Review: PlayStation VR for the Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation VR
We have tested the PlayStation VR. This is the virtual reality glasses from Sony that works with the PlayStation 4.
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This is the virtual reality glasses from Sony that works with the PlayStation 4. In the extensive review we take a closer look at VR glasses. You use the headset in combination with the PlayStation Move controllers.

What is the Sony PlayStation VR?

The PlayStation VR is a virtual reality goggle that works with the PlayStation 4 game console. The device costs 399 euros, but unfortunately the required package is not immediately complete. In the box you will find the headset and some earplugs, and for the rest you have to buy the other parts yourself. You already have the Dualshock 4 controller (you’ll get it with the PS4), but you’ll have to purchase a PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers yourself. On top of that 399 euros, there will be a further 125 euros in additional expenses.


At least, if you had not bought those optional accessories before. You may already have the controllers and camera, because you were already very enthusiastic about it when it appeared for the PS3. Have you already bought the hardware, then it is good to know that the camera for that system also works on the PS4. In fact, the PlayStation Camera for the PlayStation 4 is exactly the same camera, but with a different, more modern, design. In addition to the glasses there is also an extra box in the box of the PSVR, including all cables.

Sony PlayStation VR – specifications and design

The PlayStation VR features a 5.7 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1080p. That is a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (920 by 1080 pixels per eye). The viewing angle is one hundred degrees. In addition, the glasses are able to achieve a refresh rate of 120Hz (one hundred twenty frames per second). But before that, Sony uses a technique that actually doubles 60fps. 90Hz is also possible. The headset itself can convert 3D audio and players can choose to view the image both on the TV and in the glasses.

Compared to the other big players on the virtual reality market, the PSVR looks a bit tighter and more futuristic. This has to do with the white, black and blue colors that are used, but also with the rounded corners and the LED lights on the glasses. Those lights not only look very cool, but are also used for something. The PlayStation Camera can follow the PSVR through the LED lights. Furthermore, the glasses weigh 610 grams, the dimensions 187 by 185 by 277 mm and eyeglass wearers on their glasses stop.


Before you can do the PSVR, however, you have to take a number of things into account. You can precisely adjust the glasses to the size of your head. There is a rotary knob with which you can adjust the depth of the holder. When you have acquired the glasses you can turn yourself – or someone else – around the circle, so that it fits tightly around your head. There is also a button on the front with which you can place the glasses closer or even slightly further away from your face. As a result, the PSVR fits almost everyone.

Sony PlayStation VR installation

Installing the PlayStation VR was not easy. We are pleased that Sony has supplied a large quick start guide in the box, because there are so one-two-three themselves, is still stiffer than expected. In that manual step by step is how you ensure that everything works, including large images of the devices and cables that you need at that moment. Fortunately, you do not have to buy extra cables for this. You get an hdmi cable with the glasses, while you also use the hdmi cable of the PS4.


Installing is a decent job. This has to do with the processor unit that you have to place between the PS4, PSVR and the television. You connect both the PS4 and the PSVR to the unit and that unit is then also connected to the television. The plugs that go from the headset to the unit are marked with the familiar PlayStation buttons, which in any case can not go wrong. But you have to take it easy for a while. It does provide a large jumble of wires in the room and you should be able to handle that.

Since you also connect the PlayStation VR to the television via the processor, one HDMI connection will be named after PlayStation VR. But you can still use the hdmi connection for the PS4, that does not change anything. The camera connects directly to the PlayStation 4, on the available port at the back. There is also a USB cable from the processor unit to the PS4 and certainly with the older model does not look nice: that connection is on the front. So keep in mind that draady group of the package.

The processor unit is a small box that is supplied for the PSVR. Without this box, the system does not work. The hardware itself has a separate click system that moves in and out and reveals the openings that you need at that moment (when you follow the step-by-step plan). So pay attention when you connect the hardware with the supplied cables. It can hardly go wrong, but the first time the casing shifts, you think something goes wrong. But no worries, that is all designed by Sony.


Sony PlayStation VR – use

When you put the headset on for the first time, and you have adjusted it properly to the size of your head, you soon notice that the glasses are comfortable. You click the system as it were fixed and because the glasses also leans on the forehead, it does not drop down. Unfortunately it is true that the rubber edges in the glasses do not completely keep out the ambient light, so you sometimes shine light from the outside on the screen in the glasses. And you can get that out of the experience quite a bit. The part around the nose can also have an oppressive feel.

