Review: REL Acoustics No.32 Subwoofer – A Symphony of Sonic Excellence and Craftsmanship

Review: REL Acoustics No.32 Subwoofer - A Symphony of Sonic Excellence and Craftsmanship- "Immerse in audio perfection with REL Acoustics' No.32 Subwoofer—where precision engineering meets sonic brilliance in a harmonious symphony."

Unveiling the Essence of High-End Audio: REL Acoustics No.32 Subwoofer

In audio perfection, where precision meets passion, the British brand REL Acoustics has etched its name as a stalwart dedicated exclusively to the art of subwoofers. Their unwavering commitment to pursuing the purest and most natural sound has birthed an array of products, with the flagship model, No.32, standing as a testament to their singular focus and dedication. Join us on a journey through the corridors of audio excellence as we explore the philosophy, craftsmanship, and transformative impact of REL Acoustics’ No.32 – a subwoofer designed not just to be heard but to be felt at the core of the most discerning audio experiences.

Elevating Soundscapes: REL Acoustics and the High-End Symphony: In the universe of audio, the concept of High-End represents the pinnacle, where uncompromising dedication converges with cutting-edge technology. With an unwavering focus on subwoofers, REL Acoustics epitomizes this ethos, crafting a lineup of products that redefine what is possible in audio reproduction. The No.32, their crowning achievement launched in 2022, emerges as a beacon of sonic precision. Beyond specifications, this flagship model embodies a meticulous design process, three years in the making, to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience. Join us as we delve into the heart of High-End audio with REL Acoustics No.32, where every note is heard and felt in its most authentic and vibrant form.


TYPEClosed box, front-firing driver
ACTIVE DRIVER SIZE & MATERIAL15 in. (380mm) long throw, carbon fiber cone with inverted carbon fiber dust cap
INPUT CONNECTORSHigh-Level Neutrik Speakon, Low-Level stereo RCA and XLR, LFE RCA, LFE XLR
OUTPUT CONNECTORSHigh Level Neutrik Speakon, LFE XLR, Line XLR
POWER OUTPUT1,000 watts (RMS)
DIMENSIONS W x H x D743 x 540 x 816 mm

Precision in Purpose: A Singular Focus on Subwoofers

In a market saturated with diversified audio offerings, REL Acoustics distinguishes itself through an extraordinary commitment to a singular pursuit – the perfection of subwoofers. In an era where brands often diversify their product lines, REL Acoustics is a beacon of specialization, honing its expertise exclusively on sub-bass reproduction. This unwavering dedication to a singular aspect of audio technology is not merely a strategic choice but a philosophical stance that emanates from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of precision.

For REL Acoustics, the decision to exclusively design subwoofers is not born out of a lack of ambition; instead, it is a conscious choice to master a niche and elevate it to unparalleled heights. This focused approach allows the brand to channel all its resources, innovation, and craftsmanship into refining the nuances of sub-bass delivery, ensuring that each product embodies the pinnacle of sonic excellence. By eschewing diversification, REL Acoustics embraces a level of specialization that transcends industry norms, fostering an environment where every engineering decision, from materials selection to circuit design, is meticulously tailored to perfect the low-frequency domain.

In a world where multitasking often reigns supreme, REL Acoustics’ singular focus becomes a bold statement, asserting that mastery emerges not through scattering efforts across a broad spectrum but through an unwavering commitment to perfecting a single, crucial element of the auditory experience. This commitment is an ode to the belief that depth often trumps breadth in the pursuit of audio perfection, and precision becomes the cornerstone of aural mastery.

A Symphony of Choices: A Comprehensive Lineup

In the intricate tapestry of audio engineering, REL Acoustics orchestrates a symphony of choices with a comprehensive lineup that transcends the conventional boundaries of sub-bass reproduction. As purveyors of sonic excellence, REL Acoustics defies the one-size-fits-all approach, recognizing audiophiles’ diverse needs and preferences. Similar to a musical composition, their product lineup comprises 16 subwoofers across five distinct series, each playing a unique note in the grand symphony of audio offerings.

