Review: Raumfeld Soundbar with wireless subwoofer

Raumfeld Soundbar Review
Raumfeld Soundbar is equipped with WiFi and a wireless subwoofer. You can wirelessly stream audio in high quality and the sound quality is of course central.
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Raumfeld Soundbar is equipped with WiFi and a wireless subwoofer. According to the manufacturer Teufel, the soundbar should be easy to operate, you can wirelessly stream audio in high quality and the sound quality is of course central.

Introduction soundbar

It is an elongated speaker that you place in front of your TV or under your TV. This speaker features multiple drivers that can reproduce both stereo and virtual surround sound with different sound modes. A soundbar is therefore one speaker that contains all the functions of a 5.1-channel (or larger) home cinema system, but of course with limitations that we discuss further in this review. Most soundbar home cinema systems are equipped with a (wireless) subwoofer that provides the bass. The slim speaker is too small and compact to also convincingly display these tones.

Introduction Raumfeld

The Raumfeld brand is part of the German Teufel and has been put on the market to focus on audio systems with which you can set up a wireless multiroom system. The products are all about ease of use, a premium design and high quality audio quality. You can view audio from streaming services, sources within your own network, mobile devices and connected USB storage media. The systems also support high resolution audio, by means of FLAC and OGG files and streaming services such as Tidal. You can connect different Raumfeld speakers thanks to the Raumfeld app that can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS.

Raumfeld Soundbar – specifications

With six high / midtones, three-inch dome membranes, a maximum power of 180 Watts and algorithms for sound processing, the Raumfeld Soundbar must ensure optimal audio reproduction. The loudspeakers generate a wide sound reproduction according to Raumfeld and the listener can move freely through the room without affecting the sound experience. The soundbar also brings more freedom to the living room in terms of connection and operation. The connection to the television is via one HDMI cable, which also supports HDMI ARC and HDMI-CEC. Furthermore, we see a USB port, an optical input, an analog audio input, a network connection and a sub-out port on the soundbar.

Raumfeld soundbar

The Raumfeld Soundbar offers streaming audio without loss of quality and via the wireless network you get access to an almost unlimited selection of playlists from Spotify, Napster, TIDAL, internet radio and music with high resolution, directly via the network disk. It is also possible to play YouTube playlists via the smart TV. When the soundbar is combined with other Raumfeld speakers, you get access to multiroom options, such as playing the same or different music in different rooms. Tracks are selected and played via the free Raumfeld app. A remote control is also included. As known from the radio speakers from Raumfeld, the transmitter buttons on the remote control can be pre-programmed with the favorite music.

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For a full bass sound, the soundbar is supported by the corresponding Raumfeld active wireless subwoofer with a flat design. The amplifier delivers 200 watts of power, which according to the principle of downfiring is transmitted to the three downstream subwoofers. The subwoofer can be mounted on the wall or placed directly under the television, and automatically establishes a wireless connection to the soundbar via a radio link on the bandwidth of 5 GHz. A power cable is the only thing that is needed. The subwoofer comes with various adjustment options, including a phase button, a sensitivity button (dB, volume) and a button with which the lowest frequency can be set.

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Raumfeld Soundbar – Raumfeld app

The Raumfeld Soundbar comes with a remote control, but actually everything can be controlled via the Raumfeld Controller app. You also need this app to connect the speaker to your wireless network for the first time and to pair multiple Raumfeld speakers.

Raumfeld soundbar review-10

The application has a somewhat dated appearance and can sometimes work somewhat slow, but it does contain all the possibilities you need to display your music and manage the mutli-rom system. In this case we only manage the soundbar since we do not have any other Raumfeld speakers.

Raumfeld soundbar review-9

Through the app you get access to almost all sources, including the music on your mobile device, the mentioned streaming services, internet radio stations and music stored on a computer or NAS for example. The app also has control keys for playing music, a volume control and a simple equalizer with which the music reproduction can be influenced.

Raumfeld Soundbar – design

The first thing you notice is the design of the Raumfeld Soundbar. The device, or actually the combination of speaker and subwoofer, comes in a white and a black version. The white version we have is very tight and nicely finished, with minimal design elements. The soundbar is not the smallest or thinnest we’ve ever seen, but will be out of place for a few TV’s.

Raumfeld soundbar review-2

You can also hang the soundbar with the included bracket. The speaker has a fabric black grill, a small panel with volume buttons and the stand-by button on the front with an aluminum finish, and a silver colored base. The power cable is also quite short, something to be reckoned with.

Raumfeld soundbar review-3

The subwoofer is a large device, larger than Raumfeld suggests, and that is immediately apparent from the large box in which the device is delivered. The best placement is flat, with the woofers pointing down. This can be a bit tricky in some living rooms because this ensures that you are dealing with a broad but flat design. A placement under the sofa or beside / under the TV cabinet will be the best solution for most people. The subwoofer also has a very sleek and neat design, with no visible buttons or striking elements.

