the app you can view an overview of events, immediately switch the various notifications on and off and link Chimes (so that the sound of the doorbell can be heard at another place in the house). You can also check the status of the battery and WiFi connection, you can change and view all kinds of settings (for example, you can adjust the sound of the doorbell or choose whether or not you want in-app notifications) and you can register users. who can also watch after giving permission.

The options are clearly displayed per device by means of a few buttons on the bottom half of the screen when you are viewing a device. All in all, we are satisfied with the design and layout of the app, because you never have to search long for a certain setting or a specific device. It’s also nice to see that Ring takes privacy seriously when it comes to being able to log in: you can set up two-step verification as a user, so that only you can log in to your personal profile.

Ring Door View Cam subscription

When you purchase a Ring device, you get a 30-day trial subscription with it. With the subscription you can watch, save and share videos. That subscription costs three euros per device per month after a month; The subscription allows you to store, watch and share videos for up to 30 days. For 10 euros per month you can add an unlimited number of Ring devices. You can also use the Ring without a subscription. Then you get access to notifications, live view and two-way talk. But unfortunately it is not possible to watch, save or share videos later.

Ring Door View Cam – conclusion

In many ways, the Ring Door View Cam can be a better alternative for people who like the normal Ring or simply don’t want to tinker. Because you can use the existing spy net in the door, you have the installation done in no time and you wait almost longer for the connection to the Wi-Fi network than you are busy yourself. In addition, the Door View Cam is less intrusive and less present and you can continue to use the spynet, so you are not dependent on the application.

And that while you can still use all kinds of smart functions. The device is less useful for people with an extra door in the form of a joint front door (which is, for example, at the bottom of an apartment building or flat). When someone rings the bell at such a door, you often have contact with someone before you let them in, undermining the value of the Ring Door View Cam. Then it can still be useful when your neighbors want to ring the bell, especially when there is no fixed doorbell to be detected.

Ring Door View Cam

In addition, it differs per user which smart functions can be used. The privacy options are nice, but can get in the way of use. The motion detector is also always a nice addition, but if the front door is directly on the staircase or there is often a lot of traffic in front of your door, then that thing can work overtime. In addition, the more functions you use, the shorter the battery will last and the more often you have to charge it. These are all things to keep in mind.

If you are in any case looking for a smart video doorbell with a stable internet connection and excellent image and sound quality, then you are in the right place with the Ring Door View Cam. We can imagine that many more people have an eye for this doorbell, because you can continue to use the spy net and the doorbell has a more subtle design than its predecessors. The doorbell is not suitable for all apartments, flats and rental properties, but it is suitable for a large number – so take a good look at your own situation before purchasing.


  • Stable internet connection
  • Excellent image and sound quality
  • Install without tools

  • Plastic shell feels cheap
  • Motion sensor sensitive to (stair) corridors
  • Images cannot be saved locally

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