The meticulous curation of these series reflects technical prowess and an acute understanding of the nuanced requirements of various audio setups. From the immersive realms of home theaters to the subtle landscapes of two-channel sound systems, REL Acoustics’ lineup serves as a comprehensive repertoire, catering to a spectrum of sizes and applications. The array of choices bestowed upon users becomes a harmonious melody, allowing them to tailor their audio experience precisely.

Navigating through the lineup is akin to selecting the perfect instrument for an orchestral performance. Each subwoofer resonates with a specific frequency, design, and purpose, offering audiophiles a nuanced palette to craft their sonic masterpiece. Whether one seeks the thunderous depths of a cinematic experience or the delicate subtleties of a two-channel setup, REL Acoustics’ comprehensive lineup stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing both choices and a symphony of possibilities for the discerning audiophile. It is a melody where every note is a carefully crafted option, resonating with the belief that true audio excellence lies in the freedom to compose one’s sonic narrative with finesse.

A Remote of Distinction: Navigating the No.32 with the REL Reference Remote Control

Embark on an audio journey with the No.32 guided by the REL Reference Remote Control—an embodiment of meticulous design and functionality. Crafted to fit seamlessly in your palm, the remote signifies substance and quality, urging attention to every nuanced adjustment. Familiar controls, thoughtfully arranged, offer effortless access to high and low-level gains, crossovers, and .1/LFE gain. Metal toggle switches below handle critical setup functions, ensuring precision in customization. The phase control, strategically positioned in the middle, fine-tunes the delicate balance of 0 or 180 degrees. The top access to the Dual Parametric EQ allows for a refined bass experience, eliminating room-generated nuances. Much like a perfect butler, the REL Reference Remote stands by—immaculate, indispensable, and ready to enhance your audio pursuits.

Choosing Perfection: Tailored Matching Service

In the labyrinth of audio selections, REL Acoustics extends an innovative compass for audiophiles navigating the vast landscape of subwoofer choices with its thoughtful and bespoke Tailored Matching Service. Recognizing that the optimal subwoofer selection extends beyond technical specifications to encompass individual preferences, room dynamics, and specific audio setups, REL Acoustics has ingeniously devised a service that transforms the often daunting task of choosing the perfect subwoofer into a personalized and guided journey.

The Tailored Matching Service is more than a mere algorithmic recommendation; it is a testament to REL Acoustics’ commitment to ensuring that each user’s audio experience is perfect. This service empowers users to input their desired speaker model, articulate the purpose of their audio setup, and specify the size of the room. In response, the system meticulously curates a selection of subwoofers that align with these unique parameters, providing a curated shortlist that harmonizes seamlessly with the user’s preferences.

This personalized approach simplifies the decision-making process and elevates it to an art form. Users are not left to sift through a sea of options; instead, they are presented with a tailored ensemble of choices, each promising to complement their specific needs. The Tailored Matching Service transcends the transactional nature of purchasing audio equipment, evolving into a collaborative journey where REL Acoustics becomes a trusted partner in the pursuit of auditory perfection.

By offering a service that delves beyond conventional product selection and delves into the intricacies of individual taste and spatial considerations, REL Acoustics redefines the landscape of consumer experience. In this symphony of choices, the Tailored Matching Service emerges as the virtuoso conductor, orchestrating a harmonious blend of technical precision and personalized resonance, ensuring that every note is heard and celebrated in its perfect cadence.

Unveiling the Soundscape: Immersive Two-Channel System

In the pursuit of auditory excellence, REL Acoustics invites enthusiasts to embark on an immersive journey into two-channel audio perfection, where the No.32 flagship model takes center stage as the maestro of sonic innovation. Within Tianzhuguo Audio’s meticulously designed listening room, the synergy of top-tier components converges to create a soundscape that transcends the ordinary, enveloping audiophiles in an auditory experience that resonates with unparalleled clarity, depth, and richness.

The curated ensemble features the Elac Concentro flagship speaker, a paragon of precision and power, harmoniously complemented by the Linn network streaming source, Chord digital-analog decoder, and the complete Blue Eyes McIntosh pre- and post-amplifier set. This symphony of high-end components forms the canvas upon which REL Acoustics’ No.32 subwoofers paint their masterpiece. It is a composition where every instrument is not just played but resonates in perfect harmony, elevating the immersive potential of a two-channel system to new heights.

