Review: Piega Coax 611 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Review: Piega Coax 611 Floorstanding Loudspeaker - The Piega Coax 611 loudspeaker is a pinnacle of audio engineering, delivering remarkable sound quality and design excellence for audiophiles.

An In-Depth Exploration of the Piega Coax 611 Loudspeaker


In the world of high-end audio, few names resonate as strongly as Piega. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to ribbon technology, Piega has consistently delivered exceptional speakers. With the introduction of the Coax 611 Floorstanding Loudspeaker, an evolution of their iconic coaxial ribbon mid-tweeter design, we delve into what makes this speaker a high-flyer regarding sound quality.

Technical data

Coax 611 fold
Concept:3-way stand box
Equipment:2 x 16 cm bass, 3 x 16 cm passi radiator, 1 x MHT coax ribbon
Special feature:Aluminum casing
Efficiency (@2.83 V/1m):84.6 decibels
Maximum level (duration/short-term):99/111 decibels
Minimum power for max. level125 Watts per Channel
Dimensions (W x H x D):117,0 × 21,0 × 31,0 cm
Weight:45.0 Kilograms

Design and Build Quality

Precision Craftsmanship and Aesthetic Excellence

Piega’s signature aluminum construction and boat-shaped design provide aesthetics and acoustic excellence. Designer Stephan Hürleman’s refinements to the hull shape create harmonious proportions. Using 5mm-thick housing walls and an 8mm-thick baffle ensures remarkable rigidity, surpassing MDF commonly used in speaker construction. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident throughout the speaker.

Piega’s commitment to engineering excellence is immediately evident in the Coax 611’s design and build quality. The speaker is a testament to precision craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Using aluminum in the speaker’s construction lends it a sleek and modern aesthetic and contributes significantly to its acoustic performance. Aluminum’s rigidity and damping properties are harnessed to minimize vibrations and resonances that distort sound quality. The result is a speaker that looks stunning and delivers exceptional audio fidelity.

One of the standout features of the Coax 611 is its distinctive boat-shaped design. This signature Piega design is not merely an aesthetic choice but a carefully calculated form that has proven acoustically advantageous. The boat-shaped enclosure minimizes diffraction effects and standing waves, producing clearer and more accurate sound reproduction. It’s a design choice that reflects Piega’s unwavering commitment to sonic perfection.

The attention to detail extends to the thickness of the housing walls, which measure a substantial five millimeters. This thickness not only adds to the speaker’s overall structural integrity but also contributes to its ability to minimize unwanted resonances. In contrast to the commonly used Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) in speaker construction, Piega’s aluminum housing offers significantly greater rigidity, ensuring that vibrations are kept in check.

Equally impressive is the eight-millimeter-thick baffle, further enhancing the speaker’s ability to produce clean and precise sound. The rigidity of the baffle is paramount in reducing any interference that might arise from the interaction between the drivers and the speaker enclosure.

The build quality becomes palpable as you run your hand over the Coax 611. Every component is meticulously designed and assembled, and the result is a speaker that exudes excellence from every angle. The combination of precision engineering, durable materials, and expert craftsmanship culminates in a speaker that delivers exceptional sound quality and stands as a testament to Piega’s dedication to creating audio products that are as visually striking as they are acoustically remarkable.

In summary, the design and build quality of the Piega Coax 611 exemplify the pinnacle of audio engineering. From the choice of materials to the boat-shaped enclosure and the thickness of the housing walls and baffle, every element is purposefully designed to enhance the speaker’s acoustic performance. The result is a speaker that not only looks and feels impressive but also delivers a listening experience that sets a new standard for excellence in high-end audio.

Engineering Excellence

Resonance Reduction Beyond the Norm

Piega’s commitment to resonance reduction is noteworthy. Tensioned aluminum cases with firmly attached metal dividers minimize unwanted resonances. Combined with advanced damping using acoustic materials, the result is a near-perfect housing that impressively passes the ankle test with a satisfying “thud.”

The Coaxial Ribbon Mid-High Frequency Driver

Technical Marvel at the Core

At the heart of the Coax 611 lies Piega’s ribbon-based mid-high frequency coaxial driver. This innovative design features a large yet lightweight diaphragm with a closely grooved foil. The result is precise alignment of high and mid-range frequencies, delivering exceptional spatiality and sound accuracy.