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Raumfeld Soundbar installation

With the Raumfeld Soundbar a quick guide is delivered and that is no problem as the installation should be a piece of cake. The TV can be connected directly to the soundbar via HDMI, other components can be connected to the TV or the other connections of the soundbar and the subwoofer can be connected wirelessly to the soundbar. This wireless link did not go completely smoothly. After half an hour of ‘pairing’, a connection was only made but it remained intact. A USB stick can not easily be lost when the soundbar is neatly hung up or hidden away. The connection for this is located in a notch at the rear. Also in this price range it is unfortunate to see that there is only one hdmi-input on the device, something that you should certainly take into account.

Raumfeld soundbar review-4

Next, it is important to download the Raumfeld Controller app, which we have already discussed briefly above. With this app you can connect the soundbar wirelessly to your home network. This process is quite simple, through the settings of your iPhone or your Android smartphone. Once the soundbar is linked you can name it, have it search for software updates and search for music sources directly in your network. You can also select the streaming services you want to use that are opened in their own application. For this you do not always need the Raumfeld app.

Raumfeld Soundbar – use

In terms of use, there is little problem with the Raumfeld Soundbar. Once connected and the app installed speaks the most for itself. As described above, you can use the app to select all sources, control the volume, adjust the equalizer and optionally connect multiple speakers. However, a remote control is also included, which has a brushed aluminum finish and a small number of buttons. With the buttons you can select the sound mode (stereo, speech, theater, arena), with which the source (connection) can be selected and with which you can control the volume.

Raumfeld soundbar review-1

As indicated earlier, it is unfortunate that only one HDMI input is present, but you have the possibility to connect an additional source via the optical input, the analog audio input or the TV (HDMI ARC). Bluetooth is noticeably absent, just like an output for headphones. Media that you have on a USB stick or disk can be played via the USB port, which is hidden at the back. The soundbar supports a large number of file formats, including AAC, FLAC and OGG. A minimal equalizer function allows you to adjust the bass and treble.

Raumfeld Soundbar – quality

It is all about sound quality, of course, that is what Raumfeld distinguishes, in addition to the multiroom options. We can immediately say that the sound reproduction is indeed impressive, but that may look at the price tag of 1.299 euro also of course.

Let’s start with the display of high-res audio, using Tidal and flac files on USB. The speaker is impressive with this and lets the music come out very well. Subtle details are audible, so that even individual instruments can be distinguished, the low tones are very tight and the high does not sound shrill or distorted at any time. The goal of high-res audio is of course to give the feeling as if performance is taking place in front of you and this is what the Raumfeld Soundbar largely achieves. The whole sounds warm, detailed, dynamic and above all very broad and lively.

With a soundbar, however, it is important that you know what you are buying. A soundbar is not a 5.1-channel home cinema system with speakers in the back of the room, something that many people often realize too late. This is not only the fault of the consumer because too many manufacturers use marketing terms as ‘surround sound’ while a soundbar will never be able to deliver surround sound. Teufel also uses terms like ‘surround’ and ‘theater’ to promise a surround sound, but it does not quite work out in this area. A soundbar uses the acoustics in the room and the positioning (and direction) of the speakers to give a virtual surround sound, an audio reproduction that gives you a sense of a wide sound field with depth.

Raumfeld soundbar review-8

The Raumfeld Soundbar is therefore not a speaker that delivers an actual surround sound, it is and remains virtual, when you choose one of the surround options. Depending on the acoustics of the room, the sound field is a lot broader and sound objects go further into space. Especially when you are sitting on the sweet spot , the middle of the soundbar, you get a convincingly wide audio reproduction that gives you the feeling that you are in the middle of the action than when you use the speakers of the TV. However, the sound will not really surround you in any way, but that is something that you have to realize in advance, before the purchase. It is noteworthy that when you are slightly oblique from the soundbar, the audio reproduction deteriorates drastically. The sound then sounds a bit flatter and lifeless. But, it has to be said that the ‘sweet spot’ of this speaker is somewhat larger than a sound bar from a lower price range, a plus.

The Raumfeld Sounbar knows how to impress as far as film reproduction is concerned as with the reproduction of high resolution music. Especially the subwoofer can be heard here in a positive way. This brings films more to life, especially when placed under the couch. The bass sounds sound very tight and seldom dominate. It really adds something. Dialogues are easy to understand, audio effects are convinced and even at high volume the speaker stands up perfectly. For both films and music, the audio reproduction thus leaves a good impression, provided you take the limitations of a soundbar for granted.

Raumfeld Soundbar – conclusion

The Raumfeld Soundbar is a soundbar with which you are actually ready right away. The system is easy to install, offers plenty of options to display all your (high resolution) music, comes with a handy app, has a sleek design and offers above average good audio reproduction. The subwoofer is quite large but this does provide an impressive tight bass. It is unfortunate that there is only one HDMI input present but actually this is the only downside we can find. Ultimately, you buy a soundbar for ease of use, simple placement and design. The Raumfeld Soundbar meets all these conditions, and if you also want a very good audio reproduction, the price of 1,299 euros is something you should not be afraid of immediately.


  • Subtle subwoofer
  • But one HDMI input
  • Nice to the price


  • Very good audio quality
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Easy in use