In the acoustically optimized listening room, meticulously designed by Mr. Xu Shunfeng, owner of Tianzhuguo Audio, the combination of space, equipment, and the No.32 subwoofers creates an environment where audiophiles can not only hear the music but feel it. As the No.32 subwoofers integrate seamlessly into this audio symphony, they become the catalysts that breathe life into the lower frequencies, adding layers of texture and depth that redefine the essence of immersion.

The experience within this audio sanctuary is not merely auditory; it’s a sensory journey. From the thunderous lows to the crisp highs, each note unfolds with precision, unveiling a sonic tapestry where the boundaries between the listener and the music blur into a seamless continuum. It is an invitation to relinquish oneself to the magic of the two-channel system. In this space, the No.32 subwoofers prove themselves as components and alchemists, transforming sound into an immersive experience that transcends the confines of traditional audio.

Beyond Specifications: The Impact of No.32

In high-end audio, where specifications often serve as benchmarks, REL Acoustics’ No.32 emerges as a luminary that transcends the numerical realm. More than a collection of technical attributes, the No.32 is a testament to the marriage of engineering precision and the intangible artistry of sonic impact. This flagship model unveiled in 2022, is not merely a subwoofer; it is an orchestrator of auditory experiences, breathing life into music in ways that extend far beyond the parameters defined by specifications.

At the core of No.32’s impact lies a 15″ pure carbon fiber diaphragm, a 1,000-watt amplifier circuit, and film capacitors, meticulously crafted over three years by REL Acoustics’ dedicated design team. While impressive on paper, these specifications merely scratch the surface of the No.32’s transformative prowess. It embodies speed, agility, vividness, and dynamic performance — qualities that echo the brand’s relentless pursuit of audio perfection.

In the refined listening space of Tianzhuguo Audio, the impact of No.32 is not relegated to the low-frequency register alone. A sonic metamorphosis occurs as the subwoofers seamlessly integrate with the Elac Concentro flagship speakers and other premium components. With the No.32 in play, the layers of music become palpable, the richness of tones deepens, and the subtleties of every instrument are unveiled with a newfound clarity.

This transcendent impact is not confined to specific genres or sonic nuances but permeates the entire soundscape. Whether navigating the intricate layers of a live performance or experiencing the thunderous lows of a cinematic masterpiece, the No.32 contributes an ineffable quality. This immersive quality resonates with the soul of the listener.

It is not merely about hearing music; it is about feeling it. The No.32’s impact extends beyond the audible spectrum, forging an emotional connection between the listener and the music. In this sonic alchemy, REL Acoustics demonstrates that the true effect of the No.32 cannot be quantified by numbers alone; it is an ethereal experience that defies specifications, immersing audiophiles in a symphony where every note is felt as profoundly as it is heard.

Usability and Connectivity Unveiled: The No.32 Subwoofer

Beyond its technical prowess, REL Acoustics’ No.32 subwoofer stands as an exemplar of usability and connectivity, showcasing a thoughtful fusion of user-friendly features and versatile connectivity options. Designed not just for the audiophile connoisseur but also for the discerning user seeking seamless integration, the No.32 redefines the user experience, setting new benchmarks in usability within the high-end audio landscape.

The No.32 extends various connection methods, aligning with diverse audio setups. Whether tethered to a home theater or seamlessly integrated into a two-channel sound system, this subwoofer offers adaptability through multiple connectivity interfaces. The traditional method, leveraging the subwoofer output of a surround preamplifier, is complemented by the No.32’s provision of two-channel RCA and XLR inputs, LFE RCA, LFE XLR inputs, and a specialized High-Level Neutrik Speakon input. The latter facilitates direct connection to the speaker output terminal of power amplifiers, making it compatible with a wide range of amplifiers that lack a dedicated subwoofer signal output. This versatility makes the No.32 stand out, especially for those seeking optimal performance in two-channel setups.

Moreover, the No.32 is a showcase of connectivity and a testament to the brand’s commitment to employing top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology. REL Acoustics’ dedication to continuous innovation is evident in developing advanced filters that ensure swift response speed and accurate phase performance. This results in a sound that is transparent and clean and exhibits a seamless connection with the main speakers.