GEN2 Advancements

Progress and Innovation

Under the guidance of Roger Kessler, the GEN2 version of the Coax 611 saw notable improvements. While direct comparisons with the older version weren’t possible, the progress is evident in performance and aesthetics.

The Unique Woofer Configuration

Balancing Bass Power and Precision

The Coax 611 boasts a unique array of woofers, with five 16-centimeter bass drivers on the front. However, closer inspection reveals that the bottom three are passive radiators, amplifying lower bass frequencies. This configuration contributes to the speaker’s bass performance.

Performance and Impedance

Balancing Act of Power and Finesse

Despite its imposing 117-centimeter height, the Coax 611’s maximum volume level remains respectable, though not exceptional. The limitations stem from the two 16-centimeter woofers. Impedance and phase characteristics are exemplary, ensuring compatibility with various amplifiers, including tube amps.

Listening Experience

Sonic Bliss in Every Note

In our listening tests, the Coax 611 immediately captivated us. The ribbon tweeter’s natural and effortless sound reproduction is well-known, and the Coax 611 extends this excellence down to 450 Hertz with outstanding results. The seamless integration of the ribbon tweeter with the 16-centimeter bass drivers is particularly noteworthy.

Musical Detail and Cohesion

Unveiling Nuanced Complexity

The Coax 611 excels with piano music, revealing nuanced complexity effortlessly. It delivers delicately rendered piano notes, seamless interplay between high and low registers, and clean, accentuated bass. The speaker’s ability to maintain coherence across the entire frequency spectrum is remarkable.

Transparency and Realism

Presenting Sound with Grace

Spoken-word content was equally impressive, with the Coax 611 showcasing precise detail retrieval and effortless presentation. Unlike other speakers that may emphasize mid-range frequencies, the Coax 611 maintains transparency without undue emphasis.

Spatial Performance

Creating a Sonic Universe

As expected from a coaxial driver, the Coax 611 delivers perfect spatiality. Individual voices and instruments are vividly portrayed with high realism despite not appearing overly large in dimension.

Comparison with Competitors

Setting a New Benchmark

The Coax 611 competes admirably with its peers. While other speakers may excel in dynamic flair or energy, the Coax 611 distinguishes itself with its detailed smoothness and coherence, setting a high standard in its class.

Sound Quality and Sound Test

The Piega Coax 611’s exceptional sound quality is a testament to the meticulous engineering and innovative design that Piega is renowned for. During our extensive sound test, the speaker consistently delivered a listening experience that can only be described as extraordinary.

Natural and Effortless Sound Reproduction

One of the standout features of the Coax 611 is its ribbon-based mid-high frequency coaxial driver. This engineering marvel can reprogram frequencies down to 450 Hertz with remarkable precision. As we delved into our sound test, it became evident that this coaxial driver was the heart and soul of the speaker’s sonic excellence.

The ribbon tweeter’s performance is nothing short of magical. It effortlessly reproduces high frequencies with unparalleled naturalness and clarity. The treble notes soar gracefully, avoiding any harshness or artificiality plaguing lesser tweeters. It’s a listening experience that leaves you in awe of the sheer beauty and realism of the sound.

Seamless Integration of Drivers

What truly sets the Coax 611 apart is its ability to integrate the ribbon tweeter with the 16-centimeter bass drivers seamlessly. Speakers with dissimilar driver types can often exhibit a disjointed sound, with a noticeable “break” between the different frequency ranges. However, the Coax 611 masterfully bridges this gap.

During our sound test, we were treated to a sonic landscape where the transition between high and low frequencies was imperceptible. Whether it was the ethereal notes of a piano’s upper register or a double bass’s deep, resonant tones, the Coax 611 rendered every note with stunning cohesiveness, this coherence across the entire frequency spectrum is a testament to Piega’s engineering prowess.

Nuanced Complexity

Our sound test included a variety of musical genres and recordings, each designed to challenge the speaker’s ability to unravel nuanced complexity. Piano music, in particular, served as a rigorous test, as it demands precision and delicacy in reproducing the subtle nuances of each keypress.