During the game you will have to move the glasses from time to time to ensure that you do not suffer from anything. Not long after you are just playing a game, or are experiencing a demo, you will also notice that the glasses are fogging. That is often when the glasses are just not right on the nose. If this happens, clean the lenses with the supplied cloth or your shirt, but not with cleaning agents or any other liquid substance. That way you can damage the lenses and eventually the glasses, according to Sony.

What is striking is the fact that the image in the vr glasses shifts to the left. When you set the glasses correctly on the PS4 and you’re sitting right in front of the camera (or at least, right in front of the right lens, since you need to have a good picture), the image will drift to the left in time , like that hot. Unfortunately you can not prevent that. It does not happen every time you play, but often enough to notice and even annoy you. Because in many cases you can not do anything about it when it occurs.


You always have the option to press the Options button, and keep it pressed for a moment, after which the image should center itself. But that experience differs per game. For example in EVE: Valkyrie it works perfectly, but when you play Tumble VR or PlayStation VR Worlds, then unfortunately not. When you go to the main menu of the PS4 after drifting and you still have the headset on, then that screen, in theater mode, will be centered and displayed as it should be. The drifting can become quite irritating after a while.

Sony PlayStation VR controllers

It depends on the game which controllers you need. Almost every game works in any case with the Dualshock 4 controller, while some also offer (and only a handful only) control with the PlayStation Move controllers. Which controller you use, they are all comfortable in the hand. The controller of the PS4 is now much broader and the handles are made slightly thicker, so our western hands can handle it better. The Move controllers are also well under control, which is important while playing.

Because when you play with the Move controllers, they translate the actions of your hand directly into the virtual world. On the back is a trigger, with which you can fire bullets from a gun or pick things up. In addition, those Move controllers have the familiar action buttons of the Dualshock controller (cross, square, circle and triangle) and there is a Move button, which has something different for your game per game. With the PS button in the middle you go back to the interface of the PS4.


Because those Move controllers play such an important role in your experience of the PSVR, it is important that they work well. In general, they work well and translate the movements faithfully and accurately. However, if something goes wrong, things are going really wrong. At one point, one of our hands was shown upside down in the virtual world, making shooting or picking things up almost impossible. Without restarting the complete system, there is no solution.

So when the controllers do not cooperate, it can spoil the experience. During long jars Job Simulator (one of the most played titles during our review period), it was almost impossible to perform tasks with one hand, because the controller also went all the way on the screen. And that gets you well from the experience. Because then you try to catch everything with your other person, but the camera does not always see that, things go wrong again and then you just want to turn off the system.


But luckily that is not always the case, but it does happen. The best thing is, as far as we are concerned, to play in a dark room, so that the camera can see all the lights, both on the glasses and the controllers. In the evening we had less problems with refusing controllers than during the day. Does everything go well, then you really have a nice virtual reality experience, assuming you also get the games that you like. Job Simulator, EVE: Valkyrie and Rez Infinite are titles that we can already recommend.

Sony PlayStation VR experience

Despite the problems we can say that gaming with the headset feels like a cool experience. You are in the game and do not just look at it anymore. You can really look around you and there is something happening everywhere (depending on the game of course). But it is all clearly a product of the first generation and certainly matters such as drifting can throw a lot of spanner in the works. But if all the dots fall on the i, then you really have a great experience with the games and demos you can try on the new platform from Sony.


Sony PlayStation VR – conclusion

The PlayStation VR is plagued by a number of imperfections. So the installation process is not self-evident and you have to sit down for a while. In addition, it delivers a giant drag group that you can not easily eliminate, especially when you want to use the headset in the living room. And because of the installation process, you probably do not want to clean up and connect it all the time, because it’s just a job to do that. And then we still have the controllers.

The games that have to be played with the Dualshock 4 controller work best to date. Right because the PS4 does not have to keep an eye on the Move controllers, so it does not matter whether it is dark or light. If you have a good dark room and you play with those Move controllers, you can count on a nice experience in virtual reality, regardless of the game you play. And when everything really works, then it works really well and you can fully enjoy the games of this moment.

A new game console or important accessory for a gaming console is nothing without good games. And although the launch line-up is quite extensive, you probably still have to wait until the first killer app is actually launched. For now it actually applies that the PSVR is the cheapest way to experience high-end virtual reality, especially if you already own a PlayStation 4. The system is far from perfect, but is capable enough to show what it – and vr in general – has in store.


  • Drifting provides a stiff neck
  • Installation process produces a lot of dragon group
  • Move controllers are sometimes not registered properly


  • Not perfect, but a good system
  • Cheap option high-end virtual reality
  • The glasses are happily comfortable