The usability of the No.32 extends beyond mere connectivity. REL Acoustics recognizes that optimal performance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Thus, users can deploy the subwoofer singularly or experiment with configurations involving two, four, six, or more units stacked together. As demonstrated in audio exhibitions, this stacking dynamic underscores the significant impact on sound performance, showcasing No.32’s adaptability to diverse listening environments and preferences.

In essence, the No.32 subwoofer transcends the boundaries of conventional usability and connectivity. It is not just a technical component but a companion in the pursuit of audio excellence. Through its intuitive design, versatile connectivity options, and adaptability to varied setups, the No.32 exemplifies REL Acoustics’ commitment to providing an immersive, user-centric experience that caters to the dynamic needs of audiophiles and audio enthusiasts alike.

Experiencing the Unseen: Subwoofer Placement and Impact

In high-fidelity audio, where subtleties make the difference, the often-overlooked aspect of subwoofer placement emerges as a critical contributor to the overall auditory experience. REL Acoustics, particularly with their flagship No.32 subwoofer, invites enthusiasts to venture into the unseen dimension of sonic perfection, where the placement of a subwoofer isn’t just a technical detail but a transformative element that shapes the essence of the listening experience.

Contrary to common misconceptions that subwoofers can be placed arbitrarily without significant consequence, REL Acoustics recognizes that the unseen impact of subwoofer placement reverberates throughout the entire sonic spectrum. The No.32, with its superior engineering and nuanced design, becomes a portal to unveil the intricacies of how low frequencies interact with the listening space.

Those who have meticulously experimented with subwoofer placement can attest that the results are anything but uniform. The No.32 encourages audiophiles to delve into fine-tuning, acknowledging that subtle adjustments in subwoofer positioning can yield profound alterations in the auditory landscape. The impact extends beyond the lower frequencies, influencing mid-range and even high frequencies, steering the course of the sound field, envelopment, and overall energy of the listening environment.

REL Acoustics understands that placing a subwoofer anywhere without emphasizing its position is a fallacy. No.32, when subjected to careful experimentation, underscores that the outcome of the listening experience is contingent on the meticulousness with which it is integrated into the broader audio ecosystem. It is not merely about filling a room with low-frequency waves but about orchestrating an immersive experience where every note resonates with precision and clarity.

In pursuing perfection, the unseen impact of subwoofer placement becomes an integral part of the audiophile’s journey. Through No.32, REL Acoustics urges enthusiasts to elevate their listening experience by recognizing that the spatial arrangement of a subwoofer is an art form in itself. It prompts a reconsideration of assumptions, an exploration of the unseen, and an understanding that subwoofer placement is not a mere technicality; it is an opportunity to unveil a richer, more nuanced auditory reality that extends far beyond what meets the eye.

Craftsmanship, Build Quality, and Design Excellence: The No.32 Subwoofer

In high-end audio, where precision and aesthetics converge, REL Acoustics’ No.32 subwoofer emerges not just as a sonic masterpiece but as an exemplar of meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable build quality, and a design philosophy that transcends mere functionality.

Craftsmanship: The No.32 manifests REL Acoustics’ unwavering commitment to artisanal precision. From selecting materials to assembling components, each facet of the subwoofer reflects a dedication to the craft that extends beyond industry norms. The 15″ pure carbon fiber diaphragm, at the heart of the No.32, is a testament to the brand’s pursuit of sonic purity. In this context, craftsmanship is not just a technical process but an art form that elevates the No.32 to a level where every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of audio excellence.

Build Quality: The No.32’s build quality is a testament to REL Acoustics’ uncompromising standards. Housed within its dimensions of 743 x 540 x 816 cm and weighing 85 kg, the subwoofer stands as a robust testament to engineering resilience. The internal 1,000-watt amplifier circuit and film capacitor are encapsulated within a structure that ensures longevity and contributes to the subwoofer’s performance consistency. This commitment to building quality is not just about creating a durable product; it’s about guaranteeing an enduring, high-fidelity auditory experience over time.

Design Excellence: The design of the No.32 is a harmonious blend of form and function. REL Acoustics understands that aesthetics are integral to the overall user experience. The sleek yet commanding exterior is a visual adornment and a purposeful design that minimizes unwanted vibrations and resonances. The carefully calculated dimensions, the strategic placement of controls, and the overall aesthetic finesse contribute to an immersive experience that extends beyond the auditory realm. The No.32 is not just an audio component; it’s a design statement that seamlessly integrates into any high-end audio setup, enhancing the visual and sonic landscapes.