The Coax 611 excelled in this regard, unveiling the intricate details of piano music with remarkable finesse. Each piano note was delicately rendered, with the speaker’s incredible transient response ensuring that even the most rapid passages were faithfully reproduced.

Transparency and Realism

In addition to music, we also subjected the Coax 611 to spoken-word content during our sound test. This provided an opportunity to evaluate the speaker’s transparency and ability to convey human speech’s nuances.

The result was a presentation of sound that felt not just accurate but also emotionally engaging. The Coax 611 effortlessly conveyed the subtle inflections of a speaker’s voice, making it feel as if the speaker were right in the room. This level of realism is a testament to the speaker’s ability to faithfully reproduce the human voice, free from any artificial coloration.

Spatial Performance

Spatiality is a hallmark of high-end audio, and the Coax 611 did not disappoint. As expected from a coaxial driver, the speaker delivered perfect spatiality during our sound test. Individual voices and instruments were vividly portrayed in a three-dimensional soundstage.

Whether it was the placement of a vocalist center stage, the positioning of a guitar to the left, or the subtle nuances of reverberation in a recording space, the Coax 611 painted a sonic canvas that was both accurate and immersive. This spatial performance added an extra layer of realism to the listening experience.

Conclusion of the Sound Test

In conclusion, the Piega Coax 611’s sound test revealed a speaker transcending conventional audio excellence’s boundaries. Its natural and effortless sound reproduction, seamless integration of drivers, ability to unravel nuanced complexity, transparency, and spatial performance all contribute to a sublime listening experience.

The Coax 611’s ability to faithfully reproduce music and spoken word content with precision and emotional engagement sets it apart as a true audio masterpiece. It’s a speaker that doesn’t just convey sound; it transports you into the heart of the music, making every listening session a journey of sonic discovery. For audiophiles who demand nothing less than the best, the Piega Coax 611 is a testament to what is achievable in high-end audio.


An Audiophile’s Dream

The Piega Coax 611 left an indelible impression. It stands as the best Piega speaker to date and ranks among the top offerings under 20,000 euros. Its unassuming appearance, combined with exceptional sonic sophistication, craftsmanship, and amplifier compatibility, make it a dream speaker for audiophiles who value detailed and harmonious sound reproduction over sheer volume. If you seek a lifelong sound transducer that delivers an exceptional listening experience without the need for thunderous volumes, the Coax 611 is the epitome of audiophile excellence.

Advantages of the Piega Coax 611:

  1. Exceptional Sound Quality: The Piega Coax 611 delivers outstanding sound quality with a natural, detailed, effortless audio reproduction that will delight audiophiles.
  2. Coaxial Ribbon Technology: Its coaxial ribbon mid-high frequency driver offers precise alignment of high and mid-range frequencies, resulting in remarkable spatiality and coherence.
  3. Sleek and Sturdy Design: The speaker’s aluminum construction and boat-shaped design provide an elegant aesthetic and contribute to acoustic excellence, reducing vibrations and resonances.
  4. Seamless Integration of Drivers: The speaker integrates its ribbon tweeter with 16-centimeter bass drivers, ensuring a smooth transition between frequency ranges and a cohesive listening experience.
  5. Spatial Performance: The Coax 611 excels in spatial performance, creating a three-dimensional soundstage that places instruments and vocals with pinpoint accuracy, enhancing the overall realism of the audio.

Disadvantages of the Piega Coax 611:

  1. High Cost: The Coax 611 falls into the high-end audio category, making it a significant financial investment, potentially limiting accessibility for some enthusiasts.
  2. Size and Weight: With its substantial dimensions and weight, the speaker may require a dedicated and sturdy setup, limiting placement options in smaller rooms.
  3. Limited Bass for Large Rooms: While it delivers impressive bass for its size, those seeking extremely deep bass or high-volume levels in larger rooms may find the Coax 611’s bass performance somewhat limited.
  4. Aesthetic Subjectivity: While the design is sleek and elegant, aesthetic preferences can vary. Some listeners may have personal design preferences that differ from the Coax 611’s boat-shaped enclosure.
  5. Amplifier Compatibility: While the Coax 611 offers exemplary impedance characteristics, its high-end performance may necessitate a compatible amplifier to fully unlock its potential, which could add to the overall cost of ownership.