The No.32 subwoofer epitomizes the synergy between craftsmanship, build quality, and design excellence. It’s an instrument finely tuned to reproduce low frequencies with unparalleled precision and to resonate with the senses through a marriage of artistry and engineering. Through No.32, REL Acoustics transcends the boundaries of conventional audio equipment, offering a masterpiece that appeals to audiophiles and those who appreciate the synthesis of technology and art in the pursuit of sonic perfection.

Conclusion: No.32 – A Symphony of Precision

In the orchestral tapestry of high-fidelity audio, REL Acoustics’ No.32 subwoofer emerges as a conductor of sonic symphonies, seamlessly blending precision, versatility, and design excellence. Its journey through craftsmanship and build quality unveils a commitment to audio perfection that transcends the ordinary. Crafted with meticulous precision and boasting an artful design, the No.32 stands not merely as a subwoofer but a testament to the marriage of engineering ingenuity and aesthetic finesse.

As audiophiles embark on a sonic odyssey with the No.32, they are invited to experience the unseen, explore the nuances of subwoofer placement, and revel in the transformative impact on two-channel systems. With usability and connectivity elevated to an art form, this flagship model becomes a companion in the pursuit of auditory excellence, offering versatility in connection and harmonious integration into any audio setup. In the grand finale of the audio experience, the No.32 is not merely heard; it is felt, creating an immersive soundscape where each note is reproduced and celebrated in its perfect cadence. REL Acoustics’ No.32 is not just a subwoofer; it is an invitation to embark on a profound auditory journey, redefining the benchmarks of high-end audio.

Reasons to Buy REL Acoustics’ No.32 Subwoofer:

  1. Sonic Perfection: The No.32 is more than a subwoofer; it’s a sonic virtuoso. Crafted with a 15″ pure carbon fiber diaphragm, a 1,000-watt amplifier circuit, and meticulous engineering, it delivers unparalleled speed, agility, vividness, and dynamic performance. Audiophiles seeking sonic perfection will find the No.32 a transformative addition to their audio setup.
  2. Craftsmanship and Design: Impeccable craftsmanship and design excellence elevate the No.32 beyond a technical component. Its robust build quality, meticulous attention to detail, and sleek aesthetics make it an auditory delight and a visual statement in any high-end audio environment.
  3. Versatile Connectivity: With a range of connection options, including RCA, XLR, and specialized High-Level Neutrik Speakon inputs, the No.32 seamlessly integrates into various audio setups. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for home theaters and two-channel systems, offering users the flexibility to tailor their audio experience.
  4. Tailored Matching Service: REL Acoustics’ Tailored Matching Service takes the guesswork out of selecting the right subwoofer. The service provides personalized recommendations by allowing users to input speaker models, room sizes, and preferences, ensuring optimal integration into any audio system.
  5. Enhanced Two-Channel Systems: The No.32 pioneers a new paradigm in improving two-channel systems. Its ability to complement flagship speakers, such as the Elac Concentro, brings immersion and richness beyond traditional subwoofers. It’s a game-changer for audiophiles seeking a holistic and elevated audio experience.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  1. Budget Constraints: The No.32, a flagship model, has a premium price tag. For those with budget constraints or seeking more budget-friendly options, this subwoofer may be beyond their financial reach.
  2. Limited Space: The substantial dimensions and weight of No.32 might be a constraint for those with limited space or specific room configurations. Consideration should be given to the physical area available for optimal placement.
  3. Minimalist Preferences: Audiophiles who prefer minimalist setups or those who prioritize simplicity over an extensive range of features may find the No.32’s versatility and connectivity options to be more than they need.

In conclusion, the REL Acoustics’ No.32 subwoofer is a compelling choice for enthusiasts who prioritize audio excellence, meticulous craftsmanship, and a transformative audio experience. However, it may not be ideal for those with budget limitations, space constraints, or a preference for minimalist setups. Ultimately, the decision to buy or not buy the No.32 depends on individual choices, priorities, and the desired level of audio immersion.